Petit Coco Casserole

Does your green thumb need some training? We've killed far too many plants for our own good, so the easier the gardening is, the better. The Petit Coco Casserole ($14) is a no-nonsense method to growing your own little herb garden. Each pot fits perfectly... [More]

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mason bee house-s.jpg

Mason Bee House

Usually bees get our panties all in a twist and send us into a cold sweat. The Mason Bee House ($15) holds a harmless, peaceful, non-stinging breed, so we can just rest easy and watch our garden become a cornucopia of edible delights; the bees... [More]

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Baby Grobal

We look out our window at the gloom and grey, and then back to the cute green plant on our desks - a little spot of life and color that instantly cheers us up. To keep the good feeling coming, we're trying our best not... [More]

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Grass Vase

While we may not have all the disposable income we'd like, we're usually willing to shell out a few bucks for some simple flowers, or in a pinch, grab some from our yard (er...or our neighbor's, don't tell!). This clever Grass Vase ($73 for medium)... [More]

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Tiny Obleek

A sleek little planter, this Tiny Obleek ($45) is made of a special blend of concrete that's 40% lighter than your average sidewalk stuff. We dig the off-center depression, and like the smooth, modern design. We also have plans for using it as a fruit... [More]

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Sagaform Herb Pot

Whether or not you've got a green thumb, or plants actually shrink away from you as you pass (been there, sister), having fresh herbs, veggies, and flowers at hand is a great way to beat the winter blues. The Sagaform Herb Pot ($18) can be... [More]

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Hawaiian Volcano Plant

Cold temps have you dreaming of tropical locals already? This Hawaiian Volcano Plant ($50) will transport you to your fantasy island in a heartbeat. The vibrant red blooms will energize you whenever you look at it, and this is one plant that virtually takes care... [More]

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cardinal bell-s.jpg

Cardinal Garden Bell

We waved our magic whimsy wand over our gardens and this Cardinal Garden Bell ($14) appeared, but we won't need a magic spell to afford it. These Japanese bells add a pop of color and playfulness to our garden. We didn't ask for a gong... [More]

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Arbor Jacquard Gardens Collection Hammock

Relax in the last breezy days of sunshine with the Arbor Jacquard Gardens Collection Hammock ($143) by Pawleys Island. The powers of fashion, performance and comfort are combined in this quaint floral hammock made of dura cord fabric, zinc-plated hardware and oak spreaders. Best of... [More]

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Ceramic Boot Planter

Even though it's dreary outside, bring a little springtime into your apartment/home/hovel? (j/k) with this cute little Ceramic Boot Planter ($18). Each planter comes with a packet of seeds and planter mix. Just throw together, add water and place on a windowsill. If you're feeling... [More]

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domsai home-s.jpg

Matteo Cibic Domsai Planters

Italian based design company Monotono claims to "maintain unique order" by blurring the boundaries between art, design, fashion and architecture. Their take on desert plants is Domsai ($146-730) by Matteo Cibic, and they're more than a cacti. Each cactus is planted in ceramic legs and... [More]

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flower fountainhead-s.jpg

Recuperando Great Flower Fountain Fixture

Lovely. The Italian antique restorers and revivalists have made us something special for our monumental fountains. The Recuperando Great Flower Fountain Fixture ($200) has all the right ingredients - gleaming gold contours, a trendy floral motif, and perfect dreamy form and function. Now we just... [More]

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Wine Bottle Plant Nanny Watering Stakes

Wine Bottle Plant Nanny Watering Stakes

Whether for a going away present for a friend or to save ourselves from shelling out hard-earned cash to the inept neighbor-girl to water our tomato plants while we're road-trippin' it, the Wine Bottle Plant Nanny Watering Stakes ($46) keep our dirt damp and happy... [More]

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Hibiscus garden set-s.jpg

Hibiscus Garden Set

Imagine couture trippy flower power for the backyard, and it won't even come close to the Hibiscus Garden Set ($4933), a hand made and hand painted dining setup that makes an unbelievable fantasy reality. Italian makers Recuperando reproduce and refurbish ancient Italian classics, and whoever... [More]

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I.V. Planter

If you, like us, have the exact opposite of a green thumb, (We have killed cacti. Freaking CACTI.) but still want to enjoy the chlorophyll-filled benefits of houseplants, the IV Planter by Vitamin Living ($375) can help. The refillable I.V. bag attaches to the planter... [More]

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pr garden pavilion-s.jpg

Paul Raff Garden Pavilion

Architect and artist Paul Raff used Eastern philosophy to structure his awe-inspiring Garden Pavilion ($Inquire). We can see how the small, skeletal cedar building allows beams of light to shine through the open latticed rafters, creating a harmony with its natural surroundings, and the Venetian... [More]

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Zen Wheat Grass Kit

Maybe feng shui is so last season, but we still want to balance our qi...after all, we are what we eat (unless it's one of those godawful days when we only want chocolate). So we're stoked on this cute Zen Wheat Grass Growing Kit ($12)... [More]

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Plow & Hearth Solar-Powered Fountain Birdbath

There's nothing sweeter than looking out the window and seeing beautiful flowers or a passing rabbit hop by. It's the little things in life that count, right? Well, here's yet another thing to add right outside your room with a view: the Plow & Hearth... [More]

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fli flop kneeler-s.jpg

Flip Flop Kneeler

The Viva Terra summer clearance sale is in full swing, and the colorful Flip Flop Kneeler ($12) struck our fancy for its super value and long-lasting versatility. This soft durable mat made from remnants of Teva flip-flops protects our knees while trudging around the garden,... [More]

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<sponge vase-.jpg

Sponge Vase

Last week we let you in on a Rabbit Table Lamp by Moooi. Usually we don't like to give the same designer too much props (we're strict equal opportunists), but with this beautiful porcelain Sponge Vase ($230) we can pretend we're giving a bouquet to... [More]

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