Rotary Peeler

You don't know it, but you've been living in a box when it comes to vegetable peeling. Think all-or-nothing is your only option? With this Rotary Peeler ($12), you can go full peel or opt for serrated or julienne for those special occasion crudités platters.... [More]

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Bloom Utensil Set

Here are some kitchen utensils you'll happily leave out on your counter. The Bloom Utensil Set ($30) includes an array of playfully botanical implements, from a tulip whisk to a leaf-shaped spatula. We'll swap the cheap vase that comes with them for something a bit... [More]

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BODUM BISTRO Coffee System

We've been crazy about the BODUM French press from the moment we took our first smooth sip of coffee from the depths of its glass body. Maybe it's time to add the BODUM BISTRO Coffee System ($250) to our collection. The sleek, forty-ounce brewer doesn't... [More]

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Magic Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers

When we were little, we knew what we wanted to be when we grew up: fairy princesses, obviously. Now that we're old and jaded, we know that these Magic Wand Salt & Pepper Shakers ($15) are about as close as we're going to get to... [More]

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Takeya Lemonade Maker

Oh man, it's hot. But instead of complaining (further) about the hundred-degree weather, we're choosing to make lemonade. Literally. A big tall glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade is really hittin' the spot, and with this Takeya Lemonade Maker ($23), it's easy to keep them coming. The... [More]

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Deluxe Decorating Pen

We were going to make a joke about how you can get your kids to eat veggies by using the Deluxe Decorating Pen ($17) to let them dress their plate with cheese sauce or ranch. But, let's be honest, we want one for ourselves for... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Williams-Sonoma Cupcake Corer

Plain cupcakes are so last year, which means it's time to update our baking skill set - or just our weird utensil drawer. The Williams-Sonoma Cupcake Corer ($5) makes hollowing out cupcakes a breeze. Hollow, fill with lemon curd/jam/ganache as you please, and enjoy the... [More]

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kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener

We're not sure it's that difficult to use two hands to pop the top on a beer, but we're willing to give the kebo One-Handed Bottle Opener ($25) a try anyway. First, it looks pretty cool - just grip and flip for that satisfying "spppitzzz".... [More]

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Sagaform SOS Herring Jar

The only Swedish fish we are interested in eating are the chewy little red ones you can buy in the candy aisle. Sorry, Swedish ancestry, we just don't like pickled herring. We will, however, use this adorable Sagaform SOS Herring Jar ($25) to hold our... [More]

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Enameled Cast Iron Skillet Set

All right, so we may not actually cook with this Enameled Cast Iron Skillet set ($60). We recognize cast iron's superior heat retention and distribution, and that manipulating these suckers on the stove is also a great arm workout. But using them to prepare food... [More]

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Chill It Beer Cooler Bag

We keep one of these Chill It Beer Cooler Bags ($15) in the freezer. When we head out to do our weekend errands, we take it with us. That way, when we hit up the liquor store for our favorite summer sampler, we can keep... [More]

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Minden Anytime Grill

The biggest bummer of our city lifestyle is our inability to barbecue. We want a perfectly charred burger in the comfort of our own home, darn it. And that's just what we're going to get, now that we have this piece of As Seen On... [More]

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Tree Stump Cutting Board

Take your rustic dinner party theme literally by serving up your gourmet cheeses and other antipasti on the Tree Stump Cutting Board ($75). And don't worry - no trees were harmed in its creation. Artist Spencer Peterman makes them from fallen maples, which also means... [More]

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Star Wars Cupcake Stencil Set

We're not shy about our love for Star Wars around these parts, so you can understand how besotted we are with the Star Wars Cupcake Stencil Set ($10). Though they were created to top cupcakes, we are envisioning Yoda and Vader gracing all of our... [More]

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Yellow Floral Dishtowel

We're pretty sure the Yellow Floral Dishtowel ($20) by lisa rupp design is one of those dish towels that's not really a dry-off-damp-dishes-and-clean-up-dirty-counters dish towel, you know what we mean? It's more of a look-pretty-hanging-off-of-the-oven-door-handle-but-never-get-messy kind of towel. All the same, we'd be fine with... [More]

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Elevate Utensil Set

This is one of those stupidly simple ideas we can't believe no one thought of earlier, like putting adhesive on the backs of tiny slips of paper and calling them "Post-its". The Elevate Utensil Set ($40) maximizes hygiene and minimizes mess via the absurdly obvious... [More]

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Sunbeam Cupcake Maker

Sure, you could just whip up a batch of cupcake batter and bake up your goodies in the oven, but the summer is hot enough without adding extra heat to your kitchen. The Sunbeam Cupcake Maker ($40) bakes six cupcakes at a time without warming... [More]

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Flower Market Tea Kettle

We take our tea habit seriously, and what better way to boil up the water than with the Flower Market Tea Kettle ($108) by MacKenzie-Childs? The vintage-inspired pot certainly looks lovely stored next to all of our collectible tea tins, and it's as sturdy as... [More]

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Airy Cloche Food Cover

This Airy Cloche Food Cover ($18) probably won't keep the cat out of the baked goods. He's got an insatiable hankering for banana bread and will probably just knock the whole thing off the counter to get to it. It will, however, probably be perfect... [More]

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Group Therapy Wine Bottle Tag

Sure, the Group Therapy Wine Bottle Tag ($11) may be a bit on the kitschy side, but it speaks the truth! Whenever we get together with our friends around a bottle of red, we start detailing our latest dramas. We're sure it's a combo of... [More]

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