Cheap Thrill: Marrakech Spreader

We may not be creative enough to think past a cheese log when it comes to bringing appetizers to a party, but we are internet-savvy enough to have found this Marrakech Spreader from Leif ($10). This instantly perks up any platter with its bold print,... [More]

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I Could Eat A Horse Spaghetti Measuring Tool

Has the carb hunger come upon you again? Get exactly the fix you need with this I Could Eat A Horse Spaghetti Measuring Tool ($17). It's got four handy slots for measuring different portions of pasta, from child all the way up to the horse-shaped... [More]

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Large Chamba Casserole

All right, foodies: we've got another piece of must-have equipment for you. This Large Chamba Casserole ($70) is super heat-proof, thanks to a traditional Colombian pot-making technique using mica-infused clay. It's also totally natural and unglazed, and will hold up just as well in your... [More]

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Odor Remover Soap

Whipping up an Italian feast for that hot dinner date tonight? Too bad all that garlic chopping has left your hands smelling worse than last summer's espadrilles. Regular hand soap wimps out when confronted with stubborn food odors like garlic or shellfish. But this Odor... [More]

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simplehuman Bamboo Frame Dishrack with Knife Block

Clean dishes are much more attractive than dirty ones. And they look even nicer when drying in this simplehuman bamboo frame dishrack with knife block ($80). If we can make washing up after dinner a more aesthetic experience, maybe we'll be more likely to actually... [More]

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Green Apple Compost Crock

We know composting is an awesome thing to do. But it is also generally ugly and stinky. Who wants a Tupperware tub full of rotting food sitting on their counter? Hiding it beneath the sink or in a cabinet is worse, because then we forget... [More]

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Salt and Pepper Y Grinder

We've got a little Rorschach-style test for you. Take a good look at this Salt and Pepper Y Grinder ($19) and tell us what it makes you think of. Getting anything? While you're thinking about that, we'll tell you how this grinder simultaneously fires from... [More]

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Cane Banneton Round Bread Proofing Basket

Want your bread to look like something they'd put in Food & Wine? Let it rise in this Cane Banneton Round Bread Proofing Basket ($113). The dough will form a perfect round loaf with those signature ridges you're familiar with if you're lucky enough to... [More]

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Piglets Salt & Pepper Shakers

We didn't buy our mom these Piglet Salt & Pepper Shakers ($24) for Mother's Day. If we had, she would probably think we were sending her the not-so-subtle message that we think she's fat. Our mom is paranoid like that. We played it safe and... [More]

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Camano Coffee Mill

Everyone knows that freshly ground coffee is the best. But waking up everybody in the house with the obnoxious screech of an electric coffee grinder is less than awesome. With this Camano Coffee Mill ($72), you'll be able to grind your java the old-fashioned way:... [More]

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Flame Top Pizza Stone

Grilled pizza always tastes awesome when we order it at a restaurant. But when we gear ourselves up to make an attempt on the BBQ at home, the result is usually disaster. Sliding our pies straight onto the grill surface results in burnt crust or... [More]

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Scrap Trap

We are not tidy cooks. We are seriously messy cooks. But with this Scrap Trap ($10), we're at least slightly less likely to have our mess find its way onto the floor, where it could end up under the fridge and serve as an open... [More]

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Ekobrew Reusable Single Cup Filter

We love the convenience of our Keurig brewers. Pop in that cute little cup, push the lever, and a minute later we're sipping a hot and delicious cup of java. What we're not so crazy about is how darned expensive those little cups turn out... [More]

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Multi-Tier Cake Pan

Convince your friends that you are a tiny-cake-making master with this Multi-Tier Cake Pan ($33). It eliminates the awkwardness of those tilting, uneven or poorly cut cake layers, resulting in a perfect confectionery tower every time. All we need now is for someone to invent... [More]

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Eat Me Covered Cake Stand

Keep your baked delicacies safe and looking scrumptious under the Eat Me Covered Cake Stand ($50). Though it may be a good idea to take a lesson from Alice and exercise restraint when eating bossy sweets. Indulge too much and you grow larger!... [More]

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Alasdair Glass Tea Kettle

Who ever thought watching water boil could be this much fun? The Alasdair Glass Tea Kettle ($40) gives us a super cool glimpse into the previously behind-the-scenes action of making a cup of Darjeeling. We also love breaking the old "don't put glass on the... [More]

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Aspen Cream Bone Spreader

What does cheese mean to you? We know the answer: everything. So why would you spread the world's greatest edible onto a crisp, fresh cracker with some tawdry, everyday piece of cutlery? Treat it with the reverence it deserves with this Aspen Cream Bone Spreader... [More]

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Bird Nest Egg Cup

The egg has finally been rescued from the dietary hell nutritionists condemned it to when it was blamed for high cholesterol. Yolks are packed full of vitamins and great-for-you fatty acids. Enjoy yours at breakfast from the convenience of this witty Bird Nest Egg Cup... [More]

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Black Almoco Flatware

Throwing a vampire dinner party? You can't have the undead pretending to eat real food with just any old cutlery. Set your gothic table with this Black Almoco Flatware ($60 for a five-piece setting). No, these aren't iParty disposables - they're durable stainless steel in... [More]

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Crushed Crinkle Cups + Glasses

Ceramic drinking cups and glasses made to look like the crumpled remains of a frat party: who would have thought these could ever be something we'd want in our cabinets? But we're pretty sure these Crushed Crinkle Cups + Glasses ($22) pull off cute and... [More]

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