Hala Monolith Wine Rack

You may have a Pinterest board dedicated to your ideal wine cellar, but we're fairly certain it's still in the dream stage. Until you win the lotto and build a winding staircase into the humidity-controlled underbelly of your new mansion, store your midshelf varieties on... [More]

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Mantel Dome Clock

Please don't touch the clock - that's why it's behind glass! This Mantel Dome Clock ($170) is so modern it hasn't even happened yet. With an original, artistic design and a black-and-white color scheme spiked with a red second hand, this clock will turn your... [More]

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iCat Earphone Jack Cover

Don't be distracted by the anatomical correctness of the iCat ($23). Instead, by distracted by how cute and adorable these are sitting atop your iPhone. While it may be okay to share a secret or two with your phone kitty, don't introduce your coworkers to... [More]

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Poppin Aqua Stapler

Staplers don't need to be boring. Nor do they need to represent our war against The Man. They do, however, need to adequately fasten our papers together with staples, and it helps if they look good while doing so. Poppin's Aqua Stapler ($14) has the... [More]

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Not only are we a bit unsure how to pronounce it, we're not entirely sure what we'll do with it. But neither of those facts are stopping us from wanting a Queuger ($16). This flexy, bendy piece of elastomer has an aluminum core, so it'll... [More]

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Cozy Heatable Plush Polar Bear

Stuffed animals bring warmth, that's the idea, isn't it? Now, the masters of plush at Intelex are taking that to the next level. The Cozy Heatable Plush Polar Bear ($15) contains a lavender-scented millet bag that retains heat for up to two hours. Just stick... [More]

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Wine for two? If you're getting romantic this Valentine's day, prepare your romance juice ahead of time. The VinoCaddy ($20) is a simple wooden block with holes for two glasses and a bottle. Balance the trio in the caddy before dinner so that when your... [More]

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Hello Kitty Mirror iPhone Case

How do we put this gently? It's come to our attention that maybe - just maybe - your iPhone doesn't sparkle enough. And, to be frank, it could use more Hello Kitty. Luckily, you can fix both these problems with the Hello Kitty Mirror iPhone... [More]

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Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount

Whether you're in the kitchen watching Giada whip up the latest and greatest delicious meal or in your bathroom trying to keep up with the perfect shadow tutorial, having a place to stash your iPad will make following those steps easier. Not only does this... [More]

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Cigar Box Speakers

You waffled about whether those sparkly glitter flats were worth the cash. Now they're gone. You hemmed and hawed over the value of that adorable pair of mittens, and when you finally made up your mind, they'd said hasta la vista. Don't make the same... [More]

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ivee Digit Alarm Clock

Siri has spoiled us. We now expect all of our electronic devices to answer when we start chatting with them. We've tried shouting at the washing machine, gossiping with the toaster, and insulting the hair dryer, all to no avail. But this ivee Digit Alarm... [More]

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BH Home Scent System

Some family member's wussy allergies mean you're stuck with a fake tree? At least you can still make your house smell like it's home to the real thing, thanks to this BH Home Scent System ($250). With a built-in motion detector, you can set this... [More]

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Ninjago Garmadon LEGO Flashlight

Know a kid who's afraid of the dark? Pick them up this Ninjago Garmadon LEGO Flashlight ($25), and tell them it has magic monster-removing powers. Think it'd be better to just inform them that bed goblins and closet trolls are mythical? We've only got one... [More]

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Fenix E05 LED Flashlight

Everyone assumes that, come the zombie apocalypse, the first thing you're gonna want to grab is a weapon. We maintain that you'll want to keep the lipstick-sized but powerful Fenix E05 LED Flashlight ($20, on sale) within arm's reach. You can't defend yourself if you... [More]

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USB Power Strip

We've been collecting electronic devices like our great-uncle picks up dates at the nursing home cocktail hour. It's getting hard to find a place to plug in our hair dryer. It's time to get efficient. This USB Power Strip ($6) makes it a breeze to... [More]

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Bottle Screws

News flash: it is not necessary for you to polish off that entire bottle of wine just because you opened it. Plug it up with one of these Bottle Screws ($14), and it'll keep just fine for another day or two. Your liver and your... [More]

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Shorty Boston Terrier Jelly iPad Case

Life can be ruff for an iPad. Hire Shorty the Boston Terrier ($58) to act as guard dog for your precious baby. The silicone case protects your cherished tablet while simultaneously boosting the cute factor by eleventybillion.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Sony Universal Kids TV Remote Control

It's not okay to tell your kids to shut the hell up on Saturday morning while you nurse a Friday-evening-induced hangover. But it is okay to strategically lay out the Sony Universal Kids TV Remote Control ($10) and a box of cereal on the coffee... [More]

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AeroBed PakMat

This is going to live in our cars. The comfy AeroBed PakMat ($120) happily rolls up to fit right inside the case of its hand pump. That means it's protected while stored, which means less chance of springing leaks - and that it can be... [More]

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Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

Who says you can't take it with you? With this Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer ($9), you can recap that brew for safe transport back to your home base. It's ideal for those oversized bottles of fine craft beer we're always dying to try but... [More]

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