Sanyo Kairo Hand Warmer

As the winter chill really sets in, you can choose to go into suspended animation like an iguana or you can throw on the fashionable sweater Grandma sent you during the holidays. Or you can choose to clutch a warm egg. The Sanyo Kairo Hand... [More]

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Spiffy Speck Covers

Running to catch a cab + texting + 3-inch heels = broken phone. Many an innocent phone or iPod has been lost to circumstances such as this. Sheath your phones, ladies and keep them safe. Check out the stuff at Speck - they have covers... [More]

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Cork Clock

This Cork Clock ($100) from Target cracks us up. Don't we all have a friend that this is totally perfect for? Or maybe that person is you, Miss Always 15 Minutes Late. We know that it's rude to keep people waiting when you have plans,... [More]

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Urbanears Plattan Headphones

Bump up the bass on your set of Urbanears Plattan Headphones ($60). These come in pretty much any color of the rainbow and then some. We've got an interesting taupe color but secretly wish we had the guts to grab the hot pink. These seem... [More]

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Cloisonné Lantana Knob

Our favorite flower around here isn't the rose, the sunflower, the calla lily, or even that gigantic thing that blooms once every eighty years or so and smells like rotting meat. It's the colorful, weedy lantana, and the lantana gets no love. Except, somehow, for... [More]

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bamboo clock-s.jpg

Green Bamboo Petals Clock

Maybe it's just us, but the Green Bamboo Clock ($69) reminds us of an ice skating rink. The layered white lacquer is supposed to look like flower petals, but we see an ice skate trajectory. Seasonal thinking, we suppose. In any case, the retro shape,... [More]

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Cole Haan Hand-Stained Pebble Grain Leather Kindle Cover

Who's got a kindle that needs a little lovin'? Nothing says luxe like this Cole Haan Hand-Stained Pebble Grain Leather Kindle Cover ($100) to keep your kindle warm at night. The gorgeous leather will last a lifetime and will protect your favorite e-book from those... [More]

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Black Lotus Wall Clock

Small space? Nuevo Living's Black Lotus Wall Clock ($169) doubles as art and a functional timekeeper. Open, airy, and modern, the concentric open latticework design is a zen take on George Nelson's iconic sunflower design. And that will have your 60's mod fan friends nodding... [More]

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AIAIAI Pipe Earphones

Blaring our iPod really helps us cope with our morning commute. Oddly enough, that tiny bit of music therapy helps us wake up and get into work mode. These AIAIAI Pipe Earphones ($52) give us crystal clear sound and a piece of mind for under... [More]

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Butterfly Party Tub

How could you resist something as charming as a Galvinized Party Tub ($25) with dainty butterflies stamped into the sides? Well you shouldn't - there are a world of uses for such a tub as this, and you'll be glad to have it around. Didn't... [More]

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Cinemin Swivel

The world is your oyster movie theater if you're toting around this little Cinemin Swivel ($300). This pocket projector attaches to your iPhone or iPod to turn any blank wall into an instant Cinerama. We're looking forward to warmer weather and being able to hold... [More]

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Timbuk2 Hidden Tote

We're not going to tsk tsk you if you're not using reusable grocery bags. We are, however, going to nudge you in the eco-friendly direction by showing you these very adorable, very practical Hidden Totes ($22) from Timbuk2. These bags are far more stylish than... [More]

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Golden Eagle Electronics Porcelain Phone

Sure we're glued to our cell phones when we're out of the house, but we'd never be able to completely transition away from our land line. Land lines, after all, don't get lost, run out of batteries, fade in and out randomly, or stop working... [More]

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Mangekyo Kaleidoscope Projector

The kaleidoscope is a beautiful, relatively simple toy. Yet we are beyond jazzed to discover that is has been made into a beautiful and rather complicated piece of home electronics. The Mangekyo projector ($168) will cast patterns from customizeable rotating plates across your walls and... [More]

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Park Avenue Coasters

Park Avenue Coasters

This one's for all of our New Yorkers! Do you love to stroll along Park Avenue, Madison Avenue, 5th Avenue, York or maybe even Houston? Well then...the Park Avenue Coasters ($25) are the perfect conversation piece! The charming watercolor print by artist Michael Storrings was... [More]

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OMG those embarrassing moments as a kid when your mom licks her thumb and wipes away the shmutz off your cheek will forever be embedded into our memories. Luckily, we can now tote around Momspit ($7), a chemical-free cleaner that's safe for all kinds of... [More]

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usb boardy-s.jpg

Boardy USB-stick

The Boardy USB-stick ($Inquire) is a paper product with electronic capabilities (fire hazard, anyone?). This technological brainchild of two Dutch companies, Hebbuzz and Pit Reclame, unites "durability and modern technology at a very competitive price level." Ehm, it would've helped to list the price, geniuses,... [More]

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Suck UK Bottle Opener/ Fridge Magnet

Does anyone have a bottle opener here? No sweat! Now whenever we hold parties in our home (which is rare we have to admit) we can direct people to our Suck UK Bottle Opener/ Fridge Magnet ($20) that's sticking to the fridge. The handy bottle... [More]

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Henrik Vebskov PC Bag

Designer gear has officially spread itself into just about every category there could ever possibly be. Now a designer computer case is the making waves - geometric ones. The Henrik Vebskov PC Bag ($170) features Vebskov's signature wool and silk geometric pattern in bright and... [More]

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Petal Links Clock

True, it can be hard to tell time on clocks without numbers printed on them, but this Petal Links Modern Wall Clock ($60) is so soothing, we can overlook that crucial detail. The sculpted interlinked circles in pristine white on a bronze link-patterned background provide... [More]

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