Portion Control Pasta Basket

Here's a lesson we've learned over the years: eating healthy food is well and good, but if you eat four servings of something, it doesn't matter how healthy it is - your skinny jeans will still be tight. We've been using this Portion Control Pasta... [More]

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Balance Salt and Pepper Set

Have a bit of Zen with your supper with this Balance Salt and Pepper Set ($38). These three containers are shaped to resemble traditional Zen balancing stones - except, of course, that they're much easier to position on top of one another. The top two... [More]

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Disposable Sleeves for iPad

Our tablets spend plenty of time in the kitchen with us, whether we're watching Alton Brown bake salmon or following a step-by-step guide to preparing the perfect gin fizz. We've already had a few close calls, nearly killing ourselves in an attempt to clean up... [More]

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Spice Infuser

Cooler weather means it's time to crack open our Julia Child cookbooks, and get our French cuisine on. But it seems like every hearty winter-warming dish the culinary maven came up with requires a nice bouquet garni - and our little herb bundles have an... [More]

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Lékué Bread Maker

Still on the quest for the perfect loaf? Give this Lékué Bread Maker ($45) a whirl. The foldable silicone mold helps shape your bread and provides the perfect conditions for a moist, full, crusty loaf. Now that's the kind of bun we want in our... [More]

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Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit

Think molecular gastronomy is just for show-offs? Think again! With the Molecular Cocktails Starter Kit ($60) you, too, can manipulate ordinary cocktail ingredients in enticing new ways, creating pomegranate froths and grenadine pearls. The included DVD should help guide you as you mix and pour.... [More]

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Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter

Why wait until Christmas to bake gingerbread men? With the Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutter ($7), you can cut out their dead cookie relatives for Halloween. The cutter has a skeletal stamp for easy bone frosting. We suggest you also add little bows to half your... [More]

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Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand

Thanks to all the awesome phone and tablet apps out there, we rarely crack open our cookbooks. What we need is the Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand ($30). It'll keep our iPad upright and accessible while our hands are busy chopping carrots. And when we... [More]

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Flo Oil + Vinegar Set

It doesn't matter how slick we think we are: no elegant twist of the wrist keeps our olive oil from dribbling down the side of the bottle, resulting in slippery hands and funky rings on the bottom of the cabinet. This Flo Oil + Vinegar... [More]

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American Kitchen Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set

We are passionate home chefs who covet full sets of stainless steel cookware, but we're not super on-board with selling our firstborns to afford them. Dilemma! But American Kitchen has come to our rescue with their Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set ($399), which is,... [More]

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Tovolo Bug Pop Molds

Popsicles have been popping up on our Pinterest feed for weeks now. Boozy popsicles, fruity popsicles, Nutella popsicles, you name it, it's been tried. We're going to get ourselves a set of Tovolo Bug Pop Molds ($14) so we can test all sorts of frozen... [More]

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Anchor Hocking Triple Pour Measuring Cup

Baking is an exact science, which means it's pretty much a deal-breaker when we pull out our measuring cups and discover that all the markings have come off in the dishwasher. Anchor Hocking's Triple Pour Measuring Cup ($14), aside from being adorable, has raised glass... [More]

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Joseph Joseph Scoop Colanders

Occasionally we find ourselves needing to fish dinner out of a hot pot of simmering liquid. Draining everything into a regular colander will waste those precious juices that are so great for sauces, so we'll just scoop out what we need with Joseph Joseph Scoop... [More]

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Perfect Roll

Our budget for going out just can't keep up with our obsession with spicy tuna rolls. The solution would be to make sushi at home. The problem is that we suck at rolling maki. What should be nice, tight little morsels of seaweed goodness are... [More]

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Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

Yum, sign us up for bringing dessert to the next potluck. We're going to roll out some sugar cookie dough and cut it up with these Pac-Man Cookie Cutters ($15). Our cookie-decorating skills are still a little on the preschool side, so these will give... [More]

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De'Longhi Retro 15-Bar Pump Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

You didn't buy this De'Longhi Retro 15-Bar Pump Espresso/Cappuccino Maker ($100) to share with your roommate. Oh no. That would mean that you like people well enough to actually share your space with them. You need both cups of espresso just to deal with the... [More]

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My Kitchen is for Dancing Tea Towel

Well, we suppose we do some baking. Oh, and some sautéing. Maybe a little late-night snacking. But for the most part, our kitchens are for bustin' a move, à la Robyn. My Kitchen is for Dancing Tea Towel ($14) from Howkapow.... [More]

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Wilton 3-D Pumpkin Cake Pan

If you were to bake a pumpkin cake inside this Wilton 3-D Pumpkin Cake Pan ($35) and frost it in delicious pumpkin cream-cheese frosting, you'd not only have yourself a pumpkin pastel, you'd have every single Outblush editor in your kitchen. With forks poised.... [More]

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Still Life Fruit Bowl

Looking at the Still Life Fruit Bowl ($77) automatically transports us back to junior high art class. While we can't claim we have much in the way of artistic talent, we did manage to produce a fairly round clay vessel. Our fruit still life was... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Karoto Sharpener & Peeler

Thank heavens this pencil-sharpener-style vegetable peeler ($15) has finally been invented. We're down to our last knuckle. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of getting you to impulse buy! Cheap Thrill items are under $20, including shipping.... [More]

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