Wallter Outdoor Wall Planter

When you're short on acreage for a garden, grow one on your walls, deck rail, or fence. Each Wallter Outdoor Wall Planter ($72) has enough space for herbs, edible greens, annuals, or other small to medium-sized greenery. Attaching a few colored pots filled with flora... [More]

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Plastec Oval Metal Watering Can

Almost as pretty as your petunias, the Plastec Oval Metal Watering Can ($13) will make a welcome addition to your garden arsenal. Especially if your garden arsenal currently consists of half a bag of potting soil and a few struggling seedlings. A little water and... [More]

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Scout Regalia Patio Garden Kit

Short on space but long on gardening daydreams? This Patio Garden Kit ($105) might be just your ticket. It may not come with everything you need to get those herbs and veggies growing - you'll need to buy wood, soil and seeds - but it... [More]

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Organic Meyer Lemon Topiary

Have you mastered growing herbs in your backyard? Branch out into fruit-bearing trees! The Organic Meyer Lemon Topiary ($95) arrives on your doorstep small and potted. With a little TLC, some pruning, and gobs of sunlight, it'll start to grow fragrant Meyer lemons. Squeeze a... [More]

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GrowBottle Upcycled Hydrogardens

With a few GrowBottle Upcycled Hydrogardens ($35 each) gracing your windowsills, you're reusing the old and growing the new. Each kit starts with a recycled wine bottle and contains everything you need to grow small batches of oregano, chives, parsley, basil, or mint. The bottles... [More]

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Ask: The 1000 Most Asked Questions About Gardening

Itching to get your hands dirty, but don't know where to begin? Daphne Ledward's Ask: The 1000 Most Asked Questions About Gardening ($10) should have all the answers you need to keep your perennials perky and your succulents, well, succulent!... [More]

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Alice Supply Co. Garden Tools

Give your green thumb the workout it needs to grow pretties in your spring garden. These Alice Supply Co. Garden Tools ($28) will help you turn your soil, you know, so you're not digging in the dirt with just your digits! The brightly striped handles... [More]

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Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Tote

Getting those essentials out to your tomatoes will be a breeze with this Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Tote ($78). We're digging the conveniently sized pockets for stashing tools and how the undyed jute will just get more "rustic" as it picks up a bit of... [More]

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Pink Plant Pot

Save the rust-colored pots for the back patio. Indoors, you're going to want something a little prettier. This Pink Plant Pot ($17) will look lovely on your windowsill. The glazed terra-cotta still has an earthy feel to it, but leaves those cheap, uniform clay pots... [More]

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Crevice Weeder

How did we not know such a thing as a Crevice Weeder ($30) existed until now? Do you even know how many hours of backbreaking weed-yanking this simple device would have saved us? How many shady chemicals we might have avoided inhaling as we sprayed... [More]

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Foo Dog Garden Accent

What's a garden gnome going to do when the evil spirits attack? You need someone tougher guarding your petunias - you need the Foo Dog Garden Accent ($250). This statuette really raises the bar for outdoor adornments - and scares your neighbor's lawn jockeys!... [More]

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Cube Birdhouse

Add modern lines and cheerful color to your garden by mounting the Cube Birdhouse ($79) on the trunk of a tree, or perching it on a rail. Crafted from twenty-four reclaimed milk jugs, the durable, eco-friendly bird home is roomy enough for a decently sized... [More]

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Portable Everlasting Plant

"Plants are so easy," they say. "All you have to do is water them," they say. Tell that to the ghosts of the hibiscus trees, orchids, and even cacti that came to our apartments to die! Some of us have green thumbs, while others have... [More]

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Climbing Roses Gardening Fork

This Climbing Roses Gardening Fork ($15) is creating a serious dilemma for us. We bought it for mucking around in the ground, of course. But how can we risk scratching and generally dirtying up this perfectly pretty little tool? It's the gardening equivalent of those... [More]

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Carnival Cone Wall Planter

These Carnival Cone Wall Planters ($16-28) add plenty of whimsy to your walls. Each striped or dotted cone has enough room to house a sweet little houseplant, and as cat mamas, we're loving them. With these fixed to the walls and far from any shelving,... [More]

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Wine Cork Aloe Planter

Everyone under 5'6" knows...smaller is better! Who needs big, elaborate gardens when the Wine Cork Aloe Planter ($14) is so cute as it is? This handmade little guy from Chiffon Aérer is a nice touch for any room - and you can request a magnet... [More]

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Black and White Birdhouse

The birdies are finally returning from their winter vacay, so make sure you're prepared. Hang the stylish Black and White Birdhouse ($18) from Tweet Tweet Home from a middle tree branch facing away from the street and you'll have nesting robins, or somethings, twittering about... [More]

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Grumpy Garden Gnomes

We've always just assumed that garden gnomes were a touch on the grumpy side. Now we know for sure. The sourpuss Grumpy Garden Gnomes ($28 each) hold rude signs and are ready to populate your garden come spring. They may keep nosy neighbor kids out... [More]

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Teal Mini Hanging Pot

We haven't started any indoor planting yet, but when we do, we have half a mind to grow our little seedlings in a few of these Teal Mini Hanging Pots ($55). If we fill them with catnip seeds, we can rehang them out on the... [More]

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Dominic Fiorello Wooden Plant Pod

Not all planters are created equal. Some are mere root buckets, while others cross the line to become sublime works of art. Just take a peek at this Dominic Fiorello Wooden Plant Pod ($100). It's elegant enough to deserve a place on our walls even... [More]

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