Not only is the Corkcicle ($25) good for chilling wine, but how much fun would it be to sneak up on someone and poke them with this long icy rod? Trust us, it'll seem like a great idea after you've had a few glasses.... [More]

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Holidays are coming up - Share the Joy with a 3M Giveaway!

The holidays are coming up and you know it's going to be a crazy few days; you'll want to get all the good stuff on tape so that a) you can share all those fun moments with family and friends and b) in case you... [More]

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DJ Hug Bear Speaker

So your iPod dock is also an alarm clock, weather station, planetarium, CB radio, intercom, and ultraviolet antibacterial light? DJ Hug Bear ($57) is still better. Does liking this make one an audiophilephile?... [More]

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Fizz-Keeper Pump and Pour

We have been guilty of drinking flat diet Coke when we had no way to get to the store and we neeeeeded that caffeine fix. It was gross and we're not proud of that moment. We wish we'd had the Fizz-Keeper Pump and Pour ($4)... [More]

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Peel Universal Remote Control

So you've got your new iPhone 4s, you lucky duck you. It's now time to trick it out with cool apps and utilize it for all it's worth (which, according to the deficit in your bank account, is A LOT!). One of our favorite iPhone... [More]

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Hootch-Owl Corkscrew

We know the owl thing is big right now, so we don't need to hear any sass about that, ok? The main reason we even decided that this item is Outblush-worthy is not that it's adorable, though it is. It's the name: Hootch-Owl ($50)!!! Witty... [More]

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Slatkin & Co. Wallflowers

Skip the dime store plug-in fragrance routine. Check out these bad boys. Slatkin & Co. Wallflowers ($9) are the cutest thing to hit Halloween since the Watermelon Fairy costume. Snag them up cheap, disperse them amongst the whole house and walk into a home that... [More]

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Geo-Cosmos Giant Globe

Watch the video. It is awesome. Actually, we're sorry (sort of) to get your hopes up. The giant OLED Geo-Cosmos isn't actually for sale - it's a museum exhibit built by Mitsubishi because globes are cool, things that go beep are cool (at least we... [More]

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Pineapple Door Knocker

What knockers! Oh, sank you Doctor. Pineapple Door Knocker ($39).... [More]

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koi mouse-s.jpg

Koi Optical Mouse

You know those gigantic fish tanks that drug dealers love? The Koi Optical Mouse ($27) is nothing like that, but it does have a floating koi fish in it. Surprise the office with this bizarre bit of decoration.... [More]

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reveal lighting-s.jpg

AdamFrank Reveal Ambient Light

Cubicles could get a lot more habitable with the AdamFrank Reveal Ambient Light ($380). This wall mounted lighting installation creates the illusion of sunlight streaming through a window onto a wall. That's right. The effect of a window without tearing a hole in the wall.... [More]

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Vonny Magnolia Pie Carrier

The bad news is that this pretty-as-can-be Magnolia Pie Carrier ($64) is on back order until November first. However. we don't really see that as a problem since Thanksgiving is the prime time to be traveling with pies. We know upwards of $60 seems steep... [More]

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Newgate Metro Wall Clock

Retro wall clocks are a dime a dozen these days, but rarely are they quite as masculine as the Newgate Metro Wall Clock ($60). Find another one for your kitschy kitchen and put this one up in the man cave you swore you wouldn't assist... [More]

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Deco Breeze Retro Metal Desk Fan

Just because we didn't have Mad Men to heat us up all summer (hello, Don Draper!) it doesn't mean we haven't been chilling in front of our fans or hitting up the local Banana Republic to take advantage of free A/C and to check out... [More]

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LEGO Yoda Alarm Clock

"Sleep, or wake up. There is no snooze." LEGO Yoda Alarm Clock ($35)... [More]

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Luci Loose Tea Infuser

If you decided one day that tea is not your thing, the Luci Loose Tea Infuser ($12) can also substitute as a garden gnome under an overgrown bush (just the top needs to peek out), or a very tiny construction cone. But we think there... [More]

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Sleek Spoon for Jars

It was so embarrassing to have our boyfriend come home while we were frantically trying to get our hand un-stuck from inside the peanut butter jar. He's a sweet guy, though, and he bought us one of these Sleek Spoons for Jars ($11). The thinner... [More]

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Nood Silicone Penguin Jar Opener

We've never really seen a need for a jar opener since we've got a boyfriend, but the other day we were struck with a wicked pickle craving (no, not that kind of wicked pickle) and he was nowhere to be found. We tried everything -... [More]

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Bobbling Skulls Wine Bottle Stopper Set

Obviously we're a little excited about Halloween at Outblush (did the multiple posts for Halloween decorations during August give us away?). We think the Bobbling Skulls Wine Bottle Stopper Set ($15) would make a classy and refined addition to your Halloween party. By classy and... [More]

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Exotic Fruit Rack

The banana hammock is old news. Not that we've ever really understood the point of that thing, other than to make us giggle. This Exotic Fruit Rack ($25), on the other hand is an all new fruit storage adventure. What will they think of next?... [More]

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