Jacqui Coffee Table

How can you resist furniture that makes you smile? The Jacqui Coffee Table ($570) comes in a handful of bright colors and would be perfect to liven up a living room. We can't help but think of upturned lips (and moustaches!) when we look at... [More]

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Oomph 'Tini Table

We always lust after furniture that's as fun as it is functional. The 'Tini Table III ($460) packs a punch in bright colors like teal, orange, or this festive pink. If you like the design but are apprehensive about a table the same color as... [More]

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chess table-s.jpg

Chess Side Table

Checkmate someone's furniture expectations with the Chess Side Table ($945). This table has a game board built right in, so when we flippantly challenge someone to a test of strategy and honor after wine tasting, we're all set to win the war. We like that... [More]

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deborah secretary desk-s.jpg

Deborah Desk

The Deborah Desk ($inquire) had a previous occupation as an airplane wing, but it looks way sweeter as a sleek office piece. This stunning aluminium structure is supported by stainless steel legs and topped with toughened glass, so it's a well-accessorized secretary's dream. Take the... [More]

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BADA Convertible Table

Using reclaimed teak woods and low-VOC oil finishes, the BADA by EcoSystems Designs ($inquire) serves as a desk, dining table, and a couch with its' nifty convertible flip design. Just flip down the center of the table to reveal a cushy loveseat perfect for two... [More]

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faceted mirror side table-s.jpg

Faceted Mirror Side Table

The Faceted Mirror Side Table ($199) by West Elm is a geometric gem with an antique foxed mirror finish overlay. Deciding which shoes to wear everyday is a trying daily task, but we can use this like a little stylized foot mirror and get out... [More]

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Altura Furniture Zig Zag Table-s.jpg

Altura Zig Zag Table

Altura Furniture is protecting our little toes from stubbing with their Zig Zag Table ($Inquire). All the corners of the interestingly shaped piece are elegantly rounded, and the base angles inward (safety first). Not only is it differently attractive, it goes beyond its conventional coffee... [More]

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Three Sixty Table

This Three Sixty Table ($1,800) is made from old skateboard trucks, you know, the thingies on the bottom of the skateboard that holds the wheels on? The top works like a lazy susan and will spin around 360-degrees, which makes it perfect-o for entertaining 'ala... [More]

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Nesting Table/Step Stools

Things that are useful: Nesting tables, colorful accent furniture, stepstools. Things that incorporate all three elements: Nesting Table/Step Stools ($400) from Paul Loebach. Winner!... [More]

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cardboard sidetable-s.jpg

Pasteboard Sidetable

Feeling ironic? Check out the Pasteboard Sidetable ($98) by Dovetusai Studio at Skitsch. It looks like cardboard and feels like cardboard, but they call it pasteboard, which means it's. . . . super strong cardboard. Traditional designs and contours of flouncier carpentry manifest in this... [More]

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Branch & Glass Side Table

The Branch & Glass Side Table ($158) exudes the feeling of natural contentment in a controlled interior design context. We're basically saying it's simply elegant. The lines of the branches are subtle but intrinsically fascinating and their clustered arrangement creates a beautiful pattern viewable through... [More]

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mushroom table S.jpg

Target Mushroom Table

The Target Mushroom Table ($80) is sleek, simple and modern. A perfect final addition to a room of any style or taste, this on-the-cheap classy item offers an elegant twist in the genre of pedestal tables. Contemporary lines make the possibilities for this black lacquer... [More]

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Orange Circles Table

We took one look at the Eamesian Solid Orange Circles Table by michaelarras, ($670) and instantly started humming “Witchcraft” and jonesing for a dry martini with Dean, Frank, and the boys at the Starlight Lounge. Cut into the shapes of river pebbles, it evokes a... [More]

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Lounge Media Coffee Table

If you live with a dude—particularly an Uncrate dude—we know that you have 14 remotes and the fruits of some 20 magazine subscriptions cluttering up your living room. While we can't guarantee that the accumulation won't continue (it will), we can suggest this Lounge Media... [More]

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Jellio Lite Table

If you're a child of the (late) 60s, 70s or 80s, there's no way you'll forget playing with your Lite-Brite. Ahem: Lite-Bright, Lite-Brite, turn on the magical shining light!...but we digress. We're pleased to say, that you can now relive the magic, with this Jellio... [More]

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De Santis Hand Painted Coffee Table

It's not the most wallet friendly coffee table we've ever come across, but the most eye-catching? Absolutely. The low set De Santis Hand Painted Coffee Table ($899) boasts all the extras we love—gorgeous, hand-painted detail, a roomy center drawer to stow stuff, and antique looking... [More]

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Oxford Tray Table

Like a (much) classier version of you man's TV tray, the Oxford Tray Table ($40) comes to the aid of a chick who just wants to put her feet up and chill. Just scoot the pretty metal and walnut table up to your chair or... [More]

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Carmel Round Drum Cocktail Table

Traditionally, we haven't found much to say about coffee tables. But this Carmel Round Drum Cocktail Table ($651) is something else altogether. Made almost entirely of natural materials like sea grass and hardwood (how cool is that?), the table also boasts a modern bowl design.... [More]

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Silhoutte Nesting Tables

Feather your nest with the best when you add these Silhoutte Nesting Tables ($199) to your living room. Aside from the fact that they're on sale as we speak, we love the clean lines artfully interrupted by feminine brocade patterns. Just what an empty corner... [More]

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Boos Gathering Block

Maximize a tiny kitchen in the prettiest way possible with a Boos Gathering Block ($995). This versatile workstation boasts a sturdy chopping block of 4" thick maple and a pull-out wicker basket drawer for stowing supplies. A slated shelf "below the block" offers additional storage... [More]

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