Set up a handy-dandy side table anywhere you park your lawn chair. Available in five colors, the Pintable ($150) is basically a giant pushpin, and we can't figure out why no one's ever thought of this before. Now, your box bottle of wine and Solo... [More]

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Multi-Color Float-Rope Doormat

Want a doormat that will stand up to all the mud you can throw at it and come back shining after little more than a perfunctory hose-down? Buy this Multi-Color Float-Rope Doormat ($95). We have personally seen how the tough-as-nails ropes these are made of... [More]

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Please Don't Leave Rug

Some of us are crotchety enough to not want people to enter our apartment hidey-holes, especially on nights when we're ready to settle in with popcorn and Downton. But we do acknowledge that there are those of you who love company, even enough to put... [More]

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SEED Sign Triple Birdhouse

Would you set up camp in a run-down prefab just because someone stuck it in your yard? We didn't think so. Birds have taste, too, which is why we'll be offering them deluxe accommodations in the form of this SEED Sign Triple Birdhouse ($250). It's... [More]

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Moustache Door Mat

Is the current moustache obsession a form of sympathetic magic? Think of Halloween, when everybody dresses up like demons to keep actual demons from showing up. If you keep enough moustache paraphernalia around the house, like this Moustache Door Mat ($39), perhaps it will help... [More]

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Seed Ball Bird Ornament

Your feathered friends deserve a little holiday treat as well. Hang a few of these seed ball ornaments ($4) on one of your trees outside, and you can enjoy watching the birds happily peck them to pieces over the next few weeks.... [More]

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Ice Lantern Kit

Fancying up the house and yard doesn't have to be a Christmas-only affair. As far as we're concerned, Festivus lasts for as long as the snow keeps falling. After all, we've got to stave off that cabin-fever-induced depression somehow. So we'll be brightening up our... [More]

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Dishes of Desire Bird Feeders

How will these elegantly designed Dishes of Desire Bird Feeders ($115 - $190) look with big, fat gray squirrels hanging off of them, spilling all that perfectly arranged bird fodder onto the ground? Inevitably, we'll find out.... [More]

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There is only one thing on our wish list this year, and it's the HotTug ($14,875). It's a hot tub... that floats. Coolest. Idea. Ever.... [More]

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Old Time Weather Stick

Where else but in Maine would you find a scrawny twig capable of predicting the weather? Down East wisdom says that when this Old Time Weather Stick ($8) is bending down, there are foul winds ahead. Curving up, and it might be a good day... [More]

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TARDIS Doormat

Though, sadly, unable to bend the laws of space and time. TARDIS Doormat ($50) by Damn Good Doormats... [More]

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Gerber Apocalypse Kit

While we're not advocating that you ready yourself for apocalyptic situations by going all Doomsday Preppers, we do think investing in some quality outdoor gear is worthwhile. The Gerber Apocalypse Kit ($349) contains seven must-have survival tools, including a camp axe and a buncha cool-looking... [More]

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Jade Dipped Birdhouse

Keep the chickadees in your neighborhood comfy this winter by hanging a Jade Dipped Birdhouse ($46) by Rossella Manzini in your front yard. If you'd prefer to reach a wider bird population, we're sure you can use it as a feeder instead. Add a handful... [More]

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Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder

Want to know what an exercise in futility feels like? Put up a bird feeder and attempt to keep the squirrels out of it. Or just give in to the inevitable and buy this Adirondack Chair Squirrel Feeder ($16). Then, at least, when they get... [More]

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Propane Gauge

Nothing kills a barbecue faster than running out of fuel. With this Propane Gauge ($25), you'll have a far more precise idea of what you've got left than you'd get from sloshing the tank around and pretending like you have any idea what "almost empty"... [More]

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Dog Statement Lawn Marker Sign

You don't need to be retired to start adding kitschy signs to your front lawn. The Dog Statement Lawn Marker Sign ($49) will remind passersby that your dog may be a sweetheart, but you can be a little volatile if you have to deal with... [More]

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Jean Paul Gaultier Guy de Jean Striped Long Umbrella

You may think an umbrella is just an umbrella. But only until you get the Jean Paul Gaultier Guy de Jean Striped Long Umbrella ($75) in the mail, open it, and look around you to see all the French boys eyeballing your je ne sais... [More]

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Galvanized Trug

We'd never even heard the word Trug ($30) before we saw this one, but as with most shiny things, we know we want one. It's intended for outdoor use, to place your freshly harvested veggies in while you continue tending your garden with your two... [More]

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Full Moon Party Copper Fire Dome

Our special mushroom-tea-drinking days may be long behind us, but we still like to try to get in touch with our psychedelic side every once in a while. We're pretty sure we could zone ourselves out to someplace interesting with nothing more than this Full... [More]

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Moistly Grilled Smoking Platform

Love the flavor of smoked meat, but can't be bothered with the vagaries of charcoal grilling? This Moistly Grilled Smoking Platform ($50) is just the lazy ticket. Fill the drawer with soaked wood chips and water, stock, or other flavorings, and it'll infuse your meat... [More]

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