Cool Jewels Ice Tray

We love big, faceted sparkly things, even if they melt after fifteen minutes the way the products of this Cool Jewels Ice Tray ($9) do. Adding them to our margaritas gives a whole new meaning to "on the rocks".... [More]

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Maker's Apron

This Maker's Apron ($75) looks like it should come with a pair of over-the-elbow vinyl gloves and a pig for butchering. We'll pass on actually using it for anything involving blood and guts, but we do love the farm-to-table vibe it'll give us while we're... [More]

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Global Crafts Mahogany Animal Napkin Rings

We thought napkin rings were only for stressing out about impressing company, but we'll be putting out a proper place setting for one on each of our coffee tables every night if it means we get to use these Global Crafts Mahogany Animal Napkin Rings... [More]

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Nifty 3-Tier Oven Companion

Hell yeah, this thing is nifty. This multi-layered oven rack ($20) is going to make Thanksgiving and the holiday season much simpler. We can cook just as many casseroles, pies, pans of fluffy biscuits, croissant rolls, and turduckens, but in a fraction of the time,... [More]

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USB LunchBox Warmer

We know there's no real reason for it, but we don't particularly trust our microwave. Anything that can cook food with invisible rays kind of freaks us out. Well, except for the sun. This USB LunchBox Warmer ($32), on the other hand, seems like a... [More]

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Bird & Tree Stacking Measuring Cups

We've entertained the idea of cleaning off our countertops - but how can we, when we keep finding adorable gear like these Bird & Tree Stacking Measuring Cups ($29) to clutter them up with? It would be a crime to hide these stackable kitchen tools... [More]

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Vegetable Chop & Measure

Chopping vegetables can be a Zen experience... or a massive pain in the rear. For those days when it's feeling more like the latter, we break out this Vegetable Chop & Measure ($20). Set your victim on top of the grate-shaped blade, give the durable... [More]

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Lief Glitter Tart Server

Fruit tarts are fancy-shmancy to start with, but when you serve them up with the Lief Glitter Tart Server ($22), you're entering a whole other dimension of gorgeous. (The glitter is suspended inside the acrylic coating, so you won't find pieces shedding into your desserts.)... [More]

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Woop Dee Doo Tea Towel

You can rely on the Woop Dee Doo Tea Towel ($40) to keep you humble in the kitchen. Did you make a complicated caramel frosting from scratch? No bigs. Next time, up your game with a whipped white chocolate ganache!... [More]

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Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew

Polly want some Pinot? Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew ($63)... [More]

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Unplugged Coffee Maker

Whether you want to save precious counter space at home or keep a private stash of decent coffee at your desk, this Unplugged Coffee Maker ($24) is a clever little way to brew your own java. It works just like your fancy plug-in coffee pot:... [More]

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The Spice Tiffin

If your spice cabinet is anything like ours, tracking down the white pepper or marjoram can turn into a half-hour expedition through rarely-charted territory. That's why we're thinking of investing in The Spice Tiffin ($50). Based on a traditional Indian spice holder, the masala dabba,... [More]

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Dropp! Bowl

Add a splash of color to your home decor with the Dropp! Bowl ($50) by Menu & Niels Römer. Use it in any room in the house; the silicone bowl is versatile and easy to clean (dishwasher-safe!). It would look super cute in a brightly-colored... [More]

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Steam Pot

We know what you're thinking. You're thinking that the Steam Pot ($180) looks like one of your first high school ceramics projects, none of which were worth a hundred and eighty bucks. But could your clumsy pot steam veggies in mere minutes? Could it withstand... [More]

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Labcutter Science Cookie Cutters

Since baking is our favorite form of kitchen science, it's only appropriate that we add the Labcutter Science Cookie Cutters ($20, set of 4) to our collection. We're totally going to make a bunch of atom cookies and have our friends over for a Big... [More]

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Kochblume Spill Stopper

Kuhn Rikon has ended our days of scrubbing starchy water and burned sauces off of our stovetops! The Kochblume Spill Stopper ($25-29) is a microwave- and dishwasher-safe silicone "top" for your pots. Toss on a pot of pasta water to boil, add the Kochblume (German... [More]

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Domus Coffee Pot

We usually just guzzle our coffee right from the pot. Okay, that's not true. We guzzle from the mug, of course, with no lovely Domus Coffee Pot ($72) as an in-between. But come special occasions and brunch hosting, we need something pretty to set on... [More]

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La Med Melamine Serving Bowl

Who cares if your greens are wilted, or the tomatoes are soft? If you serve your daily five in this gorgeous La Med Melamine Serving Bowl ($35) nobody will focus on the hot mess you call a salad. We promise. Distraction is the oldest trick... [More]

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Kuhn Rikon Green Dot Knife Set

Who says chopping and mincing have to be dull tasks? The Kuhn Rikon Green Dot Knife Set ($20, 3-piece set) adds a little fun to your dinner-making. The high-carbon Japanese steel also brings a sharp edge, so your dicing will take less time and less... [More]

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Williams-Sonoma Avocado Cuber

If you asked us what summer tastes like, we would definitely say avocado. We even lifted our moratorium on single-use kitchen gadgets for this Avocado Cuber ($17). We've been putting fresh avo in salads, topping our grilled foods with it, and making chunky salsas like... [More]

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