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Biomorphic Bubble Lamp

R Gallery has startlingly gorgeous objects fit for museum display. Jeff Zimmerman's Biomorphic Bubble Lamp ($Inquire) is not just a lamp - it's an opaque hand-blown glass illuminated sculpture. Glittering specks are dusted onto the gloss, and mirrorized silver globes add extra drama inside this... [More]

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Shimmer Colored Crystal Chandelier

The Shimmer Colored Crystal Chandelier ($400) knocks the socks off that eyesore that has been illuminating your sit-down dinners for years. This piece manages to be formal, fancy and fun all in one - no fuss here. The beautiful color crystals bounce color around the... [More]

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Ceramic Pizza Stone 100.jpg

Ceramic Pizza Stone

Now that you've made a splurge on your summertime grill, it's time to accessorize! The Ceramic Pizza Stone ($109) is that perfect complement to grilling season - you'll impress all your guests with your restaurant-style thin crust pizzas only achievable with the use of ceramic.... [More]

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Sealight Floor Lamp 100.jpg

British Marine Light

Manifest glamour by recreating an old time film set with this 19th-century British Marine Light ($1325). Add a silk gown, some classic tunes, and a little bit of gin, and we'll be ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille.... [More]

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Metropolitan Sconce 100.jpg

Metropolitan Sconce

Make your home look like an old guard Hollywood hotel with the elegant flare of the Metropolitan Sconce ($375). With its polished nickel and glass this sconce, you'll be tempted to raise the stakes in your household dress code - black tie only, please. Ginger... [More]

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Single Paper Lamp 100.jpg

Rie Elise Larsen Paper Lamp

Take a cue from the design pros and try the Rie Elise Larsen Paper Lamp ($25) as an unexpected accessory. It comes in a combination of fun colors, design patterns, and shapes, and can be strung from the ceiling with playfully industrial wiring, for a... [More]

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Miss K Table Lamp

WE LOVE LAMP. ...The Miss K Table Lamp ($169)... [More]

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Darin Floor Lamp

When your couch starts emitting a strange odor and you find that remote you lost 3 years ago lodged between the cushions, you know it's time to adopt a new furniture shopping philosophy! No more picking up random furniture off street corners, no more buying... [More]

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Heavy Guy Chandelier

Not every chandelier has to be covered with glimmering crystals to be elegant, as proven by the stark yet stylish Heavy Guy Chandelier XL ($240). For a decent price, you get a lovely light source that assembles and hangs easily and will be a nice... [More]

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Rotating Spheres Table Lamp

If you've ever wished you could festoon your apartment with those hanging paper lanterns but were forced by practical concerns to stick with less ephemeral forms of lighting, your round, glowy dreams may have just come true. This Rotating Spheres Table Lamp ($80) has two... [More]

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Gold-Plated Work Lamp

All too often, design websites and magazines geared towards women can focus too heavily on the precious. Too much pretty can take a toll on a girl, after all. That's why we love the unexpectedness of adding a dash of the gritty to the perfectly... [More]

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16 Million Colors Lamp

Inside The 16 Million Colors Lamp ($200) are four powerful LEDs that are capable of generating 256 different hues, 256 levels of saturation, and 256 brightness settings. The lamp has a remote and can beam a shaft of bright white light or be toned down... [More]

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You Tell Us: Enchanted Chandelier

Yes, this Enchanted Chandelier ($1975) is lovely and ethereal (does it come with dryads and sprites?), but we can't quite decide if we'd wanna fork over 2 grand for faux greenery wrapped around a standard iron chandelier. So. You tell us!... [More]

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Imm Living Flashlight Lamps

Imm Living Flashlight Lamps ($42-45) are a smaller, friendlier version of a spotlight. Hang one anywhere you want a nice, soft glow.... Mood lighting, anyone?... [More]

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Camefeo En Barrocco Lamp

Mixing classic Victorian cameo silhouettes with ironic hipster style, this Camefeo En Barrocco Lamp-in-a-Box ($65) is just plain adorable. Stand is made from brushed nickel, and shade from eco-friendly 100% biodegradable plastic. See more cameo lamps.... [More]

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wood chandelier-s.jpg

Washed Wood Tassel Chandelier

After what seems like an eternity, it's happened: we grow tired of sparkle. Surpass glitz with the handsome Washed Wood Tassel Chandelier ($999). So much can be said about steadfast design simplicity, and the balance of understated decorative drops and strong au naturale wood materials... [More]

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Bloom Flower Lamp

Who couldn't use a little extra light and a little extra cute in their rooms? We know we could! Just clip the Bloom Flower Lamp ($30) to any chair or table and you've got instant pretty with green, white or pink flowers. Great for a... [More]

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honeycomb lamp-s.jpg

Honeycomb Table Lamp

Clean and contemporary, the Honeycomb Table Lamp ($120) looks like a heavenly hive without the threat of a stinging swarm. Translucent white acrylic is the mushroom cap atop a flared chrome base. This harmonious design makes us feel calm, cool, and collected.... [More]

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Star Light

Twinkle, twinkle, little Star Light ($225). Sigh. We know romantic isn't often a descriptor used for items that light a room, but we can't help thinking about how nice this soft light would be for an evening cozied up on the couch. It'll cast pinpoints... [More]

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branch lamp-s.jpg

Autumn Branch Tower Lamp

It doesn't have to be fall for the Autumn Branch Tower Lamp ($40) to light up our bedroom. Light is softened through the square screen decorated with a sparse calligraphy-like landscape. Its painterly theme would fit in with contemporary and bohemian decor.... [More]

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