ad hoc at home

We've never been to Thomas Keller's ad hoc in Yountville. But we've heard exceptional things. So many, in fact, that we're going to nab his cookbook, ad hoc at home ($27). It centers around family-style cooking and farm favorites, from trussing a chicken to sautéing... [More]

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Little Pot Guard Critters

Even if it's just as easy to prop our pot lids open with spoons, we can't resist investing in one of these Little Pot Guard Critters ($7 each). Having a hedgie help us vent our steaming soups and simmering sauces is totally worth the tiny... [More]

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Arbour Cake Stand

Of course you want your fabulous baked goods to outshine everything else in the room. Display them on the un-fussy Arbour Cake Stand ($150) and they certainly will! The stand is quietly impressive in and of itself, but add your masterpiece and together they'll look... [More]

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Animal Farm Chip Clips

Whether it's chips, cookies, or granola you're eating, the Animal Farm Chip Clips ($9) will keep your goodies packaged neatly until you're ready to graze again. When you're not using them on your foodstuffs, they'll keep important papers and notes clipped to the fridge for... [More]

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Engraved Vines Copper Pan

We're putting the Engraved Vines Copper Pan ($398) at the top of our Christmas list. Not only is copper cookware the best for uniform heat conductivity, it's also the prettiest. The vine etching on the side of this nine-inch frying pan just makes it all... [More]

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Vignon Wine Thermometer

Nothing busts a hole in your sommelier credentials like serving your Malbec at the wrong temperature. Every self-respecting wino knows that even a few degrees can make a tremendous difference to the yumminess of your favorite varietals. With this Vignon Wine Thermometer ($30), you can... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Harvest Spreader

Once you buy your own house, save for retirement, work out a schedule flexible enough to allow for golf twice a week, and have enough money to buy a lime juicer, a lemon juicer, an orange juicer, and the all important separate exotic citrus juicer,... [More]

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MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Wine Cooler

What good is a fancy bottle of wine if it isn't chilled in a fancy wine cooler? Well, it's probably still good, but the MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Wine Cooler ($75) will make you think it tastes better. Or maybe that's just the wine talking...... [More]

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Le Creuset Stonewear Pie Plate and Pie Bird

Thanks to a certain level of concern about maintaining our jean sizes, we don't often indulge in baking and eating pies. So when we do, they should look special. This Le Creuset Stonewear Pie Plate and Pie Bird ($40) make for a great presentation. The... [More]

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Le Creuset Cherry Two-in-One Pan

While we adore our Le Creuset cookware, we don't has nearly as much of it as we'd like. With the Cherry Two-in-One Pan ($120), we can up our count by another two pans! The 2-quart sauce pan includes a lid for splatter-free simmering. But when... [More]

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Swissmar 4 Person Raclette

Swissmar 4 Person Raclette

The Swissmar 4 Person Raclette ($100) brings fondue to your home for you and three friends. You can grill seafood, meats, and vegetables on the top while cheese melts in the trays below.... [More]

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Cheese Knife and Cutting Board Set

Cheese always makes us smile*, and this quirky Cheese Knife and Cutting Board Set ($46) will make our cheese grin, too. What Gruyère or cave-aged Stilton wouldn't love to be cut up with these beaming knives? *Other things that make us smile, no matter what... [More]

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Modern Welsh Lovespoon

It's a spoon... with a heart on the handle! All right, we know it's gimmicky, but the Modern Welsh Lovespoon ($16) is just cute enough to make the cut. Use it to put a little romance into your stirring.... [More]

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Micro Tea Warmer

Nothing is sadder than a cold cup of tea. But how often do we go to the trouble of brewing some up for ourselves, only to neglect it as we're swept away by one distraction or another? This Micro Tea Warmer ($24) is coming to... [More]

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Fridge Locker

Got a roommate who keeps stealing your Chipotle leftovers? Lock up that cheesy bean goodness in the Fridge Locker ($32, pre-order). The combination lock will keep out food thieves while the bars provide ventilation. Your expensive jar of organic almond butter will stay safe from... [More]

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Gun Egg Fryer

File this one under "Too Silly to Stop Ourselves Buying." This gun-shaped egg fryer ($8) makes it possible for you to go sunny-side-up in the shape of a pistol. Use it to treat yourself to a morning giggle, or to send a subtle message to... [More]

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Gravy Warmer Bowl

What's one of our favorite foods ever? Gravy. One of the least appealing foods ever? Gravy when it's cold. We've seen all manner of contraptions designed to prevent your meat juice from congealing, using everything from batteries to tealights. This Gravy Warmer Bowl ($20) does... [More]

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Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer

When we're really fed up with the daily work of keeping the house clean and preparing meals and generally being an adult, we find it best to work out our issues while still accomplishing some of those chores. We beat our rugs, we scrub with... [More]

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Bamboo and Metal Box Grater

We're having a kitchen-gadget ERMAHGERD moment right now over this Bamboo and Metal Box Grater ($24). What do you mean, it'll easily shred our cheese without flaking it all over the counter? We would have loved it just for its rustic adorableness! Slap in our... [More]

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Squeeze In Orange Squeezer

We really, really want a juicer, but have you seen the price tags on those bad boys? Yikes! For now, we're going to keep it old-school and use the Squeeze In Orange Squeezer ($89). Sure, we won't be squeezing any liquid out of kale or... [More]

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