Water Pebble

The Water Pebble ($10) falls into the kinda genius category. Eco freaks rejoice, this palm-sized device hangs out by our shower drain, sizes up our water usage, and whips our conservation skills into shape. Smartypants inventor Paul Priestman programmed flashing lights to let us know... [More]

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penelope phone-s.jpg

Penelope Phone

God, the kids today probably don't even recognize the *bring bring* of an actual telephone, but we're nostalgic for it. Our old-timey cell ring isn't enough - we need the Penelope Phone ($40) for the full effect. We're lovin' the 30s elegance of this, and... [More]

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It'd be fun to hold up our iPad, iPhone, iPod, camera, or other tech device with the hilarious Spiderpodium ($23), but we might freak friends with arachnophobia. Whatever, we're not scared of spiders, especially useful ones. We can arrange the sturdy legs in any position... [More]

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AlcoHAWK Elite

Hey, we're not saying anyone around here is a lush, but how smart is it to have a personal breathalyzer? The AlcoHAWK Elite ($120) will screen your breath for the presence of alcohol and let you know when you've had a little too much. You... [More]

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USB Beverage Chiller & Warmer

Heaven forbid his drink should become warm before he finishes it (although the only way we see that happening is If he runs outside and somehow gets locked out of the house). At the very least, we can pretend to care by giving him this... [More]

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Lattice and Apple Pocket Pie Molds

Things in "wee" form just tend to be cuter, and in the case of the Lattice and Apple Pocket Pie Molds ($17), they also mean less work. These adorable and clever little molds will help you make simple and portable pies for get-togethers or lunches.... [More]

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Remote Control Caddy

We must say, we do not hate this Remote Control Caddy ($129). In fact, it looks so great we might even be tempted to let him control the remote control once in a while.... [More]

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Hunter Fanaway

Our ceiling fan might just be our favorite fixture during the dog days of summer, but when the weather turns cooler, it's just an eyesore. Finally, someone's got it right with the Hunter Fanaway ($559). Sure, it's pricey, but the clear blades are unassuming and,... [More]

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Chef'n Banana Slicer

Imagine all the pb, bacon and banana sandwiches you can make with the Chef'n Banana Slicer ($10). This innovative banana slicer quickly gives you five thin uniform banana slices with every squeeze. You'll feel like The King everyday - without the jumpsuits and death by... [More]

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Bear Bottle Opener

Bear Bottle Opener

Does this mug look all too familiar? We think so....so don't mess with us when it comes to our beer puuuhhhlease! The Bear Bottle Opener ($14) will be appropriate to affix on the wall in your bar or game room. No need to worry, your... [More]

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Game Piece Magnets

First, buy these magnets made out of old game pieces ($4). Second, draw a game board on a big piece of paper and play on the fridge with your roommates.... [More]

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Commanding Coaster Set

Commanding Coaster Set

Let the good times roll when your Commanding Coaster Set ($16) takes charge! Sometimes a set's gotta do what it's gotta do...which is why this set of coasters literally spells it out for you! Set includes six individual coasters and each one is a different... [More]

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iPod Desk Organizer

Look at the photo to your left. If this apparatus does not make you feel slightly queasy, you may be physically equipped to handle cute in small doses. The nice thing is that this desk lamp is both cute and practical. It has a built-in... [More]

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Yamaha Component System

We've never put much thought into whether our electronics match our decor, but now that we've found the Yamaha Micro Component System ($399), we can't imagine it any other way. Available in ten, yes, TEN different colors, this stereo system allows you to wirelessly connect... [More]

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Key Pete

We don't need a man for anything! But we sure do like when we've got one to help out. Key Pete ($13) is our new favorite super-strong beau. His mega-magnet limbs keep him secure on the fridge, hanging out to hold whatever we need.... [More]

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Whale Box

We're going to have to come up with something to keep in this a-freakin-dorable Whale Animal Box ($35), which is fine. We think it's the cat's pajamas (err, the whale's bathrobe??) and we've got until November to figure it out, since this little guy's a... [More]

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High Heel Speakers

These days speakers come in all shapes and sizes, but our current favorites are these Gimme Tunes High Heels Speakers ($30). They come with a standard audio cable and plug into your computer's USB port - so you'll be ready to rock out within seconds.... [More]

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The Wallee

You take your iPad everywhere with you, and prop it up on its stand at a moment's notice for a variety of reasons - reading, movie watching, recipe checking, photo displaying, and so on. How many times have you thought, man, I wish I could... [More]

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lint shaver-s.jpg

Alessi Piripicchio Lint Shaver

Sure, we totally need the Alessi Piripicchio Lint Shaver ($53) to clean up our Fall sweaters before game time. This little green critter eats up lint, fuzzies, and pilly bits like a hungry hungry hippo. Whatever you do, don't confuse this for your blow dryer... [More]

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Kuhn Rikon Squeezable Decorating Kit

Put down the plastic piping bag, wash off your frosting covered hands and pick up the Kuhn Rikon Squeezable Decorating Kit ($24). A super easy way to decorate cupcakes and cookies, this set includes a dual-chamber bottle that allows you to use two colors at... [More]

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