Easy Weeder

This year, we're going to stop trying to plant vegetables and just tell our friends we intentionally planted weeds since that's most of what seems to sprout in our garden anyway. However, if you are still willing to put up a fight, do yourself a... [More]

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Essential Kitchen Garden Herbs

We always get overly ambitious when it comes to planting a spring garden. Sure, we'd love a big ol' veggie plot with the works, but space is severely limited, so for now, we'll count on Williams-Sonoma to help us out with six Essential Kitchen Garden... [More]

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Blue Eagle Pottery Stoneware Bud Vase

Get ready for spring buds with this gorgeous handmade vase ($25) from Blue Eagle Pottery. The delicate, new baby greenery will look amazing with the Southwestern landscape-inspired colors and design on this glazed stoneware vessel. At such a good price, you have no excuse not... [More]

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Mini Flowering Twig Bundles

If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, then what do we call winter's malingering tail end? We can think of a few choice phrases. Beat those end-of-season blues with this Mini Flowering Twig Bundles ($15). They'll bring a touch of spring to... [More]

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Olive & Cocoa Le Coeur Floral Arrangement

If there are any guys out there sneaking peeks at Outblush for some Valentine's Day ideas, here's one: your sweetie wants a box of artfully arranged lichen. Trust us. Olive & Cocoa Le Coeur Floral Arrangement ($98)... [More]

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Fern Terrarium DIY Kit

Sure, you can buy them ready-made, but isn't it so much more fun to do it yourself? After all, your home-baked muffins might come out like blueberry hockey pucks, but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you made them yourself. And the results... [More]

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Rotoluxe Vazon Magnum Round Planter

Haven't you always wanted a container for your beloved plants that would glow softly at the flick of a switch? It wasn't on our list of must-haves either, especially since we didn't know such an invention existed, until we laid our eyes on the Rotoluxe... [More]

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Boskke Ceramic Sky Planter

Running out of floor space for a new plant? There's plenty of room on the wall! The innovative and somewhat mind-boggling Boskke Ceramic Sky Planter ($20) will have you rushing to add to your hanging plant collection, stat.... [More]

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Lioness With Cub Garden Statue

Mothers do more than just dote on their children. That's why we like this Lioness With Cub Garden Statue ($261). It reminds us - and our houseguests - that a big part of motherhood is being badass enough to protect your brood, whether that be... [More]

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Culinary Vegetable Garden Kit

Why muster up the energy for a walk to the farmers' market when you can get those fresh, delicious vegetables from your own backyard or patio? This Culinary Vegetable Garden Kit ($32) is packed with seeds ideal for growing edible goodies in small spaces, as... [More]

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Douglas Fir Seed Bombs

Did chucking that Christmas tree onto Pine Mountain at the dump leave you feeling sad and guilty about the needless waste of an innocent plant? Don't worry: you can more than make up for it with these Douglas Fir Seed Bombs ($10). They'll make it... [More]

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4-Tier Sprouter Kit

Sprouts are fantastic for you. Too bad their flavor is about as exciting as a trip to the dentist. Perhaps chowing down on them will seem a bit more fun if you grow your own. This 4-Tier Sprouter Kit ($13) lets you germinate a few... [More]

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Alessi Diva Watering Can

Hydrate your plants with attitude. The Alessi Diva Watering Can ($50) has a curvy silhouette so attention-grabbing, it'll probably demand to be filled with Evian.... [More]

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Freestanding Vertical Chalkboard Garden

You don't have room in your kitchen for a herb garden...or do you? With the Freestanding Vertical Chalkboard Garden ($400), not even gravity can get in the way of your cooking! The moisture mat technology ensures an equal distribution of water, while the chalkboard aspect... [More]

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Morning Glory Tote

The flora may be hibernating in most parts of the country, but we bet you know someone who's already planning and plotting for the 2014 growing season. Angela's Garden carries darling gardening supplies, like this Morning Glory Tote ($30), that'll make a thoughtful gift for... [More]

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Big Bloom Magnifying Glass Vase

In our supersize culture, is anything better left regular size? We haven't seen anything like that, perhaps because, if those things exist, they're too small and puny to earn our attention. The Big Bloom Magnifying Glass Vase ($50) affixes a big magnifying glass to a... [More]

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Elephant Watering Can

It was between this cute little elephant, and this significantly less cute long-nosed monkey. We think the designers of the Elephant Watering Can ($3) made the right choice.... [More]

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Skull Planter

This charming Skull Planter ($42) brings a deeper poetic meaning to your houseolants, with a pretty versatile range. Plant something desolate like a cactus for that "life is death" look, or turn it around and plant daisies for a nice ironic joke.... [More]

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Small Color Block Concrete Planter Set

Tiny, cute, and easy to manage. You don't need a green thumb for the Small Color Block Concrete Planter Set ($54) - maybe just a green thumbnail.... [More]

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Grow Your Own Extreme Chili

Another meal with a disappointing level of spiciness, and you say to yourself, "I could grow better chili out of a tin can!" Well... why don't you? Grow Your Own Extreme Chili ($8) comes with seeds, soil, and a drainage hole at the bottom -... [More]

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