Orchid and Succulent Tealights

We've got a lot of cute votives, but unless the candles are lit, tealights look kind of dull. We're opting to make our sweet candleholders look like mini flowerpots with these Orchid and Succulent Tealights ($5 for each set).... [More]

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Natural Capiz Pendant Light

For a little mood lighting anywhere in your home, just string up a few West Elm Natural Capiz Pendant Lights. ($99-269) The Capiz shells diffuse light into a soft, pink, pearlescent glow that's super flattering on anyone, and who wouldn't want that? See more pendant... [More]

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tress floor lamp-s.jpg

Tress Floor Lamp

It's like Marc Sadler rolled a light fixture and a decorative screen into one with his Tress Floor Lamp ($1374). Architectural crosshatching of woven thread and resin has a way of dynamically displaying and dispersing light that's both dramatic and different, and the fact that... [More]

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Planetary String Lights

Ostensibly, Planetary String Lights ($98) are Christmassy. But we happen to think they'd be a beautiful way to add light and ambiance year-round. Tiny sunbursts of white glass surround small golden lights, reflecting a sweetly dappled, floral pattern. We've got a few of these pomanders... [More]

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dali lamps-s.jpg

Black Label Lamps

We didn't know Salvador Dali was such a sensuous guy... He designed the Muletas and Cajones Black Label Lamps ($Inquire) way back in yesteryear, and they're shocking today. If the shimmery cast bronze patina isn't sultry enough for you, the rest of this thing gets... [More]

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frosted votive gold-s.jpg

Gold Frosted Votive

'Tis the season for golden swag, and Lekker Home has it all figured out. Their Gold Frosted Votive ($35) combines two things that we don't usually see together: frosted glass and metallic bling. The result of the soft glow against geometric shimmer is a dramatic... [More]

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Fibonacci Lampshade

Based on the classic Fibonacci sequence, where each number in the sequence (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...) is the sum of the previous two, this Fibonacci Lampshade ($70) graces any space with charm. When the Fibonacci sequence is plotted graphically, it results... [More]

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Rustic Multi Taper Candelabra

Set the mood at your next dinner party or soiree by switching off the overhead lights and using just this Elegant Multi Taper Candelabra ($99) for ambiance - we don't know why, but it gives off a very Tim Burton-esque vibe. Twenty different tapered candlestick... [More]

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LampGoods: Custom Reworked Vintage Lighting

We were recently introduced to the work of Etsy shop owner LampGoods ($10-149) and were instantly smitten. She takes vintage lamps and re-works them into one-of-a-kind art pieces that become the focal point of the room. Her use of antique frosted, etched, and milk glass... [More]

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rice paper tealights-s.jpg

Rice Paper Tealight Votive

Thanks to OB reader Megan for enlightening us... Forgive the lame pun - we promise these delicate Rice Paper Tealight Votives ($7 each) are a a delightful semi-transparent lighting experience. Perfect for mood lighting or meditation, the stenciled designs on the delicate paper offer a... [More]

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Ghost Candelabra

We want the finer things in life. We can't afford them, nor do we have the space for them, but boy do we want them! We're making do with what we can fit and afford, which is why we're dressing our table with the Ghost... [More]

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One-Lump-or-Two-Lump Lamp

One-Lump-or-Two-Lump Lamp

Would anyone care for a cup of tea? The One-Lump-or-Two-Lump Lamp ($198) is an adorably chic lamp that will truly brighten any room. And in a way, this white porcelain novelty lamp reminds us of a fairytale favorite.....Alice in Wonderland.... [More]

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screw me-s.jpg

Screw Me Light

Jonathan Rowell's proactively titled Screw Me Lamp ($Inquire) is more literal than inflammatory; it describes the amazingly functional screw adjustment system of the fixture. So yeah, it's endlessly customizable to spaces and varied surface heights and hot pink. Lisa Frank hot pink and cool stainless... [More]

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Godiva Milk Chocolate Truffle Candle

There's nothing better than a house that smells like chocolate, but constantly baking brownies can be hazardous to one's waistline. Indulge in the most decadent of chocolate scents with Godiva's Milk Chocolate Truffle Candle ($23). Please note: like all things Godiva, this looks and smells... [More]

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Turquoise Cathedral Lanterns

If left to our own devices, we just know that we'd use up every plug in the house for lamps and clocks and not have any other appliances. We have no resistance to things that tick or light up. But, of course, the next best... [More]

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String Lights

We've thankfully all graduated from the college d├ęcor ethos of Christmas lights as mood lighting, yes? Yes? Well, if you have, you'll still appreciate the nod to nostalgia in these String Lights by Patrick Townsend. ($55-95) The design is based on the premise of an... [More]

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lekker graphic drum-s.jpg

Nicolette Brunklaus Chandelier White

Nicolette Brunklaus is at it again, printing classic images on our housewares. We don't mind one bit, and since we're on a bit of a chandelier kick these days, we figured we'd try out the Chandelier White ($395). That's right, folks, it's not a chandelier... [More]

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sam buffet lamp-s.jpg

Sam Buffet Lamp

Caught us red handed, our house plants aren't real. We won't be blushing with the Sam Buffet Lamp ($500) by Jane Gray for Stray Dog Designs lighting today's trashy romance novel. This piece is whimsical and handsome with playful foliage and a chic white paper... [More]

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LLadro nigara-s.jpg

Lladro Niagara Chandelier

Straight out of Spain, the Lladro Niagara Chandelier ($48000) is finer than fine, hence the price tag. This hand-crafted pristine porcelain piece is a pretty fixture in all-grown-up mobile inspired lighting. With all these dangling butterflies, it looks like Lladro's famous workshops have given a... [More]

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Red Rococo Candelabra

Combining modern and baroque design sensibilities in one damn fine package, this crimson acrylic Red Rococo Candelabra ($56) would look stunning as the centerpiece of a neo-gothic Halloween table or Warhol-inspired Christmas feast. It folds up flat for easy storage, and includes metal holders for... [More]

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