Candle Extinguisher

We've all seen those badasses in the movies putting out candle fires with nothing but dry fingers. If we were to ever try that, we'd instantly cry out in should-have-known-better pain only to have the candle's flame mock us as it flickered menacingly. The Candle... [More]

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Brass Key Bottle Opener + Corkscrew

The key to our heart. (And a bottle of red. No coincidence...) Brass Key Bottle Opener + Corkscrew ($12).... [More]

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Bed Fan with Wireless Remote

Why waste energy to cool your whole room down when the part of you that's hot is under the covers? This Bed Fan with Wireless Remote ($100) circulates the air underneath your sheets, helping to blow away the pesky body heat that's really to blame... [More]

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Fly Flap

Call us twisted, but we love the irony of whacking flies with a device designed to look like one of their wings. It's sort of like stomping on spiders with a funny, eight-legged shoe. Of course, actually buying and using this Fly Flap ($7) will... [More]

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Stone Drink Dispenser

You can't get blood from a stone, and we used to think you couldn't get much else from one either, until we saw this clever Stone Drink Dispenser ($125). Sure, it seems more like a man cave item - especially with that bourbon in it... [More]

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Really Tiny Book Light

Nothin' like a straightforward name to let you know what you're getting. The Really Tiny Book Light ($11) is exactly what it claims to be. It easily clips onto your favorite paperback or e-reader to illuminate the text without waking your bedfellow. Though we will... [More]

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Mermaid Bottle Opener

Let's face it, the real reason the Little Mermaid wanted to become human is because it's damn near impossible to enjoy a bottle of ale under water. That and the obnoxious singing crabs. Mermaid Bottle Opener ($16).... [More]

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Aqua Blue Bottle Opener

If we'd designed this Aqua Blue Bottle Opener ($9) we would have made it say "Open Here. Open Often." Not that we need a reminder. We know exactly where to go for liquid relief.... [More]

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Sparrow Keychain

Mount the Sparrow Keychain ($16) and its house on the wall by your front door for a cute and convenient place to store your keys. We actually use this to hang our spare keys (the main set can usually be found in the bottom of... [More]

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Been hounded by an imaginary rabbit lately? If you're feeling left out of the club, pick up Frank ($10). We can't guarantee that he'll predict the apocalypse, but he'll probably do a darned good job of looking cute and bunny-like while he holds up your... [More]

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Lited Ice Cubes

These Lited Ice Cubes ($34) won't actually keep our drinks cold, but they will certainly make it look like we're drinking the coolest martinis at the party. Each light-up cube is fully submersible, which means - once you wash them - you can plop them... [More]

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Mariposa Whale Bottle Opener

With the Mariposa Whale Bottle Opener ($32) you can start the whale-of-a-tale stories well before you've even worked up a good buzz. Not like that's ever been a problem at our family functions...... [More]

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Lulalu 360° Click Clip

This might look like a colorful drawer pull, but the Lulalu 360° Click Clip is ever so much more. Give it a push and it will stick to just about any non-porous, non-oily surface in your house. That includes windows, tile, stainless steel, finished wood,... [More]

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Ravi Instant Wine Chiller

Forgot to put that bottle of chardonnay in the fridge? No worries. You can enjoy a cool glass without resorting to watering it down with ice cubes. The Ravi Wine Chiller ($40) is a handy gadget that lives in your freezer - when you want... [More]

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Conserve Socket Timer

You know the responsible thing to do: unplug your devices once you're done using or charging them. But how many of us actually remember to do it? Embrace your inherent laziness and let this Conserve Socket ($10) do the Earth-saving for you. Just set the... [More]

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ChickaDee Smoke Detector

Would you wear ugly shoes just because they were practical? Perish the thought. So why are you settling for boring, practical smoke alarms when instead you could have this pretty little ChickaDee Smoke Detector ($65)? We think it might be the world's cutest way of... [More]

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Mason jars aren't just for moonshine anymore. With Cuppow ($8), you can now transform any wide-mouthed jar into a super handy to-go drink container for any beverage you like - and yes, mason jars handle hot liquids just fine. Your inner hippie will love the... [More]

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Cape Jasmine Bottle Stopper

The idea of sealing a bottle of wine back up with this pretty Cape Jasmine Bottle Stopper ($10) is appealing, but honestly, how often does an unfinished bottle make it back into our fridge? We're not gonna lie. It's not very often.... [More]

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Coffee Joulies

Don't believe in magic? Then you obviously haven't tried out Coffee Joulies ($50 for 5). Toss one in your mug and your coffee instantly cools down to perfectly drinkable temperature. That's right - no more burning the roof of your mouth and spitting black gold... [More]

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Fine Herbs Decorative Diffuser Set

Finally, a plant you can't kill! We know, we didn't think it was possible either. The Fine Herbs Decorative Diffuser Set ($20) looks like a plant, but is actually a fragrance diffuser. The set comes with a pretty lil' vase, five paper "herb" sprigs, and... [More]

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