Group Therapy Wine Bottle Tag

Sure, the Group Therapy Wine Bottle Tag ($11) may be a bit on the kitschy side, but it speaks the truth! Whenever we get together with our friends around a bottle of red, we start detailing our latest dramas. We're sure it's a combo of... [More]

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Blomus Obar Kitchen Multi Storage

Our kitchen makes our high school locker look spacious. Every inch counts, which is why we were happy to find the Blomus Obar Kitchen Multi Storage unit ($69). Not only does it make a home for our paper towels, plastic wrap and tinfoil on the... [More]

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Pineapple Easy Slicer

You know what's delicious? Fresh pineapple. You know what's really a pain in the rear to get peeled, cored, and cut? Well, not pineapple, any longer. This Pineapple Easy Slicer ($20) makes the job a cinch instead of a process best described as "sticky". Whipping... [More]

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Tovolo Ice Cream Pop Molds

Our summertime Dairy Queen indulgences are second only to our mocha latte consumption. Unfortunately, a diet of DQ Mini Blizzards and chocolate coffee drinks is bad for both our budgets and our waistlines. These Tovolo Ice Cream Pop Molds ($10, set of 4) should help... [More]

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Metallic Pink Cuisinart Coffee Maker

If this Metallic Pink Cuisinart Coffee Maker ($80 on sale) doesn't say "bachelorette pad," we don't know what does. We're also thinking the outrageous color might do more to wake you up in the morning than the coffee itself.... [More]

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Kasimir Cheese Grater

Made from BPA-free plastic and shaped into a prickly hedgehog, this Kasimir Cheese Grater ($14) makes one of our favorite activities - eating cheese - even more fun. As if we honestly needed an excuse to chow on more Gouda. Maybe we'll just buy one... [More]

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Two Girls Paper Design Cupcake Wrappers

We haven't actually volunteered to bake for any bridal or baby showers yet this summer, but we're going to purchase a stash of these Two Girls Paper Design Cupcake Wrappers ($10, set of 12) anyway. Even if we don't end up making pink lemonade cupcakes... [More]

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Two Tier Cube Drink Dispenser

White sangria or red sangria? It's an agonizing choice. Conveniently, however, there's the Two Tier Cube Drink Dispenser ($50). This handy unit allows us to cool and dispense two tasty cocktails for the price of one at our picnics, during our dinner parties, or straight... [More]

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Leg Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

We were looking for something that would give us a leg up on our beer consumption... Sorry, had to duck a couple of rotten tomatoes there. But not only is this leg bottle opener magnet ($21) a great way to celebrate our favorite torso supporters,... [More]

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Architec Magnetic Recipe Rock

Not every recipe we use is on the Internet. For those of us who still like writing things down or clipping them from magazines, this Architec Recipe Rock ($10) is a funky way to keep those slips of paper handy while we're at work in... [More]

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Industrial French Fry Cutter

We'd say our love for French fries qualifies as "industrial." That's why we'll be investing in this Industrial French Fry Cutter ($70). Coupled with our other favorite kitchen appliance - the FryDaddy - it will provide us with mounds of glorious, perfectly crisped potato goodness.... [More]

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Dynasty VII Chocolate Mill

Our house is starting to get overrun with mills. Pepper mills. Salt mills. Spice mills. Hayley Mills movies. The list could go on and on. However, we will gladly make room for this Dynasty VII Chocolate Mill ($35) at the table. We'd much rather ask... [More]

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Wonder Woman Apron

Not that you need an apron to let people know that you're Wonder Woman in the kitchen (your bomb pies, delish stir-fries, and mouthwatering appetizers speak for themselves), but just as with any superhero, the real powers comes out when you slip into your uniform.... [More]

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Banana Bag

Until we found this Banana Bag ($7) we'd only ever heard of a banana hammock, which, in our experience, is quite different. The banana bag claims to keep your Chiquitas fresh for up to two weeks. The good: fresh, healthy produce. The bad: Less banana... [More]

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Cupcake Decorating Set with Corer

The world let out a collective wail when Hostess announced that they were filing for bankruptcy. What will we all do without Ding Dongs, Sno Balls, and Twinkies? Eat better snacks, is what! Brush up your filled-cupcake skills with this Cupcake Decorating Set with Corer... [More]

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Try New Things Tea Towel

The Try New Things Tea Towel ($18) spells out our motto for the kitchen. We're always looking for recipes with ingredients that intrigue us. Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes? Why not? Chicken with Olives and Capers? Let's do it. We keep this near our... [More]

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myBrett Cutting Board

We most definitely can't afford an iPad, which means we don't have all those fancy cooking apps from the iTunes store, which means we won't be whipping up any masterful culinary creations on Father's Day. But that's okay. The myBrett Cutting Board ($19) is cooler... [More]

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Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

Come summer, the last thing we want to do is heat up our miniature apartment by using the stove. We start looking for simple, no/low-cook ways to feed our hungry bellies. And recently, we discovered the joys of the Benriner Slicer ($40) and all the... [More]

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Mini Jelly Molds

There was an age where we would have given anything to dive into a giant mound of JELL-O. We remember long drawn-out discussions with our friends about how many packages of strawberry JELL-O it would take to recreate the scene with Goofy in Mickey and... [More]

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Lover Dovers Aurora Apron

There's sort of a social stigma attached to grown women who dress up like princesses in their day-to-day lives. Sure, it's cute that there's a four-year-old in a Belle costume in the grocery store, but that thirty-three-year-old wearing a long red wig and a purple... [More]

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