Glowing-Ghost Mushroom Kit

We know what you're thinking - there's a lot of room for misunderstanding when you tell people there's fungus growing at your place. But while there are a million other things you could grow at home, like spider plants and lichen, you need to ask... [More]

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Earth Terrarium Kit

This beautifully handcrafted glass terrarium ($55) looks like it just crash-landed from another planet, which is appropriate - succulents often give off alien vibes. The kit provides you with some pebbles and activated charcoal (perfect for sustaining various lifeforms); you find the dirt and the... [More]

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Death Star Birdhouse

"Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational battle station... er...ceramic birdhouse!" Give your feathered friends the power to terrorize a garden far, far, away (your backyard) with the Death Star Birdhouse ($39).... [More]

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Slingshot + Seed Bomb Kit

Take your guerilla gardening to a whole new level... one with weapons. This Slingshot + Seed Bomb Kit ($16) makes it possible for you to launch fertilizer-spiked rounds of colorful flower seeds into vacant lots, meadows, and sadly empty window boxes. Consider it a weapon... [More]

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Ugly Vegetable Plant Kits

"Cutest" does not always equal "best." The cutest guy is probably the one who still lives with his mom. The cutest puppy might pee all over your Louboutins. And the cutest vegetables don't always pack the most punch when it comes to flavor and nutrition.... [More]

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Kiri Wood Window Box

You need more green in your decor, same as you do in your pockets. Sadly, this Kiri Wood Window Box ($55) won't grow cash. But it does make a lovely spot for decorative houseplants, from wheatgrass to geraniums. Use it to liven up a sunny... [More]

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Save The Bees Garden Box

The honeybee population is on the decline, and it's time to help out in any way we can. We're going to use the Save The Bees Garden Box ($12) from The Giggling Garden to plant some bee-friendly flower seeds. Our track record with plants is... [More]

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Garden Chalkboard Markers Stake Set

Worried about how you'll distinguish those Brandywines from your Cherokee Purples? Just label them with these chalkboard garden stakes ($20). They're a cute, rustic way to keep your herbs and veggies organized, and since they're made of washable black stoneware, you can reuse them season... [More]

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Mossed Schnauzer Topiary

Have you been looking for an opportunity to put a life-sized schnauzer molded from moss ($100) in your yard as an ode to your favorite breed of pup? This topiary ships ready to stand guard by your front door or next to your azaleas. The... [More]

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Of all the school subjects, you just gotta love science made possible the AquaFarm ($60), a self-sufficient herb garden/aquarium. Fish waste feeds the plants, plants clean the water. Let's see something like that come from that career planning class they made you take between... [More]

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CORE Glow Gravel

Turn your driveway into something from a fairy tale! CORE Glow Gravel ($62 - $75 / 4 lb. bag) is pretty much what it sounds like - gravel that glows in the dark! Available in lots of styles, sizes, and colors, this stuff adds that... [More]

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The Garden Stamp

Planning a bit of midsummer planting to bulk up your garden? Make it a quick and easy affair with The Garden Stamp ($30). It'll poke one square foot's worth of evenly spaced holes each time you press it into the dirt. Plop in your seeds,... [More]

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Zombie Gnomes: Lunch Break

When the zombie apocalypse hits, no one will be spared - not even the inanimate garden gnomes! Zombie Gnomes: Lunch Break ($74) is just one of many hilarious but gruesome lawn tableaux available from Chris and Jane's Place!... [More]

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Spray Away Animal Repellent

Critters got your garden down? If the notion of fighting back with an air gun or possibly a hand grenade makes you uncomfortable, let this Spray Away Animal Repellent ($100) come to your ethical rescue. Instead of deadly projectiles, it startles away deer, groundhogs, and... [More]

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Urbio Modular Garden and Wall Organizer

Small on space but big on green thumb ambitions? Get growing with this Urbio Modular Garden and Wall Organizer ($75-$175). Pack the included containers with whatever plants you like, then attach them to the magnetic backplates mounted on your wall. Removing them for watering or... [More]

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Loll Designs Arbor House

Man, birdhouses, like this Arbor House ($94) from Loll Designs, sure are swanky-looking these days! We guess even mamas of the feathered variety like having perfect nurseries to accommodate their offspring!... [More]

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Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Tree

Be careful where you decide to put this Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Tree Kit ($11) to use. Stick it a little too close to the deck, and in two hundred years it might displace your grill. Too near the road, and your great-great-great grandchild... [More]

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Pink Lawn Flamingo

This Pink Lawn Flamingo ($23) proves that some kitschy items are worth shelling out for. Stick a few in your front lawn just to bug the HOA, and stick a few in the back to scare critters away from your tomato plants!... [More]

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City Critters Housewarming Kit

Moving into a new abode? Bring the City Critters Housewarming Kit ($20, on sale) with you. Each bag contains plenty of wild critter food - from seed bombs that grow into sweet clover and wildflowers to birdseed and acorns (maybe the acorns will keep the... [More]

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Ferris Wheel Planter

Can plants get dizzy? Find out with this Ferris Wheel Planter ($159). It's an adorable way to display a sweet arrangement of tiny herbs or cacti, or possibly the world's coolest way to serve condiments.... [More]

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