Early Edibles

So you're more of a brown thumb than a green thumb, but want to give the appearance of knowing your way around some soil? No problem. Early Edibles ($130) from Jayson Home and Garden is the solution. This small gorgeous Sheffield window box comes with... [More]

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golden garden stool-s.jpg

Opulence Garden Stool

Hold on. Since when does Sears have cool stuff? Our minds just got blown by the Opulence Garden Stool ($248). Gilded garden party is scheduled for the first major blooms. Now where's that friggin' agricultural calender?... [More]

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Chic Wheatgrass Soil-less Grow Kit

Have a novice green thumb? Get your gardening feet wet with the Chic Wheatgrass Soil-less Grow Kit ($59) by Plantology. It's a simple kit that needs minimal know-how to grow. Simply wet the water gems in the glass bowl provided, add the seeds, and watch... [More]

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Pottery Barn Wooden Garden Stand

We're fast approaching gardening season, and some of you are already potting your seeds indoors! Keep everything in one place with the Wooden Garden Stand ($46, on sale) from Pottery Barn. Once the weather turns and it's time to get those seedlings in the ground,... [More]

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Fred the Triceratops

It's amazing how much less menacing dinosaurs become when they're a ridiculous color and filled with plants - especially flowers! The timid name helps too. Fred the Triceratops ($18)... [More]

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Baby Blue Eyes Seeds

Celebrate: Baby Blue Eyes Seeds

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and... [More]

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We must admit; we've only recently begun to learn more about hydroponics (we've been so very busy watching the entire Real Housewives franchise). In a nutshell, hydroponics makes it possible to grow healthy plants in a very tight area. The Growbottle ($35) introduces hydroponics to... [More]

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daisy flower sprinkler-s.jpg

Gilmour Daisy Area Sprinkler

Sprucing up our garden for Spring is a tall order (we kill everything). Watering with something that looks like a flower - the Gilmour Daisy Area Sprinkler ($6) - fights the good fight. That's one step toward being presentable for the in-laws.... [More]

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Wonder Thunder Organic Reusable Produce Bags

We've been reeeeeeally good about eating more veggies. So good, it seems, that we're starting to get irked by the way our bag boy handles our delicate edibles. So along with our regular reusable shopping bags, we'll be taking these Organic Reusable Produce Bags ($20... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Weeds Herb Marker

You may always have dreamed of having a functional-yet-romantic little herb garden with a bench and a sundial and those twee little wall tiles that tell visitors what kinds of plants you're growing, but it isn't happening. And that's okay. Just hang this Weeds Herb... [More]

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the circle pot-s.jpg

Potted Circle Pot

We're mad about mod, so the Potted Circle Pot ($75) makes us excited. String it up with a strong as nails stainless steel cord or set on the table. Any way you play it, glossy 1960s chic is clear.... [More]

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Carefree Beauty Rose

Ever given someone roses? Ever given someone roses that didn't come from the florist? These Carefree Beauty roses bloom like mad and have a stripy, variegated pink pattern that (as you may have guessed by looking at our site) we love. ($19 for a two-gallon... [More]

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la woman succulent planter-s.jpg

You Tell Us: LA Woman Stiletto Succulent Planter

It takes a lot to shock us ... usually. We don't know what it is about the de-sexualized LA Woman Stiletto Succulent Planter ($55), but it meets us halfway between creepy and clever. It certainly puts the dirt in dirty, but whaddy'all think? What's the... [More]

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Upside-Down Patio Garden

As sophisticated as we are, as much as we like our life in the city, sometimes we just wanna get back to our roots and do a little gardening. The Patio Garden ($57) makes it possible to grow our own veggies, even if our balcony... [More]

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apollo garden kit-s.jpg

7-Piece Garden Kit

Mmm, yes. We could warm up to gardening with the 7-Piece Garden Kit ($28) by Apollo. Don't step foot in a Home Depot for tools - a mini trowel, regular trowel, rake, gloves, shears and even knee pads are included (bruises = not cute). Help... [More]

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Petal Drops

You care about the earth. You care about the plants on your patio. Why not combine the two ecological interests by collecting rainwater (thereby conserving potable water) to keep your lovely plants (those fabulous little oxygen-makers) hydrated? Adding Petal Drops ($6) to the top of... [More]

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Module Vase

Desperate to cheer up your desk or your breakfast table? The last thing you need is another mug, and those gleeful/sarcastic postcards and prints aren't helping anything. Instead, treat yourself to this very, very happy Module Vase from Canadian maker Constructive. (Just look under "Flower... [More]

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birdgewater chime-s.JPG

Bridgewater Lotus Wind Chime

Goose Rocks Designs cuts their glass chimes with love and care, and it shows. The whimsical flower design of the Bridgewater Lotus Wind Chime ($83) eases our mind. We don't need a calm pond in our Asian-inspired garden - this pretty drifter will do just... [More]

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AirPlant Pod

Everybody's got those topsy turvy tomato gardens hanging from their patios, but you've got something much cooler. You've got a Hanging AirPlant Pod ($32) chillin' in your living room. Sure, it doesn't produce fruit, but an airplant can basically survive on, you guessed it, air!... [More]

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Apartment Feeder

Just because we're big city girls doesn't mean we don't have a part of us that misses the great outdoors. We're being kind to our feathered friends even though we don't have a backyard or a tree within sight by hanging Pigeon Toe Ceramics Apartment... [More]

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