Cuisinart Power Advantage Hand Mixer

Kitchen gadgets are always better when they're A, colorful, B, compact, C, useful, and D, easy on the eyes. The Cuisinart Power Advantage Hand Mixer in metallic pink ($45, on sale) meets all of our criteria with its vintage design and seven speeds. We swear,... [More]

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Pop-Up Cookbook Holder

There are certainly plenty of cookbook holders on the market, but we're leaning towards spending our kitchen decor cash on this one ($25). It folds for storage, so it won't clutter up your counter it's when not in use, and the plastic shield protects your... [More]

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Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit

Ready to get serious about cupcakes? Put away your butter knife and ice those suckers with one of the five jumbo tips in the Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit ($20) from Bake it Pretty. Along with the tips, you'll get a reusable pastry bag, so... [More]

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Preserving Pickles Jars

We're perfectly pickled after about two stiff martinis, but we believe that these Preserving Pickles Jars ($30) are intended for cucumbers and brine, not gin and vermouth. They're darn cute if you're into pickling things other than your liver.... [More]

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Madison's Garden EcoBamboo Wine Plates

Your apartment is only so big, and there won't be nearly enough space for all of your guests to set down their appetizers during your New Year's party. So, as you pour your merlot and chardonnay, put one of these EcoBamboo Wine Plates ($32) on... [More]

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Cooking With Trader Joe's Cookbook: Dinner's Done!

You're already making a weekly trek to your favorite Trader Joe's location, so you may as well build your shopping list around the recipes in this book ($17). Authors Deana Gunn and Wona Miniati share a ton of recipes within, from fancy finger foods to... [More]

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Heart Pad-Printed Bowls

You know what we love? We love ice cream. And we love corn chowder. And we love oatmeal laden with brown sugar. Conveniently, all of these things also fit into these romantic Heart Pad-Printed Bowls ($8).... [More]

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Place Setting Half Apron

The whole point of cooking a nice dinner is to sit down in front of a lovely place setting to eat it, right? Donning this Place Setting Half Apron ($19) is a nice reminder of that civilized light at the end of the tunnel as... [More]

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Painted Amaryllis Butter Dish

We're not using much butter these days (thank you very much holiday fat overload), especially if we can't see it. So, we treated ourselves to this lovely Painted Amaryllis Butter Dish ($18), which hides that evil sweet cream bar from us and makes our fridge... [More]

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Hand Tossed Salad Servers

Aim for a literal, but more sanitary, take on the hand-tossed salad by serving it up with these Hand Tossed Salad Servers ($20). Guests will appreciate that you didn't stick your grubby digits in their greens before placing them on their plates.... [More]

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Pink Plaid Salad Servers

You've already resigned yourself to your New Year's resolution to cut out the fat and indulge in the greens. If your dinner salads are far from exciting, dish 'em up with the Pink Plaid Salad Servers ($15) from Darlybird. Maybe they'll help liven up your... [More]

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utensil crate-s.jpg

10.4.2 Utensil Crate

The utensil canister is so 2012. Embrace the new way to store all of your kitchen spoons, tongs, and even knives: this warm walnut Utensil Crate ($180). Not only will your whisks and spatulas be ready to grab at a moment's notice, the slot along... [More]

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Fiesta Spoon Rest

We could be stand to be more sanitary when it comes to wiping our kitchen surfaces. After all, a trace of last night's pot roast gravy in tonight's curried chicken is not really the kind of "secret ingredient" we're proud of. It's time to scrub... [More]

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Joie Citrus Peeler

It's clementine season! We love those sweet little orange cuties, but we're less stoked about what peeling them does to our fingernails. Enter the Joie Citrus Peeler ($3 for two). It's perfectly designed for breaking into those fruity treats without embedding zest into your nail... [More]

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Real Snacks: Make Your Favorite Childhood Treats Without All the Junk

You mean we can indulge in our favorite Little Debbie and Pepperidge Farm treats without feeling gross for consuming preservatives, additives and dyes? Yes, please! While the recipes in Real Snacks: Make Your Favorite Childhood Treats Without All the Junk ($14) by Lara Ferroni are... [More]

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Japanese Enamel Kettle

Cut out the middleman with the Japanese Enamel Kettle ($125). This enamel-coated cast-iron kettle can go from the stovetop to the tabletop with no need to transfer hot water into a teapot. So long as you dry it out completely in between uses, your new... [More]

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Complete SushiQuik Starter Kit with Rice Cooker

Our sushi bill is going through the roof. Since that new place opened up around the corner, we're gorging ourselves on tuna and tempura every night. Something's gotta give, and unfortunately it can't be the rent. We'll just have to enjoy our raw fishiness at... [More]

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Scape Bakeware

We'd expect to pay a heck of a lot more for beautifully designed stoneware like this ($24 - $39). How stylish are the black-and-ivory color combination, the flat-lidded design, and the soft matte finish? And we can get the whole set for less than we'd... [More]

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Farmhouse Wood Cutting Board

Made with timber salvaged from nineteenth-century European buildings, this Farmhouse Wood Cutting Board ($235) is finished with natural beeswax and mineral oil for a natural, timeless glow. We didn't think it was possible to lust over a kitchen accessory the way we do over designer... [More]

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Bakers Box Packaging Set

How much better will our cookies and cakes look when we wrap them up using this Bakers Box Packaging Set ($15)? With its pretty cardboard boxes and window-accented paper bags and lace doilies, it'll have our mediocre munchies looking just as lovely as the products... [More]

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