Hello White Doormat

If doors could talk, they'd probably have a lot more to say than "hello." They're not privy to quite as much as walls, but we're guessing they'd have at least some juicy gossip to relay to your friends when they come to your house. Hello... [More]

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I Hope You Brought Beer Mat

The I Hope You Brought Beer Mat ($13) is funny and honest...but is it rude? We don't think so. What's rude is when we don't let you in because you're empty-handed.... [More]

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Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder

Big or small, courageous or timid, we all just want a place to rest our fanny while we eat our corn. The Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder ($20) proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that animals doing people things are funny, as if anyone ever... [More]

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Zombie Garden Stakes

The dead...they're aliiiivvve! Actually, they're steel stakes cut to real human appendage proportions in order to creep out the neighborhood kids. No one's stealing your pumpkins this year, thankyouverymuch! Zombie Garden Stakes ($36) from Dark Horse Garage... [More]

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Coiled Hose Garden Storage

You probably decided long ago that there is no nice way to store a garden hose. However neatly coiled it might be at the beginning of the summer, by the time autumn rolls around, it's kinked into an unsightly pile with dead grass and an... [More]

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Tauba Copper Mail Box

In the Digital Age, getting an actual, physical piece of mail that didn't come from a car dealership, credit card company, or grocery store is a real treat. Why not make it even more special by giving it a chic receptacle? This Tauba Copper Mail... [More]

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Emmet Sofa

Hold up, we know this looks like the world's least comfortable sofa, but the Emmet Sofa ($699) is intended for outdoor use. Now it looks pretty cushy compared to that splintery patio railing you've been leaning against, right?... [More]

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Portofino Pavilion

Wowza, don't you just want to pitch the Portofino Pavilion ($699), a Z Gallerie exclusive, and throw a big classy bash? We could even see this serving as a small cocktail tent or a bridal dressing station for an outdoor wedding. Just think of the... [More]

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No Soliciting Sign

...because we hate needless interruptions, but Girl Scouts can do no wrong. No Soliciting Sign ($36)... [More]

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Solstice Aqua Sofa

Inner tubes are for people who aren't trying hard enough to relax. If you want to do nothing, but more so, pick up the Solstice Aqua Sofa ($141), a water-safe mini-couch. We're all just biding time until that waterproof plasma display comes out.... [More]

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Portable Sun Dial

Keep track of the time when you're well outside of cell tower range with this Portable Sun Dial ($11). Just calibrate it with the built-in calendar, align it, and it'll help you determine whether you've got enough time to hit that next summit, or whether... [More]

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CGear Sand-Free Rug

Sometimes sand is fun, but for the most part we prefer to appreciate it from a distance - which goes double when it's kicked onto our beach towels! The CGear Sand-Free Rug ($45-75) is an all-purpose mat with special materials designed to resist dirt, dust,... [More]

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Classic Cedar Tree Swing

Were you deprived of a backyard tree house when you were growing up? What's that?! Not even a tire swing? Take matters into your own hands with this free hanging cedar tree swing ($85). Attach it to any sturdy branch and finally make your childhood... [More]

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Norm Fire Bucket

Bring that campfire along wherever your travels take you with this Norm Fire Bucket ($60). That is, as long as your travels don't take you someplace where carrying around a stainless steel bucket full of flammable oil will get you into trouble.... [More]

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Hedgehog Boot Cleaner

Cold, muddy days are coming, and your floors are probably already anticipating long months of getting muck tracked all over them. That is, unless you stick this Hedgehog Boot Cleaner ($59) by your door. This prickly, solid little fellow adorably invites your guests and tough-to-train... [More]

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SerpentSea Morgan Mat

Searching for a doormat? The colorful Morgan mat ($249) from SerpentSea is ideal if you have a penchant for rope. So consider this front door decor if you fit into any of the following categories: Sea(wo)man Magician '70s macramé aficionado Cowpoke... [More]

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Apartment Sweet Apartment Mat

A home is still a home, even when it's in an apartment complex. Still, for those of you who like to distinguish, the Apartment Sweet Apartment Mat ($24) will certainly up the curb hallway appeal of your humble digs.... [More]

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arc Bird Feeder

What better way to entice the birds into your yard than by hanging the arc Bird Feeder ($75) from Revolution Design House? They'll ditch the feeder across the street when they catch sight of this veneer and acrylic beauty.... [More]

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Waxed Canvas & White Ash Travel Chair

Forget sitting on a partially flat rock or a decomposing log bench as you gobble down campfire s'mores. Reclining in this Waxed Canvas & White Ash Travel Chair ($98) will feel downright luxurious after a long day's hike. Not the roughing-it type? Tote the chair... [More]

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Seedling Doormat

Wipe off your garden shoes on the Seedling Doormat ($29) before stepping into your abode. It'll keep your floors free of mud while adding a little color and style to your utilitarian entryway.... [More]

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