Birdhouse Ball

The Birdhouse Ball ($26) is so summery, it's on sale. Woot. Because we need another bright bird shelter hanging around. Ok, we don't, but you might.... [More]

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Skeleton Yard Flamingos

Sure, these skeletal lawn flamingos ($16 for 2) aren't going to scare your guests. They aren't going to scare your trick-or-treaters. But they will terrify your homeowner's association.... [More]

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Laurel Denise Life Whispers Bud Vase

As the days get shorter and the air gets colder, we need extra positive affirmations in our lives. It totally sucks when you walk into the office in the morning before the sun is up and leave at night after it has already set. We... [More]

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Boskke Sky Planter

We urban dwellers love the idea of growing our own plants and gardens, but come to halting screech when we're faced with the idea of loading our patios with ugly plastic topsy turvys. We might as well use toilets as patio furniture. When we discovered... [More]

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Z Gallerie Onda Vase

Honey, I got you these flowers because their delicate beauty reflects how exquisite I think you are. And then, because I am a thoughtful and caring provider, I bought you this Onda Vase ($30). Its many facets are a testament to the many facets of... [More]

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Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum)

If you're going to garden, we don't see why you should grow the same plants everybody else grows. After all, your neighbor's daylilies always look better than yours anyway, and someone you don't even know already leaves guerrilla zucchini on your front porch. Instead, we... [More]

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Chia Herb Garden

Far beyond the Chia Pet that looked like our high school English teacher, the Chia Herb Garden ($16) is just in time for 'more herbs, less salt day.' We think a nice little herb garden in your window is a good way to honor it,... [More]

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Green Stoneware Compost Crock

Next time the Martha Stewart in you comes out for a visit, be sure to save the scraps from your homemade vegetable lasagna in this adorable Green Stoneware Compost Crock ($30). Designed with a filter to protect against the terrorist grade smells old potato peels... [More]

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Good Hope Glazed Ceramic Planter

Okay, sizewise it's really more a flowerpot than a planter, but that's okay. Get a cute houseplant, put it into this Good Hope glazed ceramic planter ($6), and see it talking to it makes you both happy.... [More]

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Pocketo A-frame Plant Hanger

The description for this Pocketo A-frame Plant Hanger ($78) talks a lot about Post-War American architecture which, to be honest, we just kinda skimmed. To us, this cute hanger looks like it's a swing holding your favorite indoor plant. We're going to put ours next... [More]

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Qualicum Garden Deckchair

It'd be nice if we could say we've got a lovely garden in which to place this Qualicum Garden Deckchair ($300) by Gallant and Jones. A garden full of bright pink peonies and big, pudgy bumblebees buzzing around lazily. But that would require us to... [More]

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Skel-A-Gnome Man Garden Sculpture

The most clever way to display the Skel-A-Gnome garden sculpture ($40) is to put on a stealthy disguise, slip out to your front yard, and switch out your regular gnome for this one at sunset. Or, you could just confirm your neighbors' suspicions that... [More]

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Male & Female Bust Vases

Who needs that tired old clay number for your potted friends? Not us. Especially when we have the Male & Female Bust Vases ($300) for more suitable housing. These ceramic vases are just the trick to update our outdoor dining or patio, and maybe they'll... [More]

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modern birdfeeder-s.jpg

Studio Liscious Canopy Bird-feeder

Unhappy hipsters will love watching birds get trapped in the rain under the shelter of the cooly contemporary Studio Liscious Canopy Bird-feeder ($52). Friggin' yuppies.... [More]

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Flowers in a Can

Good lord, why would we waste our time planting a garden when we can be drinking beer and eating hot dogs? We're just gonna pop the top on these Flowers in a Can ($14), add a little water and be done. Then we're gonna pop... [More]

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Red Envelope Herbes de Provence Growing Kit

We've been watching too many French movies. All we want in life is a sprawling herb garden to drink wine in and watch plants grow while waiting for some sly fox with a trick up his sleeve to sweep us off our feet. On the... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Living Accents Elephant Watering Can

Bring a little luck to your garden this summer by watering your plants and veggies with the Living Accents Elephant Watering Can ($5). If you're anything like us, you're going to need all the help you can get when cultivating your green thumb! What's a... [More]

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Ceramic Love Vase

Since we've got plenty of little wild flowers growing along the edge of our yards, it seems wrong to not cut a few for our dining room table. But wildflowers don't really need to be displayed in our best crystal vase, so we turn to... [More]

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Eno and Normal Studio Plant Label Stakes

It's miraculous enough that we've attempted to plant a little garden. Please don't ask us to remember which plant is which when they're all a little dry and shriveled. We're counting on these Plant Label Stakes ($14) to help us out when the time comes... [More]

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Greenbo Railing/Balcony Planter

Tiny balcony, we have conquered you! The Greenbo Railing/Balcony Planter ($28) lets us add a touch of personality, decor and greenery to our postage-stamp sized outdoor space without taking up any valuable standing room. Next up, learning not to kill what we plant.... [More]

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