Glass Marker

Keep track of your glasses without any trinkets and whistles with the Glass Marker ($5). Gold and silver pens allow you to write your name on your glass. If writing your name is too boring, you can get quite the kick out of writing naughties... [More]

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Wine Carrier

Wine Carrier

Need an excuse to plan a Spring picnic in the park? We found one....this Wine Carrier ($35) holds up to 4 wine bottles, which makes it perfect for your outdoor adventures. And when its not in use, you can put it to work in your... [More]

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Rubber Eraser Tub

Celebrate: Rubber Eraser Tub

We love to seize the opportunity to celebrate each and every day - after all, the daily grind can be, well, a grind. We're learning that there are many holidays out there that may not have reached "Hallmark" calendar status, but they still count and... [More]

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Guitar Fly Swat

Stop practicing your best Jimi Hendrix and get to swatting! The Guitar Fly Swat ($15) allows you to smash a fly to bits, rather than your guitar. Made from recycled plastic, this Fly'N V is packaged with a fold out stand, for resting your axe... [More]

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AWT Portable Drying Rack

Whether you're an artist or not, the AWT Portable Drying Rack ($579-726) is a great piece for your dwelling. Use it for a drying rack, paper storage, random art pieces, you name it. Sturdy and easily maneuverable, it includes space bumpers that keep spacing in... [More]

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Ohhh, kitchen gadgets melt our butter, or in this case, juice our lemons. No wait, that's not right. Anywho, Citrange (€15) is a double sided hand juicer that you place directly on your glass. The rounded side is for big oranges and grapefruits and the... [More]

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Perfect Tea Timer

If it were only for timing how long your tea should steep, we wouldn't find the Perfect Tea Timer ($17) so interesting. But with three hourglasses that run for three, four, and five minutes, we figure that you could use this for all kinds of... [More]

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Bird Alarm Clock

While there's nothing wrong with a black plastic digital clock radio with the big red numbers per se, you can do better. This bird alarm clock from &design ($54ish right now, varies with the exchange rate) does have a digital time and date display, as... [More]

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bottoms up doorbell-s.jpg

Bottoms Up Doorbell

The Bottoms Up Doorbell ($174) just turned us on a little. It breaks out of the doorbell box, quite literally, with its open air crystal *ting* ring. Sounds announcing friends at the door just got that much more sweet. Let's toast to this wine lover's... [More]

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Swear Bank

If every other word out of your mouth could blister the ears of a pimp; if you sometimes sound like a drunken sailor on leave; if your children are picking up on your "colorful language" and have been kicked out of several preschools, you may... [More]

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Incense Matches

Next time you walk into a public restroom and nearly pass out from the noxious gases left behind or are tempted to yell "Who farted?" in a public space, pull out one of these handy-dandy books of Incense Matches ($47/50 Matchbooks) and fill the air... [More]

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We're not kidding here. If we have to blow up and tie off one more balloon for a wedding shower, baby shower, open house, kids birthday party or holiday extravaganza we're going to lose our bleeding minds. Lose. Our. Bleeding. Minds. The Tie-Not ($2) is... [More]

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Vinea Pencil Cup

Vinea Pencil Cup

Round up all those stray pens and pencils you have laying around the house and put them in the Vinea Pencil Cup ($8). There are other coordinating products available in this collection - magazine file, letter holder, letter tray and waste can.... [More]

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Restoration Hardware Key Wine Bottle Opener

What is it with great wine accessories that make our hearts race? Really, if we were teenage girls we'd have a poster of the Key Wine Bottle Opener ($12) on our bedroom wall. We'd practice kissing it before we went to bed. Now that we're... [More]

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New Shoes Tin Bank

New Shoes Tin Bank

Mama needs a new pair of shoes! We love the idea of a bank dedicated to this worthy and well deserved cause. Those cobalt patent peep-toes will be a sitting pretty in our closet in the very near future if we keep banking those coins... [More]

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Takara-Tomy Flip Flap Solar Plant

Does your sweetheart have a black thumb like no other? Want to avoid the symbolism of romantic flowers that shrivel up after just a few days? Or do you just not want to spend $120 on roses? No matter your reasons, the Flip Flap solar-powered... [More]

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Cozy Remote Control Tidy

Honestly, the next person who has the audacity to ask any of us where the stinkin' remote control is will be taking his/her life into his/her own hands. We're going to say this once (and only once): "It's in the damn Cozy Remote Control Tidy... [More]

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Freud Teaball

Despite a name that comes off moderately dirty (and perhaps hinting at something subconscious?), the Freud Teaball ($105) is a lovely luxury for any tea drinker. This orb holds loose leaf tea and allows up to 6 cups to steep at a time before being... [More]

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Ringo Magazine Rack

We know they're not really necessary, but a magazine rack takes something that's otherwise another ever-growing pile of stuff and gives it a home. As an added bonus, this Ringo Magazine Rack ($40) is actually quite nice to look at. See other magazine racks.... [More]

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Panda Points Mouse and Pad Set

Panda Points Mouse and Pad Set

Avoid pandemonium in the workplace with the Panda Points Mouse and Pad Set ($38). This adorable mouse and pad set with enhance your desk decor and make you smile. Who knew such a functional, fuzzy lil' friend existed?... [More]

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