Blackbird with Ionantha Plant

Seeing this adorable Blackbird with Ionantha ($33) sitting on our windowsill has us humming one of our favorite Beatles songs. A little morning coffee, a little plant life, and a little McCartney is a great way to start our day!... [More]

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Ethel's Fleur-de-lis Gloves

We like cute garden gloves as much as the next green thumb, but they've gotta be durable, too, because we tend to wait until the very last minute before we tackle weeding our shrubs and garden plots for new spring growth. Ethel's Fleur-de-lis Gloves ($22)... [More]

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Edamame Growing Kit

We spend a fortune at our favorite sushi place just on edamame. But boiling and salting are things we can do at home, right? We've got a few of these Edamame Growing Kits ($16) already set up along our windowsills. Once our leetle plants are... [More]

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Seed Pot Maker

We love starting seedlings, but hate having to run to the hardware store because we ran out of plant pots. With this Seed Pot Maker ($15), we'll be set for our gardening lives. This handy little tool helps you make your own totally biodegradable pots... [More]

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Layered Earth Pot

The Layered Earth Pot ($16) makes us think of twirling in a ruffled skirt. While we don't advise spinning this pot around, we do advise filling it with bright flowers, or a nearly-impossible-to-kill Chinese evergreen.... [More]

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Forest City Models and Patterns Ltd. Tumbling Composter

Spring has fully sprung and we are champing at the bit to plant our vegetable garden. Thank goodness we've been churning up our organic waste in our Forest City Models and Patterns Ltd. Tumbling Composter ($100). It fits right next to our gardening shed makeshift... [More]

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Achla Dainty Copper Watering Can

So what if a green plastic watering can costs five bucks and using a cup to water your plants is free... This Achla Dainty Copper Watering Can ($60) is about a thousand times more posh than a plastic watering vessel. Plus, plants that are loved... [More]

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Tajika Flower Shear

Why would you want to use an ordinary pair of kitchen scissors when snipping blossoms from your personal cutting garden (aka the neighbor's yard)? Just think of how picturesque you'll look using the Tajika Flower Shear ($70). The handcrafted shape is so unusual, your neighbor... [More]

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Dot Pots

Made to biodegrade, so they won't hinder growth, Dot Pots ($15) are a gardener's dream come true. They're perfect for jump-starting fragile buds during cold weather - once the plants are strong enough to go outside, you can embed them container and all. And they're... [More]

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Aquastar Watering Can

Don't hide this one under the sink: the Aquastar Watering Can ($49) is so well-designed, you'll want to keep it in plain sight. This will have the beneficial side effect of making it far more likely you'll remember to water your houseplants instead of ignoring... [More]

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Culinary Salsa Growing Kit

Sure, it takes a bit more time than popping out to the 7-Eleven - but think how much more rewarding it will be when you successfully grow your own salsa! This Culinary Salsa Growing Kit ($70) includes seeds for tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, and cilantro -... [More]

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PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor

With the PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor ($35) you have absolutely no excuse for killing off your houseplants. Yet. Again. If you do manage to destroy yet another azalea despite the sensor warnings for hydration and soil nutrients, we will officially grant you an award... [More]

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Growing Wishes Organic Herb Garden

Wish you had some fresh dill to flavor your steamed carrots? (Seriously, try that, it's delicious!) The Growing Wishes Organic Herb Garden ($18) can grant that desire! So maybe it can't grow the money tree you've been dreaming about, but it can grow fragrant organic... [More]

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Jubilee Garden Gloves

As much as our husband loves our obsession with gardening (and the gorgeous yard that comes with it) we're pretty sure he doesn't love the scratchy, tough hands that sometimes come with our labor of love. These pretty Jubilee Garden Gloves ($20) keep our hands... [More]

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Carrot Stakes

Forgot which mound of leaves was the tarragon and which was the sage? Keep your garden organized with these cool Carrot Stakes ($15). The set comes with six stakes and a permanent marker: just right for an herb garden.... [More]

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Mason Bee House

Normally we'd thinking having more bees in our backyard is a bad thing. They smell fear, you know! But the Mason Bee House ($17) attracts non-stinging mason bees to pollinate your yard. Aside from the benefits of having hard-working mason bees to keep your garden... [More]

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M Brace Planter Box Brace

When we were living with our in-laws we built some amazing raised planter boxes, and although they looked impressive and were super durable, they were pretty intense to assemble. Pretty intense as in "It's hot as hell and I want to die - are we... [More]

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Doubtblush: Wearable Planter Bike Planter

We found this. We couldn't believe it was real - that people would pay cash money for it when they could instead spend that on food or something awesome. But it IS real, and people DO buy it. There are just some things we'll never... [More]

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Heirloom Seed Collection

We know you're thinking 'keep your mittens on, crazy lady' but it's almost time to trade in your winter mitts for gardening gloves. (yeay!) By the looks of the poor confused blossoming trees on our street it's time to think about your spring and summer... [More]

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Deluxe Light Push Reel Mower

If we ever get into a house in California we have a feeling we'll end up with a 10'x10' backyard. There's no sense in spending the big bucks on a fancy lawn mower. We're gonna pick up one of these awesome Deluxe Light Push Reel... [More]

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