Hi-Ya Ninja ZapIt

Who reeeeeally needs the Hi-Ya Ninja Toothbrush Sanitizer ($30)? Most likely no one, but who really wants this wee and tidy Ninja? Probably everyone does...or at least everyone who is a rabid fan of minjas and shurikens. Karate chop your toothbrush into the opening at... [More]

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You Tell Us - Equalizer Pillows

We don't need anyone to point out that these Equalizer Pillows ($25 each) are ridiculous. We know that if we walked into someone's place and saw the couch lighting up with every beat of the no doubt funky music they had on, we'd start giggling... [More]

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Crosley Revolution

One of the things we love about our MP3 players is how compact they are, but they just don't scratch the itch when we want to hear our favorite albums played back on vinyl. Nothing comes close to that sound, and until now, we went... [More]

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Paper Pots

Tissue boxes. Is there a more mundane item? Sure, you can get them in colors or patterns or what have you, but in the end, it's still a cardboard box. Not so with the vase-like Paper Pots ($38). These bulbous little guys unscrew to hold... [More]

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Collapsible Carrier

After spending far too much time finagling cupcakes into disposable lasagna pans, or propping up plastic wrap with toothpicks to keep our frosting pristine, we've finally broken down and bought a cupcake carrier, because we found ::drumroll:: The Ultimate. The Collapsible Cupcake & Cake Carrier... [More]

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Miller High Life Bank

Miller High Life Bank

You too can be livin' the high life one day if you start banking your coins in the Miller High Life Bank ($18)! This oversized bank is shaped like an extra-large Miller High Life bottle. It is topped with a removable cap with a coin... [More]

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Southern Enterprises Craft Cottage Fireplace

For those of us not lucky enough to have our own fireplace, wood-burning or otherwise, we no longer have to sit back and grow increasingly bitter (and cold). We just may invest in this Southern Enterprises Craft Cottage Fireplace ($375) as it claims to be... [More]

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What A Rock!! Paperweight

If you need something to help you relax when work is piling up on your desk, look no further than at this gaze-inducing "What a Rock!!" Paperweight ($16). We could gawk at its marvel for hours, in hopes that one day all the paperwork will... [More]

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Jar Tops

Finally, a use for that peanut butter jar you just licked clean! A+R's set of five Jar Tops ($25) allows you to turn your empty jars into functional containers for other items. You'll reduce waste and un-clutter your cabinets. Besides, sugar is much easier to... [More]

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Trophy Wife and Stud Muffin Mugs

Trophy Wife and Stud Muffin Mugs

We've found the perfect gift for that powerful couple we all envy just a bit! The Trophy Wife and Stud Muffin Mugs ($35) are a sight to behold just like their owners. This pair of mugs will have everyone around talking and they should.... [More]

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Folderix Flash Drive

You use your flash drive to store documents (and the occasional music file or cute puppy picture, but whatever), so it only makes sense that it looks like a folder, right? Right. Folderix ($44) keeps things simple, and we like that.... [More]

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Whale Ashtray

Whale Ashtray

Nautical is always a fun trend for the Spring and Summer seasons, which is why we adore the Whale Ashtray ($16). This fun, little ceramic piece is ideal for storing bar soap, incense or potpourri. Plus it's great for the sailors and wenches that enjoy... [More]

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Cassette Laptop Decal

Give a lil' nod to the old school by slapping a Cassette Laptop Decal ($10) on the cover of your laptop and carting it around like a ghetto blaster with your iTunes on full blast. Just don't be surprised if you get appreciative nods from... [More]

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ladybug speakers-s.jpg

Vestalife Ladybug II Speakers

The cutesy Vestalife Ladybug II Speakers ($100) don't bug us at all because they pack powerful sound in a dainty package. Clever flip-down speaker wings are pumped up by a strong digital amp and a built-in sub woofer for booming club-worthy bass. This stylish compact... [More]

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Sanyo Kairo Hand Warmer

As the winter chill really sets in, you can choose to go into suspended animation like an iguana or you can throw on the fashionable sweater Grandma sent you during the holidays. Or you can choose to clutch a warm egg. The Sanyo Kairo Hand... [More]

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Spiffy Speck Covers

Running to catch a cab + texting + 3-inch heels = broken phone. Many an innocent phone or iPod has been lost to circumstances such as this. Sheath your phones, ladies and keep them safe. Check out the stuff at Speck - they have covers... [More]

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Cork Clock

This Cork Clock ($100) from Target cracks us up. Don't we all have a friend that this is totally perfect for? Or maybe that person is you, Miss Always 15 Minutes Late. We know that it's rude to keep people waiting when you have plans,... [More]

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Urbanears Plattan Headphones

Bump up the bass on your set of Urbanears Plattan Headphones ($60). These come in pretty much any color of the rainbow and then some. We've got an interesting taupe color but secretly wish we had the guts to grab the hot pink. These seem... [More]

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Cloisonné Lantana Knob

Our favorite flower around here isn't the rose, the sunflower, the calla lily, or even that gigantic thing that blooms once every eighty years or so and smells like rotting meat. It's the colorful, weedy lantana, and the lantana gets no love. Except, somehow, for... [More]

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bamboo clock-s.jpg

Green Bamboo Petals Clock

Maybe it's just us, but the Green Bamboo Clock ($69) reminds us of an ice skating rink. The layered white lacquer is supposed to look like flower petals, but we see an ice skate trajectory. Seasonal thinking, we suppose. In any case, the retro shape,... [More]

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