The Temple and Eye Massager

It doesn't matter if you have migraines, sinus headaches, tension headaches, spend too much time at the computer, or just need a little "down time" each day, The Temple and Eye Massager ($150) is like a trip to the spa. Strap it on and you'll... [More]

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What's Your Mood? Bottle Openers

We can't predict the future, but we're willing to bet that if we had the What's Your Mood? Bottle Openers ($14), we'd be saving the happy guy opener for Fridays and Saturdays. Not that our week days always make us as grumpy as the angry... [More]

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JBL Duet Speaker System for Portable Music and PC - White

Okay, one of us just got a new pair of speakers and vows that they've changed the quality of her life. Well, if not her life, then certainly her workday. The workplace is so much more pleasant with her favorite mellow music streaming through the... [More]

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The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock

One of us here at Outblush is engaged in war with her husband's alarm clock. The damn thing sounds like a hyena's mating call and decides on a daily basis whether it's going to turn off or not. Usually not. How she dreams of owning... [More]

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Harry Gadget Organizer

File this item under "So Ugly It's Cute"...? We hated this initially, but got to thinking about some of the people in our lives who would get a kick out of having such an unusual article in their homes in which to store their keys,... [More]

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iHome iP1 Studio Series Audio System for iPod/iPhone

The iHome iP1 Studio Series Audio System ($189) not only rocks in the looks department, but it provides amazing sound performance, aided by an internal active digital signal processor. In short, that means that it constantly scans the program material being played through your iPod... [More]

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Fox Run Egg Piercer

There are a million kitchen products out there, mostly gadgets and doodads that end up collecting dust and taking up valuable space. But we took a chance when we purchased the Egg Piercer ($5) from Fox Run. It's small, so the space thing isn't an... [More]

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Doubtblush: Pole Dancer Alarm Clock

They say great taste is timeless - but then again, so is bad taste. Despite the time we spend looking for stuff to make you salivate with desire, occasionally we stumble upon things that elicit a very different oral reaction. Sometimes we shudder and move... [More]

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SmartShopper Voice-Recognition Grocery-List Organizer

Honest to Pete, we cannot tell you how many times we've walked into the grocery store after a long day of writing our little fingers down to nubs, only to find ourselves wandering the aisles. We aimlessly search for those items we just know we... [More]

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Chalkboard Tap Handle

We love that we can now get our very own Chalkboard Tap Handle ($40), just like in those fabulous 300 beer bars! This handcrafted chalkboard handle is finished in Walnut and has an erasable surface. It'll be great for the first keg of homebrew we... [More]

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Massager Push

Is it a video game creature? Is it a joystick? Is it a one-way ticket to pleasure town?! The Massager Push ($10) could probably be anything you want, but we suggest using it to get the kinks out. With a super strong motor, this little... [More]

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Arta Jigger

Awww, look at the cute little jigger-wigger! Sorry, items in wee form seem to elicit a strange response from us. The sweet little Arta Jigger ($10) is cute, functional, affordable and stocking-stuffer-rific. We'll take five!... [More]

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Places to Go Tin Coasters

We find it helpful to keep reminders of our personal goals visible, which is why these Places to Go Tin Coasters ($11) are scattered about. Every time we set a drink down we think, "let's make plans to travel the world!" See more coasters.... [More]

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Rolleiflex Mini Digi AF 5.0 Camera

Oh sure, this 5 megapixel auto focus digital camera takes a good photo, but let's face it - what we really like about the Rolleiflex 24611 MiniDigi AF 5.0 Camera ($280) is how retro-looking it is. In a world of credit card-sized digital cameras, we... [More]

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Video Spy Pen

We're not sure if this one fascinates or frightens us, so we thought we'd show you and let you make up your own mind. The Video Spy Pen ($80) is the size of a regular pen (in fact, it can be used as a regular... [More]

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Tube Wringer

Tube Wringer

Don't you hate when you can't get the very last bit of toothpaste out of your tube? We do too, but we've found the perfect solution...rather tool. The Tube Wringer ($22) squeezes up to 35% more out of your household supplies. Now you can squeeze... [More]

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Newspaper Log Roller

Recycling old newspapers AND saving on the cost of wood... the idea seems almost TOO novel. The Newspaper Log Roller ($40) helps you keep fuel costs low by turning old newspapers into tightly rolled "logs" for the fireplace. They burn long and hot, and the... [More]

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Crosley Hot Pink 1950's Pay Phone

We were thinking of our friend Abbie from San Francisco when we found this Crosley Hot Pink 1950s Pay Phone ($90). Abbie has this amazing tendency to pepper her very modern home with spicy little nostalgic pieces in a way that makes perfect design sense.... [More]

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Alligetter™ Garbage Disposal Retriever

We never tire of random household gadgets, and certainly not when they take the form of random animals. The Alligetter™ Garbage Disposal Retriever ($20) saves your hands from diving into the depths of the disposal. An LED light leads the way to your fallen treasures... [More]

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Italian Chesnut Roaster

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping on your nose, Yuletide carols being sung by a choir, And folks dressed up like Eskimos. We're attempting to create these old time feelings with the Italian Chestnut Roaster ($179). It's working like a charm! P.S.... [More]

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