garlic grater-s.jpg

Garlic Grater and Peeler

Awww how cute, the Garlic Grater and Peeler ($3) look like a mama garlic and a baby garlic. Adorable? Yes, but the jury's still out on the usefulness factor. For a few bucks, it couldn't hurt to take a gamble on this space saving item.... [More]

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LED Light Mine 100.jpg

Magnetic LED Light-Mine

Half-year resolution? Stop calling on the boys every time you need something technical or manual done. Changing a tire isn't that hard, after all. But don't venture into the unknown without the right equipment. This affordable Magnetic LED Light-Mine ($8) provides a crisp spotlight wherever... [More]

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pig cooking lid-s.jpg

Pig Cooking Lid

Ready for something wild? Check out the kooky Pig Cooking Lid ($18) - It's a functional dose of whimsy, doubling as a hot mit. This soft silicone cover will assure that all ingredients cook evenly, while steam releases from the pig snout. Ha!... [More]

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Pipette Oil and Vinegar Set

No surprise here. Danish designer Lovorika Banovic for Denmark deisgn powerhouse, Menu, is the Einstein behind the smart Pipette Oil and Vinegar Set ($80). An uber clever combination of form and function make using this dropper-beaker system a chemist's dream. It even comes complete with... [More]

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Wooden Tool Set 100.jpg

Wooden Tool Set

Get back to the basics with this lovely Wooden Tool Set ($95) made out of the sustainable and trendy New Growth Beech, available for pre-order in anticipation of a July 15 release. Who says tools have to be ugly?... [More]

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wicked scissors-s.jpg

Wicked Step Scissors

Expert craftsman or not, all thread gets a clean cut with the the sharp and stylish Wicked Step Scissors ($12). A menacing spiky design in powdery black finish spells trouble, and the secret nickel-free alloy is sure to have some dark magic powers. We've gotta... [More]

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picnic wine opener-s.jpg

Jakob Wagner Picnic Corkscrew

Ingeniously compact and super convenient, the Jakob Wagner Picnic Corkscrew ($30) is a must have for our spontaneous on-the-go bug. Also available in black and lime, the soft silicone case doubles as a handle - just slide it through the clever ring. When it's just... [More]

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ice bag-s.jpg

Ice Bag

Look, we're not enough of a yuppie to have a fancy crushed ice dispenser in our freezer, but we love a good cocktail once in a while. The Ice Bag ($42) is a super sturdy silicone bag with an unusual shape that holds ice steady... [More]

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carnival salt and pepper shakers-s.jpg

Carnival Salt and Pepper Shakers

Let the the festivals begin with the Carnival Salt and Pepper Shakers ($34). Not everybody's looking to go off the wall with their seasoning tools, and certainly oblique sculptural statements aren't in everyone's taste. Start a color story with these familiar shapes.... [More]

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Daisy Print Tool Kit

Collaborating with the Victoria and Albert Museum, Wild & Wolf have created the lovely Daisy Print Tool Kit ($32). 'Daisy', a design of meadow flowers by William Morris (1834-1896) was the first wallpaper produced by Morris & Co. in 1864. The Daisy pattern comes from... [More]

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i love you cookie cutters-s.jpg

I <3 U Jumbo Cookie Cutters

Coming home to giant sweet treats fresh out of the oven must feel pretty good, especially if they're super-sized. The I ($8) have given us one situation where we buy into huge American portion sizes. You're welcome, hubby.... [More]

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Mantledome Clock

In the spirit of a looming Darth Vader or a flighty astronaut , the Mantledome Clock ($165) is something else, that is, it's a modern interpretation of a carriage clock. Color choice alone determines if this eccentric time keeper's claimed by the dark side or... [More]

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hotspot egg poacher-s.jpg

HotSpot EggShell Silicone Egg Poacher

Poached eggs aren't just a science, they're an art form. Don't judge us because we can't master the dash of salt and splash of vinegar formula our mom tried to teach us. With the HotSpot EggShell Silicone Egg Poacher ($9 for a set of two)... [More]

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falling books bookend-s.jpg

Falling Books Man & Woman Book End

If you get caught giggling while watching big budget apocalyptic movies, the humorous Falling Books Man & Woman Book End ($49) might make you laugh too. Since natural atrocities seem to be a reality more often than they're a big screen fantasy these days, this... [More]

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homemade cookie-S.jpg

Cookie Stamper

When we take the time to slave over a hot oven, you betcha we want to take full credit for our warm gooey batches of sweetness with our very own Cookie Stamper ($15). Store bought cookies are trying harder and harder to lock in freshness... [More]

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nose magnet-s.jpg

23K Gold Nose Magnet

Why get a regular flesh toned magnet to fasten your to-do notes when you can have a baller 23K Gold Nose Magnet ($50)? Gilded in genuine 24-karat gold, this unbelievable fridge accessory will surely be a conversation starter. Take it as a heads up people:... [More]

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heart measuring cups-s.jpg

Heart Measuring Cups

Our mamas taught us that lots of love went into every meal they made us, and we can continue the tradition with these Heart Measuring Cups ($12). If we're baking someone a cake, of course it's gunna come from a kitchen full of TLC... Are... [More]

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vintage apron-s.jpg

India Flower Vintage Apron

Oh my gosh, the India Flower Vintage Apron ($27) rivals a summer dress with its cuteness. The poppy-like flowers seem to burst right off the cotton surface. Lively and colorful, everyone will be sure who the hostess of the party is if she's wearing this... [More]

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food pod-s.jpg

Fusion Foodpod

The Fusion Foodpod ($15) is a burnproof cooking sack to speed up blanching, boiling, and steaming. Silicone serves as an ingenious all purpose net for easy removal and straining and even has a super convenient built-in grip clip. Check out the cute video for a... [More]

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marble pastry roller-s.jpg

Norpro Marble Pastry Roller

Something about the smooth cold stone of the Norpro Marble Pastry Roller ($15) makes it cooler than its wooden counterpart. Only the classiest chefs need a special roller for pastry dough, and this swirly marble tool is pretty enough to satisfy 'em all. Rollers like... [More]

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