Stain Glass Poker Themed Light

We deeply, truly, terribly dislike the Hollywood lights kits that come standard in many bathrooms. Shouldn't they just be outlawed and be done with it? It's such an easy fix. If you're not handy (or you're simply bright enough to stay away from anything electrical),... [More]

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Personal Shopper: Blue and Green Lampshades for Ty S

Ty S. wrote, "Hey Outblush- Years and years and years ago I bought a lampshade from Anthropologie. It's a blue/green color with fabric flower cutouts (apparently, no record of this lampshade exists on the internet). My husband's side of the bed has (until recently) been... [More]


Betrothed Pendant

Okay, so pendant lights don't normally make our hearts go pitty-pat, but we challenge you to look at this unusual light and not palpitate a little. The Betrothed 6-Light Multi Pendant ($580) is practically a piece of art and we can imagine it hanging in... [More]

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Diamond Light Bulb

Are you kidding? Who needs a light fixture at all when you have a bulb as gorgeous as this? Each Diamond Light ($38) looks like a beautiful....well, diamond. It truly would be a shame to cover one of these gems. Really, what self-respecting fixture wants... [More]

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We don't host enough formal dinner parties to necessitate lovely candlestick holders for dramatic tapered candles, but we suppose it would be nice to have them on occasion - like if the boyfriend ever wants to make a romantic dinner for two (ha!). This CandlestickMaker... [More]

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crop circle lantern-s.jpg

Crop Circle Wooden Lantern

We're not the type to go "find ourselves" and change our name at Burning Man, but products designed for the ultimate hippie fest are pretty wicked. Graphic cut outs on the Crop Circle Wooden Lantern ($30) proudly show the spookier side of agriculture. All we're... [More]

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Finial Cutout Hanging Candle Lantern

We'd let the Finial Cutout Hanging Candle Lantern ($75) dangle a few feet from our bed, on call for sexy time. It may not look like much unlit, but we think the cutout patterns would really perform with some candlelight. Bow chicka bow wow.... [More]

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Wine Bottle Chandelier

Wine - you drink it, you feel good, you take the empty bottles and turn them into something beautiful. Is there nothing it can't do? Wine Bottle Chandelier ($250).... [More]

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kenneth turner matches-s.jpg

Kenneth Turner Matches

The oh-so-familiar boy bathroom 911 has struck again. We're replacing our boyfriend's ratty bar matches with the fine extra long Kenneth Turner Matches ($19). Elegant robin's egg blue packaging sets a tone of class, and hopefully he can take a hint for once. If not,... [More]

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You Tell Us: Jellyfish Pendant Light

When a product description includes the word "goofy," unless we're in the kids department we're already a little skeptical. Featuring tentacles that dangle from the hollow light fixture bell body, the Jellyfish Pendant Light ($215) is the ultimate in nautical theme decor. It's handmade by... [More]

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wet lamp-s.jpg

NONdesigns WET Lamp

Mama always told us not to get water near active electrical outlets, but we're intrigued by the NONdesigns WET Lamp ($210). There's no live wire here, folks; it's the light bulb that's being submerged, and there's plenty of insulation between us and dangerous currents. The... [More]

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Beam Tealight Holder 100.jpg

Beam Tealight Holder

Tealights are fun in theory, but sometimes can come across as a little creepy when used poorly. This Beam Tealight Holder ($38) will protect against the aesthetic crimes of misusing the little buggers. With 12 cascading votives, the wrought iron holder can hang from a... [More]

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scroll lamps-s.jpg

Scroll Lamps

Strapping young designer brothers Steven and WIlliam have made a splash with their new site, and we've fallen hard for the swirling light bulb bases of their Scroll Lamps ($150-350). Recycled belt trimmings wound tight have a peculiar beauty that's more uptown than we could've... [More]

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Pretty-in-Pink Fan 100.jpg

Pretty-in-Pink Ceiling Light

We're pretty sure that this is meant for a little girls room, but that seems terribly limiting. As long as everything else in your room is pretty minimalist, this adorable Pretty-in-Pink Ceiling Light ($100) (yes, that's the real name), could be the perfect pop of... [More]

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Lotus Flower Chandelier

Could there be any more romantic lighting than a giant orb of blooms? This Lotus Flower Chandelier ($329 small, $649 large) will cast a lovely light and is certain to be a centerpiece for whatever room you hang it in.... [More]

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Professional Baguette Pan 100.jpg

Professional Baguette Pan

Ladies, it's time to get serious. Baguettes shouldn't require a special trip to Whole Foods just because you have a craving. Invest in this completely reasonably priced Professional Baguette Pan ($20) and you won't have to worry about that again. Now where to get your... [More]

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Ballerina Vanity Light 100.jpg

Ballerina Vanity Light

Ever fancy yourself as the star of your own show? Hang these Ballerina Vanity Lights ($89) above your makeup station and you'll feel as though you're about to go center stage to a sold out crowd of your adoring fans. And no, it's not one... [More]

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zimmermantable light-s.jpg

Biomorphic Bubble Lamp

R Gallery has startlingly gorgeous objects fit for museum display. Jeff Zimmerman's Biomorphic Bubble Lamp ($Inquire) is not just a lamp - it's an opaque hand-blown glass illuminated sculpture. Glittering specks are dusted onto the gloss, and mirrorized silver globes add extra drama inside this... [More]

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Shimmer Colored Crystal Chandelier

The Shimmer Colored Crystal Chandelier ($400) knocks the socks off that eyesore that has been illuminating your sit-down dinners for years. This piece manages to be formal, fancy and fun all in one - no fuss here. The beautiful color crystals bounce color around the... [More]

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Ceramic Pizza Stone 100.jpg

Ceramic Pizza Stone

Now that you've made a splurge on your summertime grill, it's time to accessorize! The Ceramic Pizza Stone ($109) is that perfect complement to grilling season - you'll impress all your guests with your restaurant-style thin crust pizzas only achievable with the use of ceramic.... [More]

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