Loll Designs Arbor House

Man, birdhouses, like this Arbor House ($94) from Loll Designs, sure are swanky-looking these days! We guess even mamas of the feathered variety like having perfect nurseries to accommodate their offspring!... [More]

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Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Tree

Be careful where you decide to put this Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Tree Kit ($11) to use. Stick it a little too close to the deck, and in two hundred years it might displace your grill. Too near the road, and your great-great-great grandchild... [More]

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Pink Lawn Flamingo

This Pink Lawn Flamingo ($23) proves that some kitschy items are worth shelling out for. Stick a few in your front lawn just to bug the HOA, and stick a few in the back to scare critters away from your tomato plants!... [More]

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City Critters Housewarming Kit

Moving into a new abode? Bring the City Critters Housewarming Kit ($20, on sale) with you. Each bag contains plenty of wild critter food - from seed bombs that grow into sweet clover and wildflowers to birdseed and acorns (maybe the acorns will keep the... [More]

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Ferris Wheel Planter

Can plants get dizzy? Find out with this Ferris Wheel Planter ($159). It's an adorable way to display a sweet arrangement of tiny herbs or cacti, or possibly the world's coolest way to serve condiments.... [More]

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Bamboo Compost Pail

Composting is a messy business, but good on you for giving it a go! The Bamboo Compost Pail ($40) houses up to a gallon of food waste and compost items and looks good as it sits out on your kitchen counter. Bamboo is a natural... [More]

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FoodMap Container

It's hard to see gorgeous gardens and then head back to a shoebox apartment. While the utilitarian FoodMap Container ($149, on sale) isn't going to help you create a sprawling expanse of herbs and flowers, it will help you grow a few things in your... [More]

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All-Purpose Pruner

The secret (okay, it's not really a secret) to a good-looking garden is keeping it pruned. Use the simple All-Purpose Pruner ($48) to cut back branches and leaves that are threatening to choke out your flower buds. The Japanese steel blade will keep its sharpness... [More]

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Qualy Log and Squirrel Self Watering Plant Pot

Need a little help remembering not to critically dehydrate your houseplants? Stick them into one of these Qualy Log and Squirrel Self Watering Plant Pots ($19). You'll know that your fern's water reservoir is nearing empty when the built-in rodent disappears from his hidey-hole.... [More]

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Garden Gnome Stools

Could your garden use a little more kitsch? Ditch the glass globe ornaments and stone birdbaths in favor of a trio of Garden Gnome Stools ($320-359). The two gnomes pictured above come already named, but we can only imagine that the tree stump is magical,... [More]

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Urban Farm Seed Collection

We've found the perfect gift for the girl or guy who's short on space but big on gardening ambitions. This Urban Farm Seed Collection ($34) is like a tiny farm in a can, containing itty packages of a range of tasty herbs and veggies ideal... [More]

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3-Ball Hanging Vase

Think outside the box-shaped vase! The 3-Ball Hanging Vase ($5) is an original and artistic way to keep your flower corpses looking pretty for just a little while longer!... [More]

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Indoor Allotment with Assorted Seeds

Who needs an expansive outdoor garden when you have a miniature replica that fits in your one-room apartment? The Indoor Allotment with Assorted Seeds ($39) is the perfect thing for country mice posing as city mice. Comes with three pots, soil pellets, and coriander, basil,... [More]

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Floral Brights Garden Watering Can

The Floral Brights Garden Watering Can ($22) from Boston Warehouse - because even if your green thumb turns out to be kinda black, your garden will still be home to flora.... [More]

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Dotted Garden Stake Set

Hurrah! Your seedlings are flourishing! The next step is to transfer them out of their starter pots and into the ground. Once you've got them in place, use the Dotted Garden Stake Set ($26) to label them. (The stakes are unglazed on their backs so... [More]

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Agrarian Tool Basket

Trips back and forth to the toolshed are as outdated as hunting and gathering! We are an agrarian people and so we deserve the Agrarian Tool Basket ($40). Carry all your gardening supplies in the durable canvas pocket, while collecting the fruits of your labor... [More]

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Steel Life Matchstick Planters

These large Steel Life Matchstick Planters ($158-178) are just what your deck needs to complete its transformation into a oasis. Pot a few trailing plants so that they spill over the edges. It'll look nice and fancy and require minimal effort.... [More]

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Gardener's Seed Saving Kit

Saving your own seeds for next year's garden is a cool and economical way to keep those flowers and veggies coming, but if you're going to do it right, you've got to start planning early. Some of those favorite plants have to be specially cared... [More]

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Disc Chimes

These porcelain Disc Chimes ($44-70) don't chime in the breeze so much as clink together pleasantly. The subdued sound and minimalist design make them an ideal option for those of us who have nearby neighbors. No one can complain about the gaudy wind chimes making... [More]

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Wallter Outdoor Wall Planter

When you're short on acreage for a garden, grow one on your walls, deck rail, or fence. Each Wallter Outdoor Wall Planter ($72) has enough space for herbs, edible greens, annuals, or other small to medium-sized greenery. Attaching a few colored pots filled with flora... [More]

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