Mobile Phone Panel

Mobile Phone Panel

Tired of your phone being damaged when it falls off your desk every other day? Well we found a great little gadget that will protect your precious phone (aka, "your life") from future trauma! The Mobile Phone Panel ($26) is the perfect, anti-slip accessory designed... [More]

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Beaded Drawer Pulls

Living in an apartment doesn't leave you with a whole lot of customized décor options - c'mon, who wants to paint, then repaint every time you move out? A great solution is to replace the hardware in your kitchen or bathroom with these Beaded Drawer... [More]

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Cupola Fireplace

The Cupola Fireplace ($~3000) is completely ventless, with an adjustable bio-ethanol burner that allows you to control the flame size. It mounts just like a flat-screen TV, so you can hang it virtually anywhere. It's perfect for small spaces and apartments. A unique matte finish... [More]

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Shakespeare Schnozzz Tissue Box Cover

Good gentlewoman! I see thou'rt plagued with the ague of the nose, that maketh thee sneeze as if thine enemies laced thine food with too much pepper! Please taketh of me a tissue from mine own Shakespeare Schnozz Tissue Box! ($22) Okay, so we're not... [More]

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Rainbow Blackboard Paint

Need milk at the store, your best friend's birthday present needs to be mailed, Sally's after school program is closing early on Thursday - our lives are full of important little details and it's always nice to have a place to jot them down so... [More]

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make a wish coin tower-s.jpg

Make a Wish Savings Tower

We're all saving up for that aspire Fall fashion item (personally, we're coveting an embellished jacket), and with the Make a Wish Savings Tower ($43) by Pil Bredahl for Menu we can have some fun while counting our change. We'd feel super scientific with the... [More]

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Max Fan Heater

Is it just us, or are space heaters ugly? Maybe we dislike them because subconsciously we're not ready to accept that the temperature has dropped so much we need to use them. However, this Max Fan Heater ($100) is so snappy and stylish that it's... [More]

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Lego Walkie Talkie

Lego Walkie Talkie

Do you know someone who is crazy about Legos? If so, the Lego Walkie Talkie ($28) is the perfect gadget. These petite walkie talkies (sold in a set of 2) with a Lego patterned front work up to a 3000 foot range and include volume... [More]

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Henry Kloss Model One Radio

This Henry Kloss Model One Radio ($150) is such a great one-of-a-kind addition to our bookshelf that we can't get enough of its AM/FM tunes. We admit that we love all the latest tech gadgets, especially the ones that have to do with music, but... [More]

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Life NK Tomato Rhubarb Candle

A tomato rhubarb... candle? It sounds more like some sort of salad Alice Waters would come up with, but we promise you that this Life NK Tomato Rhubarb Candle by Space NK is an exhilarating, cheery scent that extends to every corner of the room... [More]

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apple jacket-s.jpg

Apple Cozy

We've heard of fashion for our pets, but for our fruits? The Apple Cozy ($5) is a senseless decorative solution to fruit bruising. This happy-go-lucky fruit garb is pretty much a non-sequitor that happens to make a perfect gift for a home economics teacher, but... [More]

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usb scent drive-s.jpg

4GB USB Scent Drive

Hold onto your seats (and your noses), ladies... Aromatherapy and after-hours work stresses cancel each other out with the 4GB USB Scent Drive ($50). No, we're not pranking you, this flash drive thing works as a fragrance diffuser when plugged in, so now we have... [More]

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nonstick brownies-s.jpg

Baker's Edge Nonstick Brownie Pan

An undying need for brownies is nothing new, and when we must have a hot brownie fresh from the oven, but can't pry our gooey buddies from the pan, nothing makes us more angry. Well the Nonstick Brownie Pan ($35) by Baker's Edge makes this... [More]

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recycled plastic speakers-s.jpg

NEO Recycled Plastic Speakers

Merkury makes tons of electronic fixings, and their NEO Recycled Plastic Speakers ($9) use pink trees to make them extra cute. Their fold-flat capability make them great for party-time only usage in extra small spaces or for on-the-go stereos. Who says speakers have to be... [More]

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Kymera Magic Wand

We are not making this up. This is a wand (yes, like magical, hocus-pocus, abracadabra wand) that serves as a universal remote. We know, our minds are boggled too. The Kymera Magic Wand ($81) is motion sensitive and depending on the different swirls, twirls and... [More]

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smokehouse incense burner-s.jpg

Smoke House Incense Burner

This is a front if we've ever seen one. Jan Harman's Smoke House Incense Burner ($35) is a wonderful pun in reference to drug dens everywhere, and it's just plain cute. Cleverly, the miniature chimney actually lets out wisps of pretty smoke when we light... [More]

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Ceramic Bistro Match Strike

We've ditched our candle lighters in favor of this tres charmant Belgian Ceramic Bistro Match Striker. ($125 each, limited edition) These pyrogenes are designed to store and light matches handily, and the vintage container looks so cute on kitchen counters. Much more romantic to light... [More]

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Filigree Cuckoo Clock

@NCImports noticed our recent post on this cute Bricchetto Cuckoo Clock and asked if we'd seen theirs. We have now! Our fave piece on the North Coast Imports website? These unique Filigree Cuckoo Clocks. ($Inquire) Various German designers have created some seriously awesome woodcut patterned... [More]

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Matt Richmond iPhone Horn

Matt Richmond iPhone Horn

San Francisco-based designer Matt Richmond's iPhone Horn ($160-200) reminds us of the Mr. Show sketch "The Last Donut" (just start at 1:20 for the super funny stuff), except he was inspired by the acoustics of a turn-of-the-century Magnavox gramophone, not a mini Victrola. This custom... [More]

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Rabbit Foot Keychain

A rabbit's foot has always been considered good luck and we have always considered ourselves superstitious. That's why this Rabbit Foot Keychain ($45) was a great gift when we received it recently, and it's a cute accessory for our keychains too! Designer Harry Allen created... [More]

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