Texas Irons Steak Heart Branding Iron

Nothing says love like a branded piece of meat. The Texas Irons Steak Heart Branding Iron ($25) creates a charred heart design on your steaks and other grilled treats. The epitome of a romantic dinner!... [More]

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Oh how we love when gadgets and food combine! The iGrill ($99) is not your ordinary cooking thermometer - it's equipped with Bluetooth® technology to turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into your own personal grilling master. Touch screen, wireless, 200 foot+ range, multi-probe... [More]

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White Heaven Armchair

One of us here at Outblush dragged her hubby to look for simple patio furniture this weekend. We're not going to mention what she promised him for going along with her on this particular shopping expedition, but let's just say that he was happy to... [More]

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Shovel Master

One day of shoveling under your belt, and you're already begging for mercy? The Shovel Master ($25) will help this not-so-pleasant snowy task. This easy-to-install add-on handle takes your otherwise back-breaking shovel and turns it into a snow-throwing master. Dual handles allow your arms to... [More]

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The 13 MPH Cooler

Ever found yourself in a parking lot, tailgaiting, and in need of a speedy escape? Just in case that improbable situation were to occur, The 13 MPH Cooler ($500) is your only choice! This three-wheeled cooler with 500-watt electric motor, propels your drunken in a... [More]

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Meatball Grill Basket

Cold weather is NO excuse for giving up the grill ladies. Throw on your heavy coat, a hat, some mittens and get your meat on with the Meatball Grill Basket ($50). Meatballs are no easy task and this little wonder makes perfectly shaped balls, a... [More]

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Video Spy Pen

We're not sure if this one fascinates or frightens us, so we thought we'd show you and let you make up your own mind. The Video Spy Pen ($80) is the size of a regular pen (in fact, it can be used as a regular... [More]

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Bonfi Storage Chair

The Bonfi Storage Chair ($75) has it ALL! You need a cooler? Check. You need a table? Check. You need a seat or storage container? Check and check. Perfect for the beach, deck, campfire or tailgate, this little wonder holds your wares, insulates them, features... [More]

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Hunter Outdoor Pedestal Fan

If you're craving more of an atmosphere in your outdoor space, consider adding something like this Hunter Outdoor Pedestal Fan ($359). It's pricey, but it's also gorgeous, and it could be the start of the transformation of your exterior haven.... [More]

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Eho Outdoor Bar Set

Outdoor space feels like such a luxury. Why not play it up with the Eho Outdoor Bar Set ($1,895)? It would be perfect for entertaining, perfect for feeling like you're sitting next to the crashing waves, even if you're living in Oklahoma City.... [More]

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Fabric Lanterns

Add some whimsy to your Autumn outdoor gathering with these delightful Fabric Lanterns ($35-43). These lanterns made of 100% cotton are inspired by the crystal clear night skies of Bali. Batik polka dots on brown, green and sky blue are available on mosque or bell... [More]

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Prairie Campfire

Is it just us, or every time you go camping, do the menfolk get in a deep conversation about the best way to lay the wood for a campfire? Solve the debate once and for all (and, more importantly, stop expending mental energy when you... [More]

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Palmetto All-Weather Wicker Daybed

Some of us live in postage-stamp-size apartments in the city, so maybe it's natural that we fantasize about having an outdoor area where we can rock the Palmetto All-Weather Wicker Daybed ($1,999). It brings to mind cool summer breezes and afternoons of doing nothing but... [More]

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Maya Patio Lounge

Warm drink, good book, comfy throw....and this Patio Lounge ($199). We can just picture sinking down into this chair and taking a little time to rejuvenate. Hmmmm..... Wondering if there are other Lounge Chair options out there for you?... [More]

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Dedon Outdoor Chaise Lounge

Why is the song If I Were a Rich Man running around our heads? Oh yeah, probably because this Chaise Lounge ($5,200) by Dedon cost more than some of us spent on our first car (or 2nd...or 3rd ). Still, other than the obscene price... [More]

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Wheel Barrow Bench

At first we looked at this Barrow Bench ($Inquire) by Rogier Martens and thought, "Good Lord, that is one ugly contraption; nothing more than a simple garden bench with a wheel barrow wheel attached to one end." As so often happens, though, upon further reflection... [More]

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Classic Address Plaque

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home." Dang, you just can't take the Kansas out of some of us. Kansan or not, there is no other place on the planet that feels as "right" as your own home." This Address Plaque ($99)... [More]

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I Am Not Your Doormat

Good for: 1) Scaring away reeeeally overenthusiastic door-to-door salesmen and proselytizers. 2) When your scumbag of an ex comes back to beg your forgiveness again. 3) Cleaning your shoes off - it is, after all, made from recycled truck tires with nylon flocking. Rebecca Chitty's... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Beach Blankets for Jaimie

Says Jaimie: "So I am beach bound in a week, and I am looking for a big beach blanket or oversized beach towel to keep me nice and comfy and sand free! I knew if anyone could help me with my search it would be... [More]


Fermob 1900 Hanging Armchair

Swing life away in the gorgeous Fermob 1900 Hanging Chair ($559). Inspired by turn of the century French bistro decor, this nostalgic piece is perfection in your outdoor garden sanctuary. With a modern color and touch, these weather and UV-resistant pieces are forged by hand... [More]

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