Rosle Egg Topper

We've gazed at pictures in cookbooks and wondered how the hell those food stylists managed to make their eggs look ever-so-perfect, with their rounded tops exposed as they sit in their perfect little cups. Now we know: they were probably using this Rosle Egg Topper... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Turquoise and Red Scalloped Cupcake Liners

Keep a stash of these bright Turquoise and Red Scalloped Cupcake Liners ($3.50) in your pantry. They make great diversions when you hand your guests cupcakes that fell on one side and have slightly runny frosting. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of... [More]

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Campbell's Soup Mug

Andy Warhol would be kicking himself because he didn't think of this first! The Campbell's Soup Mug ($9) gives you a little pop art with every sip of coffee. A must-have if you eat your soup from mugs!... [More]

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Kikkerland Police Badge Bottle Opener

Just slip a Police Badge Bottle Opener ($8) into your pocket the next time you're off to a house party and you've got not just a way to get a beer, but a pretty good opening line if there's a cute guy you'd like to... [More]

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Well, sword-swallowing just got way easier! Swordsicles ($19) are ice cube trays with the shapes of swords from all over the world! Make deadly drink-coolers or lethal popsicles! And remember - even if there's no sharp edge, it doesn't mean the brain freeze can't hurt... [More]

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Crate & Barrel Growler

Perfect for the home brew enthusiast, this Growler ($22) is simple, understated, and infinitely classier than something with an cheesy brewery logo emblazoned on it. It'd be a great challenge to attempt to make every type of beer on that etched list.... [More]

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Frying Pan-da

Sure, the only difference between the Frying Pan-da ($55) and a normal nonstick frying pan is the cute panda face design. So why buy it? The cute panda face design! Just look at those eager to help you with your scrambled eggs.... [More]

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Drop it Like it's Hot Tea Towel

We can always use a little more humor in the kitchen. The Drop it Like it's Hot Tea Towel ($25) from Dubble You perfectly expresses our sentiments after a second failed attempt at moist corn muffins. We'll be dropping the batch of rocks into the... [More]

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BowlOvers Original Bowl Covers

If your Tupperware cupboard looks anything like ours, you'll want to invest in a set of Original Bowl Covers ($15 for a set of 6) from BowlOvers. The one-hundred-percent-cotton covers come in three sizes to fit a variety of your glass and plastic bowls. Moreover,... [More]

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Sugar Baby

To confess: we love eating all things sweet, but we're a little scared of making them. Oh, sure, we've baked our share of cakes. We're talking about candy thermometer, boiling point, spun-sugar-type creations. Yikes! Talk about intimidating! We're hoping Sugar Baby: Confections, Candies, Cakes &... [More]

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Alessi PSJS Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer

You want your squeezer to do its job well, but you also want it to scare you a little? Try the Alessi PSJS Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer ($96), a sentient alien life-form that crawled out from a cave on the moon to make you orange... [More]

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Beer Lovers Towel Set

You're already sopping up plenty of beer spills, so you might as well admit it by doing so with the Beer Lovers Towel Set ($30). The hand-stamped towels are one-hundred-percent cotton and totally machine washable, which means you don't need to worry about putting these... [More]

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Tie String Holder

While this Tie String Holder ($19) is pretty in a vintage knickknack kinda way, it doesn't seem like it'd get a lot of use. But then again, we could say that for half the gadgets in our kitchens, right? And on those days when you're... [More]

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Hala Monolith Wine Rack

You may have a Pinterest board dedicated to your ideal wine cellar, but we're fairly certain it's still in the dream stage. Until you win the lotto and build a winding staircase into the humidity-controlled underbelly of your new mansion, store your midshelf varieties on... [More]

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Tala Cook's Measure

This Tala Cook's Measure ($26) isn't just a fabulously retro accent for you to shelve next to your collection of rusty baking soda tins. It's just as practical a kitchen gadget now as it was several decades ago. Use it to quickly weigh or measure... [More]

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Forest Toothpick Dispenser

Toothpicks are already fun. Just think: they're either suspending tasty fruit bits in your cocktail or providing a quick way to get cubes of cheese into your mouth. What's not to love? And think how much more of a good time they'll be when you're... [More]

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Spice Mill

It's not just pepper that can benefit from a fresh grind. A whole host of herbs and spices benefit from being kept whole until use. This Spice Mill ($20) makes it easy to add them to your culinary creations, and with a design that makes... [More]

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Kitchen Grip Oven Mitt

Your oven, while a friend to casseroles and baked potatoes, has a dangerous streak. Mess with it without the proper equipment, and you're gonna get burned (pun definitely intended). Keep your fingers well-protected with the Kitchen Grip Oven Mitt ($22). It's heat resistant to five... [More]

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Ginny's Toasters

None of us will argue with the appeal of a pretty face, even if there's not a whole lot going on behind the scenes (Keanu Reeves, anyone?) . But Ginny's Toasters ($50) are more than just colorful, gorgeously vintage-styled accents for your kitchen counter. They're... [More]

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Falcon Enamelware Bake Set

We're pretty sure Falcon Enamelware hasn't changed their designs since 1920, and that's just fine with us. The timeless appeal of this Bake Set ($85) makes us quiver with delight at the prospect of filling these classically styled blue-accented pieces with pies, cakes, and casseroles.... [More]

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