Casablanca Candle Lanterns

Traditional decorative vase shapes complete with finials are stylishly remixed in the lovely Casablanca Candle Lanterns ($32). Pierced porcelain diamond shapes create a pattern of dancing candlelight, infusing our spaces with a warm inviting feeling. Romantic but not cheesy, these are a must have for... [More]

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Modiss Valentina Lamps

These Valentina Lamps ($1435, $2065) by Modiss are definitely out of our budget for lighting solutions right now, but, sigh, aren't they gorgeous? The velvet fabric is so opulent, and we're particularly pleased to see the white option, because while we love the black, it's... [More]

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sputnik lamp-s.jpg

Torino Sputnik Wall Sconce

Murano glass, a mainstay of fine home decor, gives the Torino Sputnik Wall Sconce ($200) an abstract hydrangea bouquet to make a subtle oh-so-elegant statement. Each hand-formed glass petal is mounted on individual arms that reach outward. This stunning fixture adds soft sparkle to a... [More]

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Sticky Lamp

Outlook need brightening? Or, perhaps, just your bedside? Sticky Lamp ($47) to the rescue! This self-adhesive lamp attaches to any surface you like - just add the lightbulb of your choice. Buy several and make a fun pattern on the wall as a form of... [More]

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pearl light-s.jpg

Rosalie de Kruyf Parelsnoer Motion Light

Designer Rosalie de Kruyf goes avant-garde in the lighting department with new project collection, jewelXLery. Her playful pearl-like strand, the Parelsnoer ($Inquire) is a light fixture that doubles as a trendy oversized accessory. A lamp is fixed to the end of the string, which we... [More]

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nordic lights-s.jpg

Jonas Grundell Nordic Light Candelabra

Swedish designer Jonas Grundell has made a name for himself out of his iconic lighting piece, the Nordic Light Candelabra ($70). The possibilities are endless with this seductively simple modern piece because it's ever-changing to suit your mood... twist the four-arm or seven-arm model to... [More]

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Pluma Cubic Kugel K Light

Angelic and elegant, the Kugel K Light ($4700) doesn't have a heavenly price, but its simple feathered body (also available in white) is fascinating. German designer Heike Buchfelder made this fanciful fixture under the supervision of his fine feather specialty company, Pluma Cubic. The plume-puff... [More]

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Minimal Lamp

The hand-crocheted cotton cords on Jed Crystal's stunning Minimal Lamps ($260 each) hide their double-duty function; they serve as décor and deliver electricity to the lamp, distilling the basic function of the lamp down to its core components. It's tough, yet elegant and graceful.... [More]

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Ceramic Bistro Match Strike

We've ditched our candle lighters in favor of this tres charmant Belgian Ceramic Bistro Match Striker. ($125 each, limited edition) These pyrogenes are designed to store and light matches handily, and the vintage container looks so cute on kitchen counters. Much more romantic to light... [More]

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knotty bubbles-s.jpg

Knotty Bubbles Light Fixture

The Lindsey Adelman Studio has forced us to reimagine the light bulb (no wonder it's the symbol for ideas. . .) Case in point, the Knotty Bubbles Light Fixture ($4700) -- it's like an entire pirate's booty tangled up in an electrifying Thomas Edison dream-scape.... [More]

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Flowerfall Chandelier

This Flowerfall Chandelier ($inquire) is so pretty and unique; it looks like something out of a dream. Bell shaped flowers will cascade from your ceiling when you hang this in your dining room. Measuring a large 29-plus inches, this is a major statement piece. We... [More]

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Asteroid Lamp

Some "roids" are cool "roids" - Like this Asteroid Lamp ($179), You can use it as a pendant lamp, or just balance it on the floor on one of its twenty-four flat sides. We also found it in clear glass here, but prefer the hazy... [More]

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Feinedinge Moonstruck Lamp

Forget those glow in the dark stars to add ambiance to a room - come on, aren't we past that college décor? Hells yes! We're upgrading to the fantastical Feinedinge Moonstruck Lamp ($395). Larger than it looks in pictures, this porcelain orb is 9-inches in... [More]

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Birdcage Lamp

No squawking will bother us, thank goodness, with the Birdcage Lamp ($97). Emptying the birdcage of annoying bird songs and giving this piece an off-white finish makes this fixture a great shabby chic alternative to a chandelier. The finely crafted cage shade is a wooden... [More]

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Designdrift Dandelight

Hold on to your seats, the Dandelight ($99) is an insane light fixture by Dutch company Designdrift . It's a hand-made LED light with real dandelion seeds powered by a 9V battery. We don't really know how we feel about android plants, but this one... [More]

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lamp velazquez-s.jpg

Quoizel Velazquez Table Lamp

Lamp lovers look out! The Velazquez Table Lamp ($255) by Quoizel is dangerously luxurious. Hand forged iron creates a creeping curvature that mimics a twisting vine complete with stylized leaves. Elegant without being overly showy, this well-crafted home accessory would imbue any room with a... [More]

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Pablo Brazo Table Lamp

We never actually thought there would be a desk light that we would a) get excited about or b) spend an inordinate amount of money on, but then we experienced the Pablo Brazo Table Lamp ($420). Holy cow, this baby is awesome. It's an LED... [More]

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empress spotlight-s.jpg

Empress Beauty Spot

Roll over, ridiculous bling, it's time to welcome functional sparkle into our homes. The Empress Beauty Spot ($70) by W.A.C. Lighting is a refreshingly extravagant light fixture that circumvents silly rhinestone embellishments and goes straight to the source of multifaceted beauty: illumination. We may not... [More]

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Recycled Glass Grape Light

Each oblong glass globe in these Recycled Glass Grape Lights ($400) is handblown from re-melted recycled glass by artisans in Damascus and Aleppo. No two bulbs are alike, so no two of these pendant lights are alike, providing an eerily beautiful, glowing accent to any... [More]

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TwistTogether Lamp

We like the idea of LEGO lighting and the TwistTogether Lamp ($104) by Glide hits the nail right on the head. These playful light sources have the feeling of a minimalist art installation without all the money and theoretical fuss. Four hand-cast LED lit resin... [More]

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