Bungalow 5 Marisa Dresser

Can you just imagine how awesome this lacquered Marisa Dresser ($inquire) from Bungalow 5 would look perched on a black and white tile floor? Add a bright teal or mustard-colored rug and you've got yourself a modern and whimsical room with minimal effort. Except for... [More]

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Hinoki Closet Hook

Keep critters at bay and add a fresh, woodsy aroma to your closet with this Hinoki Closet Hook ($30). The knotted block of cedar repels insects naturally. Just hang it up and forget about it.... [More]

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Vita V Home Timu Vase

Not all cultures are familiar with ceramics, and so some civilizations must create their rustic furnishings from sticks.* We are familiar with ceramics, and so we use our knowledge to make furnishings that look like they were made from sticks. Timu Vase ($61 small, $80... [More]

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eDiva Beauty Organizer

... because there's only so much room on your bathroom sink and the top of the toilet! This eDiva Beauty Organizer ($198 or $297) is a godsend for busybodies with no patience for cleaning! Choose between two sizes with five or six drawers, plus mini-dividers,... [More]

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Vintage European-Style Fruit Basket

Just think of how chic this Vintage European-Style Fruit Basket ($44) will look stuffed full of apples you have no intention of eating, or quaintly packed with those unfinished knitting projects. Heck, stuff it with raggedy socks and your cat will probably turn it into... [More]

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Wooden Tissue Box

Tissues, while very useful, are still pretty gross. C'mon, think about what you're doing with that flimsy white square and ask yourself why they're on display in every room of the house. That flowery cardboard box they come in is no distraction from the fact... [More]

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Red 3-Bin Wire Hanging Shelf

The simplicity of this Red 3-Bin Wire Hanging Shelf ($129) is completely pleasant. We're used to garish and cheap wire units, so pardon us if we seem a little surprised. It would make a good fit in the kitchen, piled high with spice jars and... [More]

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Animal Clothes Hangers

Whatever your age, your gender, your IQ, or your social status - animals wearing people clothes are funny! Give yourself a chuckle every time you open your closet with these Animal Clothes Hangers ($12 each). They come in a variety of species and breeds -... [More]

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BowlOvers Original Bowl Covers

If your Tupperware cupboard looks anything like ours, you'll want to invest in a set of Original Bowl Covers ($15 for a set of 6) from BowlOvers. The one-hundred-percent-cotton covers come in three sizes to fit a variety of your glass and plastic bowls. Moreover,... [More]

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Wooly Media Console

How can a console look so modern, yet so corner-of-your-uncle's-bachelor-pad-circa-1974 at the same time? Pure, glorious magic. The Wooly Media Console ($2,195) marries earth-friendly design with earthy greens. Hang your flat screen over it and use the surface to display a large vase of wildflowers... [More]

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3 Prong White Coat Rack

This 3 Prong White Coat Rack ($70) may look like three simple metal poles. But that is precisely why we love it. There are no wooden animals, no faux foliage, no extravagance. A coat rack that holds coats and claims to do or be nothing... [More]

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Heart Beat Hat Rack

We're hesitant to put this Heart Beat Hat Rack ($22) to use. It just looks too darned fun as is, decorating our hallway wall. Of course, the pile of scarves and hats lying on the floor underneath it do take a bit away from the... [More]

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Eiffel Tower Ring Dish

We adore the practicality of a ring dish, but so often they're tacky cut crystal that just feel a bit too much like something an well-meaning but hopelessly-out-of-touch aunt would give us. This Eiffel Tower Ring Dish ($12) is actually quite chic and seems appropriate... [More]

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WoodCurve Teacup Bookshelf

Alice and the Mad Hatter have nothing on this handmade stacked teacup bookshelf ($675). Deck out your little one's wonderland with this whimsical piece, filling it with books and fairytales that will dazzle her mind and spark her imagination. Just skip the magical potions. Her... [More]

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Pottery Barn Nesting Heart Bowls

These Nesting Heart Bowls ($19) reminded us of "i carry your heart with me." Wouldn't they make a great Valentine's gift accompanied by a copy of the poem?... [More]

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The Land of Nod Circulation Chest

Some of our fondest memories involve thumbing through our grade school libraries' card catalogs, and it kind of bums us out that they've been replaced with more sophisticated technology. So we're pretty stoked that The Land of Nod has reimagined the card catalog in the... [More]

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Classico Scarf Organizer

Spring - aka the Season of the Scarf - is coming, and we're excited to be able to pack away our chunky knit cowls and break out those lightweight, brightly colored scarves. In order to make sure all of our faves get put into heavy... [More]

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Canvas Storage Bins

We're definitely the tidy ones in our households, while it seems like the other members of our families get their kicks by leaving random belongings all over the damned place. That's why we'll be picking up a few of these Canvas Storage Bins ($36). They're... [More]

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Urban Outfitters Kitchen Shelf

Okay, so maybe we should be considering downsizing the amount of stuff we have in our kitchens. Or, we can just ignore our kitchen gadget addiction and hang an Urban Outfitters Kitchen Shelf ($59) on the wall. It'll hold a few coffee mugs, a stack... [More]

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White Oakwood Shelf

When you're a bibliophile, you want your books to stand out in any way they can. Stash your favorites on the White Oakwood Shelf ($840, on sale) in your preferred arrangement, whether it be color-coded or sorted by genre, author, title, or region. The minimalist... [More]

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