Kymera Magic Wand

We are not making this up. This is a wand (yes, like magical, hocus-pocus, abracadabra wand) that serves as a universal remote. We know, our minds are boggled too. The Kymera Magic Wand ($81) is motion sensitive and depending on the different swirls, twirls and... [More]

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smokehouse incense burner-s.jpg

Smoke House Incense Burner

This is a front if we've ever seen one. Jan Harman's Smoke House Incense Burner ($35) is a wonderful pun in reference to drug dens everywhere, and it's just plain cute. Cleverly, the miniature chimney actually lets out wisps of pretty smoke when we light... [More]

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Ceramic Bistro Match Strike

We've ditched our candle lighters in favor of this tres charmant Belgian Ceramic Bistro Match Striker. ($125 each, limited edition) These pyrogenes are designed to store and light matches handily, and the vintage container looks so cute on kitchen counters. Much more romantic to light... [More]

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Filigree Cuckoo Clock

@NCImports noticed our recent post on this cute Bricchetto Cuckoo Clock and asked if we'd seen theirs. We have now! Our fave piece on the North Coast Imports website? These unique Filigree Cuckoo Clocks. ($Inquire) Various German designers have created some seriously awesome woodcut patterned... [More]

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Matt Richmond iPhone Horn

Matt Richmond iPhone Horn

San Francisco-based designer Matt Richmond's iPhone Horn ($160-200) reminds us of the Mr. Show sketch "The Last Donut" (just start at 1:20 for the super funny stuff), except he was inspired by the acoustics of a turn-of-the-century Magnavox gramophone, not a mini Victrola. This custom... [More]

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Rabbit Foot Keychain

A rabbit's foot has always been considered good luck and we have always considered ourselves superstitious. That's why this Rabbit Foot Keychain ($45) was a great gift when we received it recently, and it's a cute accessory for our keychains too! Designer Harry Allen created... [More]

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flyswatter or spank toy-s.jpg

Tarmoset's Leather and Birch Flyswatter

Thank you again, A+R for providing us with a tempting danger zone of design. Our favorite find today is Tarmoset's Leather and Birch Flyswatter ($28) for the dirty business of insect murder. A skinny birch shaft gives just the right amount of swish, and the... [More]

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Sasagawa Animal Index Cards

Sasagawa Animal Index Cards

Have you ever wished there was a menagerie of mini-animals living in your bookshelves? Thought so - it's a surprisingly common desire. Thankfully anime impresario Hiroshio Sasagawa has designed a solution, which doesn't involve shrink rays or creepy genetic experimentation. (Although the idea of a... [More]

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AquaGlow Underwater Light Starship

AquaGlow Underwater Light Starship

We're feeling a little like Dana Scully with this AquaGlow Underwater Light Starship ($30), calling the aliens with their colorful signals. The truth is out there, we know because that chip in the back of our necks is twinging. Are those rotating orbits what we... [More]

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nendo speaker-s.jpg

Nendo Music Cage

These Japanese designers at Nendo (Any relation to Nintendo?) have so many tricks up their sleeves. The Music Cage ($Inquire)is a stereo speaker shaped like a beautiful birdcage. For those of us that have an aversion to squawking bird songs, this is the perfect ironic... [More]

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22 oz. White Sports Water Bottle

Want a cute present for your office coworkers or for the members of a club you belong to? These customizable 22 oz. White Sports Water Bottle ($7) are the perfect fit! The easy to grip brightly colored bottle can feature any logo or design whether... [More]

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Five Minute Candles

It's happened countless times: everyone gets together for a birthday celebration and sooner or later, someone wants to set a confection on fire. We don't know about you, but none of our friends stock their cupboards with party candles. Sure, we substitute something, but then... [More]

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gyro fireplace-s.jpg

Gyrofocus Suspended Fireplace

Artsy home decorators, start your swoon engines. The Gyrofocus Suspended Fireplace is a crazy space age rotating piece originally designed by Dominique Imbert in 1968, and it's likely to get fires started in the homes of art collectors living in the hottest climates. It's been... [More]

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Gardener's Supply Company Weather Station

Our inner tech dorkess is loving this simplified tool to measure all things weather. The easy-to-use ">Gardener's Supply Company Weather Station ($50) comes with a Swiss-precision sensor which ensures accuracy and can work with up to three sensors stored at over three hundred feet away.... [More]

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A + R water filter-s.jpg

Ovopur Ceramic Water Filter

Sure, Brita water filters do the conservation trick, but they just remind us a little of dorm life. Ovopur's Ovopur Ceramic Water Filter ($895) is on the far side of high end, and it looks gorgeous from way up here. Like all filters, the Activated... [More]

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Buddha Board-S.jpg

Buddha Board

Get creative, de-stress, or fill some down time by using the portable Buddha Board ($29) for art therapy on-the-go. We don't really understand how this crazy gizmo turns water into invisible ink that disappears as it dries, but we're thankful that our paint stokes are... [More]

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Votivo Deep Clover Candle

Yummy candles can transform a room into a sanctuary or a house into a home. Aromatherapy can transport people to a different place, time, or mood with just a quick light of a match. It is with that that we would like to introduce you... [More]

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Signals Box of Applause

We see this next item as a cry for help, but, hey, it's our cry for help, OK? We're owning it. After a long, hard day at work, and we're not getting much love from the peeps, we just open this beautifully crafted Box of... [More]

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<Mirza Teapot-s.jpg

Mirza Teapot

Makes sense that the French designed this wacky tool of tea-making. The Mirza Teapot ($166) is finely crafted ceramic vessel that is glossy enough to use as a mirror stand-in (emergency lipstick touch-ups), and obviously works like a dream, but we can't help but think... [More]

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World Time Clock

Bitchin' summer trips in the works? Jet-setting divas and pond-hopping business ladies looking for emancipation from globe-trotting tech hang-ups will cherish the World Time Clock ($74), a 12-sided desk clock that shows each of the the 24 Global Time Zones, marked by their two major... [More]

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