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Sponge Vase

Last week we let you in on a Rabbit Table Lamp by Moooi. Usually we don't like to give the same designer too much props (we're strict equal opportunists), but with this beautiful porcelain Sponge Vase ($230) we can pretend we're giving a bouquet to... [More]

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Woolly Wally Five

The Woolly Wally Five ($143), a member of the Woolly Wally Vertical Gardening System team of products by the Woolly Pocket Gardening Company, is a perfect investment for an urban studio pad or just for a kick of green foliage. Perfect for any type of... [More]

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Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree

You know you want one. You’ve seen the infomercials when you’re hungover at 3 in the morning. Hey – where are you going? There is no shame in loving As Seen On TV products. None. Even if it marks us as unmitigated dweebs. And we... [More]

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Garden gnomes (florus gnominnicus), like their cousins, the lawn flamingos (pinkatum annoyatum birdus), are a scourge of many an otherwise lovely, well-planned garden or balcony. To rid your garden of all possible distasteful gnomes and their unfortunate side effects, we recommend the assiduous application of... [More]

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Flying Pig Watering Can

This is a Flying Pig Watering Can ($20), available exclusively at Pier 1. We think your garden, indoor plants and mood would all benefit greatly from its ownage. Just saying.... [More]

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Elegant Eva Solo Easy Care Flower Pot

We want you to get a plant. And then we want you to put said plant in an Elegant Eva Solo Easy Care Flower Pot ($53) and pretty much forgetaboutit—when you're not busy admiring it, that is. After all, that's what this smart pot is... [More]

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Carton Vase

When boring bouquets just won't do, add a touch of whimsy to your arrangement with this Carton Vase ($7). Hand-crafted in the U.K. of white, matte finished porcelain, this funky piece is a total conversation starter—and a great first course as such!... [More]

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Black Orchid

We've been a bit obsessed with orchids ever since 2002's Adaptation taught us more than we ever thought we wanted to know about the graceful flower. So it's little wonder that we fell in love with this Black Orchid ($40), a magnificent hybrid Phalaenopsis, with... [More]

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Prepara Power Plant Mini

Have the last laugh on everyone who ever mocked your green thumb (or lack thereof) with your very own Prepara Power Plant Mini ($40). This green growing machine uses NASA technology (and if it's good enough for astronauts, it's damn good enough for us) to... [More]

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Grow Your Own Bonsai Village

Talk about zen—this easy Grow Your Own Bonsai Village ($25) allows you to create your own little piece of flowery paradise. The mix of exotic bonsai varieties includes lilac, pea shrub and beauty bush, as well as decorative extras, like a jovial Buddah statue, and... [More]

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Sun Shelf Base Model

Is your windowsill at max capacity and your green thumb still itching to grow? If yes, then the Sun Shelf Base Model ($179) is for you. This elegant-looking double shelf provides full-spectrum light to plants on its tiers, allowing them to grow almost anywhere. And... [More]

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Culinary Three Herb Wreath

How festive and fresh is this Culinary Three Herb Wreath ($60)? The 12-inch organic wreath features fresh rosemary, thyme, bay leaves and chili peppers, all cultivated in the heart of California's coastal range. Whether you use the herbs for cooking, or just for looking, you'll... [More]

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Gift Pick For Your Mom: Year of Seeds

Your mother absolutely doesn't need a green thumb to grow a full Year of Seeds ($79) at home. This gorgeous starter kit boasts 12 earthenware pots in female-friendly colors, each etched with a type of flower (like poppies, sweat peas and pansies). All mom has... [More]

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Grobal Self Watering Pot

You've always said that "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." But in the case of the Grobal Self Watering Pot ($28), you really can let someone (or something) take over your dirty work for a change. The Grobal draws... [More]

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Mirrored Cube Pots

Get triple the glam from your houseplants and floral arrangements with these streamlined Mirrored Cube Pots ($169). This set of three pots (at four, six and eight inches) are each finished with an antiqued mirror look to make even the most ho-hum of houseplants pop.... [More]

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BOSKEE Sky Planter

Turn your view of gardening upside down with a BOSKEE Sky Planter ($Varies). Each orchid or fern plant is designed to hang from the ceiling, saving valuable floor or desk space and looking pretty damn cool to boot. Features an internal reservoir system which feeds... [More]

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The EasyBloom ($60), may be one of the strangest, yet strangely delightful gadgets we've ever seen. Combining the best of nature and technology, this "plant sensor" can be put anywhere you can grow plants (indoor spaces included). Leave the sensor in the chosen area for... [More]

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Wonder Soil Wafers

We're so on board with anything that makes our lives easier, which is just part of the reason we're loving Wonder Soil Wafers ($13). Believe it or not, there are six quarts of potting soil packed into this jar, in the form of 18 tiny... [More]

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Miniature French Herb Garden for Cooks

Add a little bit of color and a whole lot of flavor to your kitchen with a Miniature French Herb Garden for Cooks ($12). Even novice chefs and take-out devotees will appreciate the cute casserole or kettle shape, not to mention the three bright color... [More]

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Rustic Potting Bench

Sure, you could spend hours crouched awkwardly over bulbs and pots....Or you could add this Rustic Potting Bench ($249) to your gardening arsenal. Made from high-quality timber, the bench features a work-level potting shelf with a storage shelf below. Easy to move, the piece comes... [More]

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