World Class Cookie Cutter Set

Think your sugar cookies are the best in the world? Take them to the next level by cutting out your dough with the World Class Cookie Cutter Set ($24). Add a stellar buttercream frosting after they're done baking and we doubt you'll find their equal.... [More]

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Big Chill Retropolitan Refrigerator

We've found our dream fridge. There's no built-in water filter. But holy cow, is it a vintage decor lover's dream come true. The Big Chill Retropolitan Refrigerator ($3,790) looks like it could have been lifted off the set of Leave It to Beaver, and combines... [More]

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Marchesa by Lenox Flatware Imperial Caviar Gold Collection

After you get married, a lot of things become routine. Who showers first. Who makes breakfast on the weekends. Who rents the movies when picking up groceries. But it's important to spice things up from time to time. So when you feel like things are... [More]

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Cook Linen Tea Towel

When your Thanksgiving Day turkey is still too frozen to toss into the oven and you've got a list of food prep work a mile long, take a deep breath and dry your hands on the Cook Linen Tea Towel ($24) from STUDIOPATRO. The foodie... [More]

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Clementine, a Bowl Apron

You decorate your home for the holidays, break out special dinnerware, and cook up things you're not entirely sure how to pronounce. You should update your uniform, too! Tie on the Clementine, a Bowl Apron ($35) while you work.... [More]

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Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Paring Knives

These tiny, colorful Kuhn Rikon Nonstick Paring Knives ($10 each) pack a powerful punch - or slice, we suppose! The nonstick coating over the strong carbon steel blades helps prevent herbs, aromatics, and veggies from sticking as you chop, dice, and mince. When you're done... [More]

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Bottle Grinder Set

Our taste in kitchen decor has always been... well, a bit on the busy side. Between the pig-shaped oven mitts and the bright orange dinnerware, guests probably think we're going for something of a caravan-meets-Oompa-Loompa-workshop theme. We'd far prefer them to find us sophisticated and... [More]

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The Useful Towel

Why are you still wiping your dishes and whipping pans out of the oven with the same ordinary old kitchen towels when you could have a true cooking powerhouse at your fingertips? The Useful Towel ($26) doesn't just dry things, or wipe up spills -... [More]

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Hanging Spice Rack

Ah, the spice drawer - bane of our kitchen existence. It's a jumbled mess and we're always looking for a solution. Maybe today's the day we found one: this Hanging Spice Rack ($19). It gets our spices out of their crowded drawer, takes up zero... [More]

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Rest in Grease Spoon Rest

If we had to pick a final resting place right now, we'd probably choose Greece, with its sparkling blue waters. Which really has nothing to do with this Rest in Grease Spoon Rest ($13), but we felt a need to make our wishes known, and... [More]

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Flag Conversions Tea Towel

It'll be handy to have a Flag Conversions Tea Towel ($9) hanging from the oven door, especially if you've started a bit of calorie counting. You don't want to bulk up too much for the winter, so knowing that two tablespoons of peanut butter is... [More]

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Pocket Pumpkin Pie Mold

There's something disturbingly appealing about a whole pie you can eat in one bite (okay, okay, maybe two bites). We know it's not the most practical kitchen item, but we really want this Pocket Pumpkin Pie Mold ($9) so we can make adorable little pockets... [More]

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Cole & Mason Professional Nutmeg Grinder

Want to know how to take those holiday treats up to the next level? Fresh nutmeg. Once you try it, you'll never go back to the powdered stuff. Use this Cole & Mason Professional Nutmeg Grinder ($20) to pulverize only the quantity you need for... [More]

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Smeg Refrigerator

So the gorgeous mint-colored Smeg Refrigerator ($1,999) is a teensy bit smaller than a normal fridge. We've been wavering on whether or not that's a con, and if it is, whether it's enough to deter us from falling madly in love with the vintage-inspired appliance.... [More]

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Hedgehog Measuring Cups

How cute are these Hedgehog Measuring Cups ($36)? We can already picture how adorable they'll look gamboling about our flour-covered countertops. And when we're done using them to play with our food, they'll stack tidily together for easy storage.... [More]

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Hammer of Thor Bottle Opener

We can just hear it now... buzzed party guests grabbing this Hammer of Thor Bottle Opener ($18) and bellowing, "by the power of Thor, this bottle WILL be opened!!" Now, if only it came with a hunky muscle-bound man... See more bottle openers.... [More]

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Kitchen Ringbinder

We know some of you are hip and with it in the kitchen and you use your iPads or smartphones to look at recipes, but we're old-school and like to work from recipes we copied out of our mom's cookbooks or pulled out of magazines.... [More]

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Rocket Ink Press Recipe Cards

We know, a Pinterest board of yummy blog-tested meals is a seemingly more convenient way to archive recipes. But consider penning the best of the best down on these Rocket Ink Press Recipe Cards ($12). In the years to come, you'll be glad you have... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Tovolo Petite Apple Pie Mold

We think it's a proven fact that everything is cuter and tastier when it's tiny. We can't wait to bake a bunch of mini apple pies with our Petite Apple Pie Mold ($3). If our family and friends are lucky, we'll share the end result!... [More]

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Meri Meri Toile Cupcake Boxes

The gifting season is upon us! Stock your pantry with a bunch of Meri Meri Toile cupcake boxes ($12, set of three) and, as you break out your mixing bowls and pastry bags, make sure you whip up enough goodies to share. Each printed box... [More]

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