Grape Wood Tillandsia Gardens

Breathe a little life into your tiny flat with these Grape Wood Tillandsia Gardens ($24-32). They take up literally no space in your already too small apartment, but still manage to spruce things up a bit in a refreshing, environmentally friendly way. And next time... [More]

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Perch! Birdfeeder

When it comes to feeding the birds, we're more apt to go simple. Our neighbor has a whole system rigged up to let the birdies in and keep the squirrels out. Who are we to tell him that it's not working and it's ugly to... [More]

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The Edible Balcony

What's a girl with a green thumb and no available land to do? Start a container garden on a balcony or window box, of course! But what's a girl with zero know-how about small space gardening to do? Pick up a copy of The Edible... [More]

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Wi-Fi Plant Sensor

How much would you pay to keep that garden flourishing? How about $150? That'll get you the Wi-Fi Plant Sensor ($150), an ingenious device that tracks moisture levels, fertilizer requirements, temperature, and more, letting you know via your computer or iPhone when it's time for... [More]

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Joey Roth Self-Watering Planter

We love keeping plants in the house, but you wouldn't know that from how routinely we kill them. For some reason we just cannot remember to water our little leafy friends, which is why we are jumping on Joey Roth's Self-Watering Planter ($45). It's in... [More]

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The Plant! Herb Seed Kit

Spring and summer always have us wishing for a garden of our own, but we love the city life and are willing to sacrifice playing in the dirt for the convenience of being in a metro area. When we're really getting the itch to feel... [More]

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West Elm Modern Trellis Screen

String together a few West Elm Modern Trellis Screens ($30, on sale) to give yourself an eye-popping garden. Because they hook and hang together, these are a great option for those of us who are short on space. We can create a vertical herb garden,... [More]

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Heather Levine Mineral Birdhouse

Bring a little rustic elegance to your outdoor space by hanging the Mineral Birdhouse ($338) by artist Heather Levine in your flower garden. Surely a couple of the neighborhood birds will be glad to have such a sweet little ceramic pod to call home. Though... [More]

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Rotoluxe Vazon Magnum Round Planter

Our petunias are never the talk of the town. But our new Rotoluxe Vazon Magnum Round Planter ($275) certainly is. This bad boy lights up the night in our backyard and all the way down the street. It doesn't exactly help our flowers grow, but... [More]

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Galvanized Plant Markers

Roses are red, Violets are blue, But we wouldn't know any of that had we not written it down with a paint pen on our Galvanized Plant Markers ($38). This set of six adorns our flowerbeds and herb garden with antique whimsy, making each salad... [More]

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Micro-Green Spice Kit

It seems like every time we splurge on some fine dining lately, our entrées are topped with little sprinkles of microgreens. Apparently these tiny sprouts are the so-hot-right-now way to elevate dinner to haute cuisine. We think we'll bring the fancy right home to our... [More]

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Wrapped Bark Pot

We may not be able to keep our houseplants alive for long, but until they keel over, they'll look especially gorgeous in this Wrapped Bark Pot ($12). Or we can stop pretending we're capable of caring for living things and use it as a really... [More]

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Greenbo Railing Planter

Much to our disappointment, we don't have a ton of space for planting this summer. But the Greenbo Railing Planter ($28) is a great substitution for our absent garden! We've used a few planters for annuals and a few for herbs and small veggies, like... [More]

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Simple Garden Starter Pack

Want a garden but lack the skills? Perhaps the Simple Garden Starter Pack ($36) is for you. It has everything you'll need to get you rolling, including planters, seeds, greenhouse lids and - very important - dirt. Pick one up and be amazed at the... [More]

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Blackbird with Ionantha Plant

Seeing this adorable Blackbird with Ionantha ($33) sitting on our windowsill has us humming one of our favorite Beatles songs. A little morning coffee, a little plant life, and a little McCartney is a great way to start our day!... [More]

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Ethel's Fleur-de-lis Gloves

We like cute garden gloves as much as the next green thumb, but they've gotta be durable, too, because we tend to wait until the very last minute before we tackle weeding our shrubs and garden plots for new spring growth. Ethel's Fleur-de-lis Gloves ($22)... [More]

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Edamame Growing Kit

We spend a fortune at our favorite sushi place just on edamame. But boiling and salting are things we can do at home, right? We've got a few of these Edamame Growing Kits ($16) already set up along our windowsills. Once our leetle plants are... [More]

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Seed Pot Maker

We love starting seedlings, but hate having to run to the hardware store because we ran out of plant pots. With this Seed Pot Maker ($15), we'll be set for our gardening lives. This handy little tool helps you make your own totally biodegradable pots... [More]

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Layered Earth Pot

The Layered Earth Pot ($16) makes us think of twirling in a ruffled skirt. While we don't advise spinning this pot around, we do advise filling it with bright flowers, or a nearly-impossible-to-kill Chinese evergreen.... [More]

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Forest City Models and Patterns Ltd. Tumbling Composter

Spring has fully sprung and we are champing at the bit to plant our vegetable garden. Thank goodness we've been churning up our organic waste in our Forest City Models and Patterns Ltd. Tumbling Composter ($100). It fits right next to our gardening shed makeshift... [More]

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