Hanging Rattan Chair

We love the idea of whiling away a summer afternoon on the porch swing. But that whiling gets a little less fun when an annoying relative/roommate/houseguest decides to plop down next to you. Make sure your break time stays yours alone by sitting in this... [More]

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Pink Lawn Flamingo

This Pink Lawn Flamingo ($23) proves that some kitschy items are worth shelling out for. Stick a few in your front lawn just to bug the HOA, and stick a few in the back to scare critters away from your tomato plants!... [More]

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City Critters Housewarming Kit

Moving into a new abode? Bring the City Critters Housewarming Kit ($20, on sale) with you. Each bag contains plenty of wild critter food - from seed bombs that grow into sweet clover and wildflowers to birdseed and acorns (maybe the acorns will keep the... [More]

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Ice Cream Truck with Cups

Damn that ice cream man! The little ditty he plays from his truck gets you every time! Resist, and scoop a bit of Breyers Butter Pecan into a colorful cup from the Ice Cream Truck with Cups set ($13). The set comes with twelve pretty... [More]

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Bamboo Compost Pail

Composting is a messy business, but good on you for giving it a go! The Bamboo Compost Pail ($40) houses up to a gallon of food waste and compost items and looks good as it sits out on your kitchen counter. Bamboo is a natural... [More]

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BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill

Aha! Now you don't have to let your lack of a patio or yard stop you from partaking in one of summer's best activities! The BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill ($76) attaches right to your balcony's guardrail so you can barbecue whenever. Plus, its streamlined design... [More]

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Alite x Free People Tent

While the super-stylish Alite x Free People Tent ($168) says it fits two people, we should warn you: two people is a tight fit. You better make sure the second person is someone you really like! Ahh, the romance of camping: insect repellent as eau... [More]

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Loomed Palmae Food Cover

We suppose we haven't seen the platter of cupcakes you're going to bake for your next outdoor party, but we can only assume that they rival the Loomed Palmae Food Cover ($48) in beauty. Thankfully, the fiber and wire mesh cover will keep your sweet... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Pink Candyfloss Paper Plates

Buying paper products for your outdoor shindig doesn't mean you have to compromise on aesthetics. Shop Sweet Lulu sells some pretty sleek-looking picnic items. These Pink Candyfloss Paper Plates ($6 for a pack of twelve) are as cute as they are cheap. Plus, there are... [More]

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FoodMap Container

It's hard to see gorgeous gardens and then head back to a shoebox apartment. While the utilitarian FoodMap Container ($149, on sale) isn't going to help you create a sprawling expanse of herbs and flowers, it will help you grow a few things in your... [More]

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Woven Beach Mat

The classiest spot on the beach isn't one of those plastic chaise lounge rentals: it's wherever you throw down this Woven Beach Mat ($168) from Terrain. This beautifully woven piece in natural, hand-dyed grass gives your piece of sand an enviable upgrade. And since it... [More]

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Bird House with Side Terrace

How fair is it that a bird has a more modern, more stylish house than you do - and to add insult to injury, you have to pay for them both! If your backyard neighbors are accustomed to the finer things in life, give them... [More]

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Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

Usually, after a full bottle of wine, any music we make sounds waaay better in our inebriated heads than it does IRL. But the Wine Bottle Wind Chimes ($35) by Groovy Green Glass actually create pleasant clinking sounds when the wind rocks them. Maybe we'll... [More]

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One-Way-Mirror Birdfeeder

We like to think of this One-Way-Mirror Birdfeeder ($30) as a cat torture device. Suction cups easily affix it to the outside of your feline's favorite perch, and the one-way mirror means that hungry finches won't be deterred from snacking by the presence of a... [More]

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Star Spangled Spatula

We dub thee Grillmaster! (Grillmistress?) Take your scepter/Star Spangled Spatula ($65) from Areaware and toss a bunch of yummy stuff onto the grill. The American flag design makes this an ideal Memorial- and Independence-Day burger flipper. No word on whether there's a Canadian equivalent for... [More]

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Floral Brights Garden Watering Can

The Floral Brights Garden Watering Can ($22) from Boston Warehouse - because even if your green thumb turns out to be kinda black, your garden will still be home to flora.... [More]

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Meow Meow Tweet Camper's Kit

How's your summer adventure list coming along? If a few camping trips have made it onto the schedule, make sure you start preparing! A Camper's Kit ($47) from Meow Meow Tweet will help prevent bug problems. Suds up with the citronella soap, spray on the... [More]

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Kate Spade Picnic Blanket

Summer is almost upon us! Dust off your picnic stuff, grab a Kate Spade Picnic Blanket ($28), and head to the park. Chances are you're one of many with the same alfresco idea. Smartie that you are, you'll make your blanket keep your spot staked... [More]

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Disc Chimes

These porcelain Disc Chimes ($44-70) don't chime in the breeze so much as clink together pleasantly. The subdued sound and minimalist design make them an ideal option for those of us who have nearby neighbors. No one can complain about the gaudy wind chimes making... [More]

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Wallter Outdoor Wall Planter

When you're short on acreage for a garden, grow one on your walls, deck rail, or fence. Each Wallter Outdoor Wall Planter ($72) has enough space for herbs, edible greens, annuals, or other small to medium-sized greenery. Attaching a few colored pots filled with flora... [More]

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