Citrus Grove Apron

We have to admit we chuckled when we saw this Citrus Grove Apron ($38) from Anthropologie. Don't they know aprons are for getting ruined in the kitchen so your good clothes don't? This adorable apron is far cuter than any of the clothes we're currently... [More]

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Felt Bread Baskets

Baskets made of felt! What a fun idea! These Felt Bread Baskets ($39 for three) are a cute and innovative way to store or serve any number of snacks, dry goods, or odds and ends. And unlike wicker baskets, which aren't exactly dishwasher-friendly, these can... [More]

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Jobi Stacking Bowls

We love the tiny guppies swimming happy circles around our Jobi Stacking Bowls ($22 each). It makes it seem as though plunging our ruffled chips into the creamy pools of onion dip held within them is merely our way of extending a delightful metaphor, instead... [More]

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Ice Cream Keeper

The only thing sadder than melted ice cream is the video of the baby ducks getting blown around by the wind. We can prevent one with this Ice Cream Keeper ($12). Made to keep ice cream frozen for up to ninety minutes, the Ice Cream... [More]

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California Cookie Cutter

Instead of sending out a change of address card, send out a cookie cutter with the state you're moving to. So what if you're just moving into a larger apartment in the same city, it's the perfect excuse to bake cookies. (You can still send... [More]

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Best-Ever Cupcake Icing Kit

Ever wonder how bakeries get their cupcakes looking so enticing? Sure, a crappily frosted cupcake would still beckon to us, but a sweetly decorated cake needs only to bat its eyes and we come running. Make your own cupcakes look lovely with this Best-Ever Cupcake... [More]

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Makib Pitcher with Points

If images of pouring white sangria into mason jars from this beautiful vintage-inspired Makib Pitcher with Points ($136) are dancing through your head, we recommend you make the splurge and buy one. Sure, it's entirely possible that you might find an item very like it... [More]

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Tovolo Pie Pops

Tovolo Pie Pops Cut & Press Tools

Move over cake pops...there's a new kid on the block. Tovolo Pie Pops Cut & Press Tools ($10) can be used to make scrumptious mini pies on lollipop sticks. Now you can sink your teeth into heart-shaped apple pie pops and blueberry star pie pops.... [More]

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Nostalgia Electrics Pigs In A Blanket Maker

Nostalgia Electrics Pigs In A Blanket Maker

Hot-diggity-dog! Pigs in a blanket are definitely one of our all-time favorite snacks when we're not watching our calories. We're going to invest in a Nostalgia Electrics Pigs In A Blanket Maker ($20) to cook these puppies up in the middle of the night.... [More]

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Sur La Table Gingham Spatula

Baking Easter cupcakes will feel so much more festive if your spatula is as colorful as your cupcake wrappers. Plus, dishes are a bit less painful when what you're washing is as cute as these Gingham Spatulas ($10).... [More]

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Cuisipro Herb Keeper

According to our favorite kitchen guru, Alton Brown (or just Alton since we'd like to think we're on a first-name basis with him), there's a proper way to store our fresh herbs in the fridge, and an improper way. Shoving herb packages in the crisper... [More]

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Wilton Easter Pancake Molds

Wilton Easter Pancake Molds

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the entire day and we know it, but sometimes we skip it because we're not crazy about eggs Benedict and cinnamon French toast. However, we could be convinced otherwise if we saw a plate of pancakes in... [More]

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Polder Retro Bread Box

If the Polder Retro Bread Box ($37) makes it easy to keep fresh artisan bread and pastries in our apartment, then it looks like we're gonna be on a first name basis with folks at the front desk at our gym. Exactly how many minutes... [More]

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Joseph Joseph Cook Worktop Saver

A playful take on the famous Love sculpture, the Joseph Joseph Cook Worktop Saver ($25) is the perfect gift for a friend who loves to cook. And it will remind her to invite you over for her famous tarragon chicken. Which, of course, is worth... [More]

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Ceramic Retro Tank

Ceramic Retro Tank

We're a bit obsessed with finding old-school pieces for our kitchen. The Ceramic Retro Tank ($40) is shaped like an old-fashioned milk jug with a 1930s-looking label. Since most of our shindigs these days are PG, we'll be using this to serve chilled guava lemonade... [More]

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Joseph Joseph's Arena Dish Rack

Our current dish rack is about as attractive as a pile of dirty plates. We're going to liven up the place a bit with the Joseph Joseph's Arena Dish Rack ($45). Made of flexible rubber, it can hold dishes and pots without scratching or denting... [More]

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Silikomart Silicone Chocolate Mould

We see peril in our future. With the help of this Silikomart Silicone Chocolate Mould ($10) we can make chocolate peanut butter cups, or chocolate mint cups, every. Single. Day. Oh crap.... [More]

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Victoria Apron

Crown yourself queen of your own kitchen in this Victoria Apron ($15). And don't worry if you don't have your own Albert already, because the BBC will teach you how to make one.... [More]

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Campbell's® Soup Can Kitchen Timer

Channel your inner Andy Warhol by adding the Campbell's® Soup Can Kitchen Timer ($7) to your stove top. We know most stoves come equipped with a digital timer, but we're thinking we can part with seven bucks to up the funky vintage vibe we've started... [More]

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Key Bottle Opener

The Key Bottle Opener ($24) is the key to making sure we survive until the weekend without having a meltdown. Although the key says "You're intoxicating" we think it might be more appropriate if it just went ahead and said "You're intoxicated." Because we plan... [More]

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