Stainless Steel Pocket Hammer Pliers Multi Tool Combo

You're the kind of girl who can rely on herself for most things. Tightening pipes, hanging pictures correctly the first time, changing out a car battery without breaking a sweat or a nail. This Stainless Steel Pocket Hammer Pliers Multi Tool Combo ($47) is just... [More]

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12-in-1 Survivor Tool

We'll admit this 12-in-1 Survivor Tool ($35) isn't quite as complete as we could have wished. There's no axe attachment, for example, for dispatching zombie hordes. But it does stuff a boatload of other potentially useful gadgets into one handy package. Our favorite feature? The... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Ouchlet Outlet Covers

Trying to explain to little ones (or, uh, big and slightly drunk ones) that playing around with an outlet could result in badness can be a little challenging. These Ouchlet Outlet Covers ($6) keep curious hands holding small objects out while also giving a visual... [More]

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Screwdriver Set No: 3

With this Screwdriver Set No: 3 ($65), you'll be capable of tightening or loosening just about any screw out there. Will that stop you from knocking on the door of the hottie across the hall to ask for help when you're trying to put together... [More]

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Slobproof! Paint Pen

We spent half the weekend trying to get our latest Craigslist find up the apartment stairs. The mid-century hutch looks killer in the living room, but the doorframe, on the other hand, looks rather the worse for the wear. The Slobproof! Paint Pen ($20 for... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Key Ring Screwdriver Set

When you're in a bind, all alone, without your dad's old toolbox in the back of your car, you'll be glad that you have this Key Ring Screwdriver Set ($7) next to your house keys so you don't have to ask some random stranger to... [More]

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Frank's Screw Box

Why do shelving units always come with extra hardware? Or is that just a testament to our ineptitude at building a proper particleboard bookcase? We digress. Frank's Screw Box ($15) by Monkey Business is the perfect storage solution for all of our extra nuts, bolts,... [More]

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Original Pocketwrench II

Make room for the (ironically named) Original Pocketwrench II ($15) in your purse, and instantly become the handiest boy on the block. Dudes are always getting it into their heads to tinker with things, and inevitably the need for a wrench comes up. You'll be... [More]

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Vintage Style Two Step Stool

Lord only knows what's in the top kitchen cabinets in our apartments. Why? Because we've tossed things up there, but have never tried to get them down. Instead of climbing on the countertops, we think we'll opt for a Vintage Style Two Step Stool ($54)... [More]

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Brick Clip

We love exposed brick walls. But trying to figure out how to fill the holes we drilled in them to hang our pictures so the landlords don't butcher our deposit checks was less than fun. Was? Well, we were grateful to discover the Brick Clip... [More]

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Fred Flare Scoops Ice Cream Door Stop

Sure sure, it's just a doorstop, but what a sad, sad day it is when you drop an ice cream cone. We mourn for you, cold sugary concoction. You are gone forever. Let this Scoops Ice Cream Door Stop ($18) be a lesson to us... [More]

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Switch Modular Pocket Knife

Who said Boy Scouts got to have a monopoly on being prepared? With the Switch Modular Pocket Knife ($80), you can carry a virtual toolbox in your pocket. The Switch comes with eighteen different attachments so that you can stock your pocket knife with whatever... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Trunk Sipper

We are going to make all the other kids soooooo jelly with this Trunk Sipper ($5) at our son's next play date. Good thing we can afford to buy more than one. We are horrible at sharing. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way... [More]

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LED clock=-s.jpg


The more esoteric our time teller, the hipper we are. The TIX LED Clock ($40) is so flashy with its coded patterns, we can hardly call it a clock. A classy brushed metal body tones down the colorful LED sequences, and, hey, if our friends... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Greetings from Frankfurt Matches

We fell for the distinctively happy vibe of the Greetings from Frankfurt Matches ($10). It lit our fire, so to speak, but it's really meant to light fireplaces, candles, and stoves in style. Not burning ourselves is key. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless... [More]

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frog beer opender-s.jpg

Cheap Thrill: Prince Charming Frog Bottle Opener

The Prince Charming Frog Bottle Opener ($14) has the whimsy and cast iron wherewithal necessary to sneak into our hearts. Those empty eyes just speak to us - ok, yes, that's really just us talking to ourselves, but whatever. Sweet nothings are meaningless for now,... [More]

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Oenophilia Stainless Steel and Plastic Muddler

We're prim and proper about the preparation of our fancy cocktails - that's just the kind of girl we are. Thanks to the Oenophilia Stainless Steel and Plastic Muddler ($10), we never have to sacrifice technical details ever again. Squeeze every last bit of flavor... [More]

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cake knife=s.jpg

Coco Cake Knife

Break the ice at that party around the cake platter. The Coco Cake Knife ($14) by Jan Hansen is a cute critter that stands upright. We're crossing our fingers that it makes the ice queens smile and not scoff.... [More]

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Monkey and Squirrel Bulldog Bottle Opener

We can't have a dog in our apartment, but if we could, we would totally teach him to open our beers for us. Though maybe that wouldn't be so good for his teeth. Ok, ok, we're sticking with this English Bulldog Bottle Opener ($28) from... [More]

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ganster grater-s.jpg

Cub Gangster Grater

Here's an offer we can't refuse: using the Cub Gangster Grater($4) to flex our dark comedy muscles. Seems only natural to start planning a mafia themed party after the NYC mob bust earlier this year. This 1930s car grater got shot up, Bonnie and Clyde... [More]

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