State Towels

We here at Outblush must seem like we're perpetually booming with state pride. Between the earrings, the necklaces, the pillows and the skillets, we're a regular bonanza of state-themed paraphernalia. The truth is, there's just too much cute stuff on the market for us to... [More]

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Yanagi Tea Kettle

Sure you want a pretty tea kettle, but it should be relatively efficient, too. The Yanagi Tea Kettle ($150), designed by Sori Yanagi, boasts a wide base, an ergonomic handle, and a shiny stainless steel body. It heats up fast for a quick cuppa tea... [More]

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Wooden Meat Markers

Avoid those embarrassing BBQ faux pas with these Wooden Meat Markers ($5). They make it a breeze to tag everybody's burgers and make sure your parasite-paranoid cousin gets her inedible hockey puck instead of your juicy medium-rare beef.... [More]

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Retro Kitchen Wall Clock

The stylish Retro Kitchen Wall Clock ($30) from Infinity doesn't have to go on your kitchen wall. Stash it in any room that could use a quirky design element. Go for a retro theme in your home office with a metal chair and patterned wallpaper.... [More]

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Doily Magnet Set

Are you in need of a few super-strong magnets to hold your takeout menus on your refrigerator door? Oh, good. Glad it's not just us. The Doily Magnet Set ($10 for a set of four) by Hello Plum Studio is almost too cute to affix... [More]

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Alessi Progiotti Cookie Cutter Set

The perfect gift for the real foodie (and we're talking daily-food-blog-posting, camera-at-every-meal, nine-kinds-of-olive-oil foodie) is a Progiotti Cookie Cutter Set ($46) from Alessi. Alessi is the finest name in Italian cookware design, and the cutters in this set are modeled after some of their most... [More]

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Normann Copenhagen Peeler in Coral

We usually don't bother to peel our vegetables. After all, didn't Mom tell us that there are more vitamins in the peels? Maybe she was right, but as it turns out, there's also often a bonus of pesticides and good old-fashioned dirt. We figure our... [More]

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Automatic Wine Preserver

You don't actually have to finish that entire bottle of wine just because you opened it. This Automatic Wine Preserver ($29) creates a vacuum in your merlot, slowing down the oxidation process so that it'll taste just peachy for the next few days. Wave goodbye... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Kuhn Rikon Mini Icing Spatula

While the prospect of frosting three dozen miniature cupcakes seems daunting, you'll get through it in record time with a Kuhn Rikon Mini Icing Spatula ($4). The small size is ideal for spreading icing onto cookies, too - or, better yet, scraping the last of... [More]

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Bialetti Aeturnum Saute Pan Set

We all know Teflon is shady. That doesn't mean that you have to be paranoid about all cooking surfaces. This Bialetti Aeturnum Saute Pan Set ($80) uses some seriously modern wizardry to create its "nano-ceramic" coating. But don't let that name make you worry about... [More]

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Silicone Cooking Bags

Move over, single-use Ziploc bag, we've found yet another way to reduce waste and make our lives easier. These Silicone Cooking Bags ($20 each) are ideal for storing leftovers and then popping them right into the microwave for reheating. They also work just great in... [More]

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Coffee Isn't a Drug...It's a Vitamin

We may come across as raging alcoholics on the rare occasion. But in truth, we are coffee addicts. Literally, nothing comes between us and our daily caffeinated dose. Neither newborn nor puppy dog, flat tire nor unpaid electricity bill, can stop us from pumping that... [More]

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Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor

Meet your personal guilt-free dessert factory. This Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor ($70) takes boring old berries and bananas and transforms them into a delicious, soft-serve-style frozen treat. Come up with your own flavor combinations and chow down on them without having to devote a... [More]

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Mango Wood Bowl with Bark

Your neighbors are so incredibly full of themselves and their efforts to save the planet. You're sick of it. You can only listen to the Captains Planet rant and rave about the cost of nonbiodegradable sporks on the planet's ecosystem so many times before you... [More]

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Rosle Egg Topper

We've gazed at pictures in cookbooks and wondered how the hell those food stylists managed to make their eggs look ever-so-perfect, with their rounded tops exposed as they sit in their perfect little cups. Now we know: they were probably using this Rosle Egg Topper... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Turquoise and Red Scalloped Cupcake Liners

Keep a stash of these bright Turquoise and Red Scalloped Cupcake Liners ($3.50) in your pantry. They make great diversions when you hand your guests cupcakes that fell on one side and have slightly runny frosting. What's a Cheap Thrill? Just our shameless way of... [More]

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Campbell's Soup Mug

Andy Warhol would be kicking himself because he didn't think of this first! The Campbell's Soup Mug ($9) gives you a little pop art with every sip of coffee. A must-have if you eat your soup from mugs!... [More]

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Kikkerland Police Badge Bottle Opener

Just slip a Police Badge Bottle Opener ($8) into your pocket the next time you're off to a house party and you've got not just a way to get a beer, but a pretty good opening line if there's a cute guy you'd like to... [More]

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Well, sword-swallowing just got way easier! Swordsicles ($19) are ice cube trays with the shapes of swords from all over the world! Make deadly drink-coolers or lethal popsicles! And remember - even if there's no sharp edge, it doesn't mean the brain freeze can't hurt... [More]

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Crate & Barrel Growler

Perfect for the home brew enthusiast, this Growler ($22) is simple, understated, and infinitely classier than something with an cheesy brewery logo emblazoned on it. It'd be a great challenge to attempt to make every type of beer on that etched list.... [More]

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