Banana Bag

Until we found this Banana Bag ($7) we'd only ever heard of a banana hammock, which, in our experience, is quite different. The banana bag claims to keep your Chiquitas fresh for up to two weeks. The good: fresh, healthy produce. The bad: Less banana... [More]

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Cupcake Decorating Set with Corer

The world let out a collective wail when Hostess announced that they were filing for bankruptcy. What will we all do without Ding Dongs, Sno Balls, and Twinkies? Eat better snacks, is what! Brush up your filled-cupcake skills with this Cupcake Decorating Set with Corer... [More]

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Try New Things Tea Towel

The Try New Things Tea Towel ($18) spells out our motto for the kitchen. We're always looking for recipes with ingredients that intrigue us. Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes? Why not? Chicken with Olives and Capers? Let's do it. We keep this near our... [More]

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myBrett Cutting Board

We most definitely can't afford an iPad, which means we don't have all those fancy cooking apps from the iTunes store, which means we won't be whipping up any masterful culinary creations on Father's Day. But that's okay. The myBrett Cutting Board ($19) is cooler... [More]

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Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

Come summer, the last thing we want to do is heat up our miniature apartment by using the stove. We start looking for simple, no/low-cook ways to feed our hungry bellies. And recently, we discovered the joys of the Benriner Slicer ($40) and all the... [More]

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Mini Jelly Molds

There was an age where we would have given anything to dive into a giant mound of JELL-O. We remember long drawn-out discussions with our friends about how many packages of strawberry JELL-O it would take to recreate the scene with Goofy in Mickey and... [More]

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Lover Dovers Aurora Apron

There's sort of a social stigma attached to grown women who dress up like princesses in their day-to-day lives. Sure, it's cute that there's a four-year-old in a Belle costume in the grocery store, but that thirty-three-year-old wearing a long red wig and a purple... [More]

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Norpro Corn Cutter

The last time we needed to cut our corn off the cob we had braces and frizzy hair. (We still have the frizzy hair, unfortunately.) But while we don't necessarily need our corn cut off the cob, sometimes we'd rather not give ourselves a butter,... [More]

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Williams-Sonoma Walnut Muddler

Our summer cocktail obsession this year is the mojito. (Unless, of course, someone puts a different drink in front of us. We're not that picky.) Instead of paying $10 a pop at the bar, we've started making them at home, and this Walnut Muddler ($23)... [More]

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Row Boat Salad Bowl

Our nutritionists keep telling us we should be eating boatloads of salad. Now we can take them literally, thanks to this Row Boat Salad Bowl ($65). This cute boat-shaped polished aluminum bowl, complete with oar-like rosewood serving utensils, happily holds our leafy greens. Said nutritionists... [More]

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Farmers Market Basket

Forget serving summer berries in a bowl. Bring them to the table in the Farmers Market Basket ($14). We think it adds a bit of simple charm to teatime, not that we often have teatime. Unless you count zapping some Celestial Seasonings in the break... [More]

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Fred and Friends Kitchen Kong Whisk

A gorilla whisk is probably the least necessary kitchen accessory of all time, but unlike that cherry pitter, orange peeler, and mango slicer, at least this Kitchen Kong Gorilla Whisk ($15) will make you smile when you see it in your gadget drawer.... [More]

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Ding3000 Beater Whisk

Whip it, whip it good! Save space and add color to your kitchen (you can hang this on the wall!) and whip your egg whites into a frenzy for perfectly fluffy meringues with this Ding3000 Beater Whisk ($18). Just slide the ring up to release... [More]

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Carnivore Magnetic Spice Kit

Even though the Carnivore spice kit ($46) by Gneiss Spice is marketed to men, we're going to get one for ourselves. We've got a lot of grilling to do this summer, and this kit contains seven organic spice blends, perfect for seasoning meat and veggies.... [More]

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Sock Monkey Party Cookie Cutter

We've finally mastered our favorite sugar cookie recipe and think it's time to graduate from our star-shaped cookie cutter to something that requires a little more finesse! While the Sock Monkey Party Cookie Cutter ($13) looks simple enough, we think the decorating part will be... [More]

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Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press

We estimate the likelihood of our overeating frozen treats this summer to be upward of ninety-nine percent. Who can resist making mini desserts? Honestly. Aside from being cute, the Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press ($15) allows us to make a plethora of dreamy sweet bites... [More]

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Ice Cream Scoop & Stack

Anyone who's had the pleasure of living near a Thrifty (now Rite Aid) with an ice cream counter understands the timeless appeal of their inexpensive (and tasty!) stacked scoops. But finding a scooper like that is nearly impossible - or so we thought. The Ice... [More]

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Honey Badger Don't Care Koozie

Make yourself the life of a YouTube-lovin' party with this Honey Badger Don't Care Koozie ($10), which playfully celebrates the lovable characteristics of our favorite crazy nastyass mammal while keeping your cans of PBR cold and frosty. We think it's the perfect accompaniment to a... [More]

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Joseph Joseph Baking Gift Set

We're going to buy a few of these Joseph Joseph Baking Gift Sets ($45) and keep them on hand for any random bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, or just-because gift giving occasions that come up. Not only is this a useful combo of tools, but the... [More]

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Babell XL Tiered Serving Tray

This Babell XL Tiered Serving Tray ($52) reminds us of something the Mad Hatter would have on his tea table. Instead of pastries and a mouse in a teapot, we'll probably stack it high with party snacks or dinner party nibbles. It's an ideal space... [More]

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