Nothing takes the fun out of that DIY project like a world class hand cramp. Save yourself the double dose of Aleve with the CAN-GUN ($6). This simple gadget fastens onto the spray paint you're using to revive that yard sale dresser, saving your limbs... [More]

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Whale Knife by Tosa

Created by sickle-maker Tetsu Yamashita, the Whale Knife ($50) can be used for pencil sharpening (its original purpose) and various crafts around the house. It can also be used as decor since it's the cutest knife we've ever seen.... [More]

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Antique Brass Measuring Tape

Wonder about the real length of your insoles, the height of your ceiling, or the distance from your cat to the television? With this Antique Brass Measuring Tape ($18), we have no doubt you'll find out. This tool is so darned sharp-looking, you'll be searching... [More]

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Short Rainbow Torx Key L-wrench Set

We get it. As much as you'd like to have an entire apartment full of repurposed bookshelves and pedigreed Danish chairs, most of your current furniture was built out of a box. We're right there with you. Until you can invest in heirloom pieces, invest... [More]

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Pebble Tape Measure

We never would have thought a tape measure could be one of our neatest accessories before we knew about the Pebble Tape Measure ($17). This handy tool comes in a smooth wood case with a naturally curvy shape that will be sure to catch a... [More]

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105-Piece Ladies Tool Kit

This 105-Piece Ladies Tool Kit ($20) has everything a DIY girl needs to keep her home from falling apart: five precision screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, needle-nose pliers, one Phillips and one slotted screwdriver, a breakaway knife and replacement blades, scissors, a claw hammer, a measuring... [More]

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OnGARD Door Brace

We're not ones to get all crazy up in here, but we do like to keep the crazy out there. The OnGARD Door Brace ($129) does just that, keeping creeps on the other side of the door. It works with solid steel or solid wood... [More]

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Broken dish racks, frayed cables, or busted boots got you down? sugru ($18) can cure what ails you. This high-tech miracle goop sticks to just about anything, from aluminum to glass, wood, or ceramic. Just mold it into place and let it cure overnight into... [More]

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kelvin.23 All In One Tool

This kelvin.23 All In One Tool ($30) is the perfect gift for the girl or guy who does not have everything. You know: that friend or roommate who's always asking to borrow your screwdriver, level, or tape measure. This handy gadget includes a whole host... [More]

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Jonas Damon Wood Tool Set

Whether you're handy with home projects or not, you're going to want to keep a few essentials in your junk drawer. The Jonas Damon Wood Tool Set ($95) should keep you covered in case of emergency. It includes an LED flashlight for power outages or... [More]

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Field Tool Box

Storage space at a premium in your place? Keep your gear in this Field Tool Box ($85). With its classic style and bright blue enamel finish, you won't mind leaving this one out in the open.... [More]

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Pink Apollo Garden Tool Set

Why settle for boring old spades and trimmers when we can work our outdoor skills with this lovely Pink Apollo Garden Tool Set ($96)? It includes a full range of forks, trowels, and shears, all in perfectly girly pink. And the handy carrying case makes... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: One-Trip Grip

What is it about carrying all the shopping bags into the house in one trip that makes us feel so damn accomplished? After a particularly bountiful visit to Nordstrom the grocery store, we employ the ">One-Trip Grip ($6) to help us tote everything without cutting... [More]

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Wooden Tape Measure

Dudes love tools. And guess what? So do we. We'd be psyched it if our stuff was as elegant as it was functional, like this Wooden Tape Measure ($12). But sadly, whoever designs the darned things rarely does so with aesthetics in mind. Just think... [More]

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TOOOL Emergency Lockpick Card

We got into some wild times at the karaoke bar recently, and on returning home couldn't for the life of us figure out where our keys were. We ended up climbing in through a window, which we admit could have ended up going 9-1-1-level-badly. How... [More]

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Tool Logic Key Knife

We're not sure whether to keep this Tool Logic Key Knife ($10) or give it to our seriously paranoid best friend who carries her keys between her fingers like pointy brass knuckles everywhere "just in case". Might as well buy two.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Constellation Matches

If you keep a box of Constellation Matches ($3.50) on the mantel, your cozy family room fires will all be born under lucky stars. How's that for Christmas magic? What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill... [More]

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Daisy Tool Kit

We ladies understand the benefit of taking a little extra time and effort to make sure the things we use in everyday life are just a bit prettier. We wear pretty shoes, use pretty kitchen utensils, and now with this Daisy Tool Kit ($32), can... [More]

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Ladies Pink Magnetic Wristband

Who says dudes are the only handy ones? We're capable of switching out light fixtures and installing shelving - and we even do it right the first time, because we're not congenitally opposed to reading the directions. That's why we figure we deserve to treat... [More]

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Computer Brush

While we certainly have no devious plans to abuse computer dusters, we always feel so sketchy when we buy a can! Maybe we should invest in a Computer Brush ($35) instead. The soft, narrow bristles should loosen any crumbs and crud stuck under our keyboards,... [More]

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