Floral Lace Serving Tray

While the Floral Lace Serving Tray ($88) certainly ain't your grandma's blue willow platter, it does evoke the same kind of feeling. Can you hear it? This tray is saying, "Bust me out when you wanna serve scones - and take good care of me.... [More]

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Bakeless Sweets

We maintain that it's always best to sign up for the dessert when faced with a potluck. It's the last dish of the evening, giving you leave to show up fashionably late with the most coveted part of the meal. With that said, baking in... [More]

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Remember freeze pops? Warm weather still has us craving those plastic tubes of deliciously flavored sugar water, but our grown-up metabolisms are a little less forgiving now than they were when we were six and hyperactive. Thankfully, we can now enjoy the same nostalgic experience... [More]

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KitchenAid Vertical Roaster

Beer can chicken is admittedly tasty, but when we're aiming to give our barbecue some class, shoving a can of Miller up dinner's rear before we toss it on the grill can be a bit of a vibe-killer. Get the same even cooking and juicy... [More]

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Grace Lee Kitchen Wall Stickers

Fancy scripted quote decals not your thing? You can still bring some easy brightness into your kitchen with these Grace Lee wall stickers ($50 for a set of five). Slap these sketchy drawings into the blank spaces above your countertops or let them adorn the... [More]

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Women's Apron KayDee Queen of Everything Small.jpg

KayDee Queen of Everything Apron

You've always believed yourself to be the Queen of your castle, so assert your rightful position with this KayDee Queen of Everything apron ($35). Let's face it, everyone else just makes a mess in the kitchen, and you know exactly what you're doing, missy. So... [More]

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Masquerade 4-Piece Utensil Set

While kitchen utensils seem kinda boring (okay, they really are boring), the Masquerade 4-Piece Utensil Set ($50) from Cambridge Silversmiths is one of the least boring sets we've seen. If you're in the market for new ladles and spoons because you've accidentally melted yours again,... [More]

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Rae Dunn Ceramic Measuring Spoons

Accurately measure your ingredients and get some neat ideas for possible wallpaper patterns with this set of ceramic measuring spoons ($15).... [More]

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Death Star Tea Infuser

The Death Star Tea Infuser ($20) works best with dark teas. Dishwasher-safe, and note the TIE fighter holder.... [More]

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Teroforma Whiskey Stones

This shouldn't surprise you - we all think of something like this when we hear someone order a drink "on the rocks." These Teroforma Whiskey Stones ($20) are reusable ice-cube-substitutes designed for literalists.... [More]

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Unicorn Sprinkles Sugar Shaker

We can't believe it's taken this long for someone to come out with a sprinkle shaker! Sprinkles should be on everything, so keeping a Unicorn Sprinkles Sugar Shaker ($12) from Spinning Hat sitting next to your salt and pepper mills is a must. Sprinkle magical... [More]

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Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

If you're into that whole drinking-from-jars thing, make sure you complete your collection with the Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker ($29). Think of how cool your blog photos will look with a bit of John Daly frothing in your country-chic shaker. We're already guesstimating the number... [More]

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Oelwein Cloud Tray

When we get our hands on an Oelwein Cloud Tray ($33) we're going to rename it the Rainy Day Tray and use it on damp afternoons to hold all of our stuck-inside-and-having-a-Firefly-marathon foods. Genius, right? We think it's time to stock up on Twizzlers, chocolate... [More]

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Concrete Block Magnet Set

Forget for a second that the Concrete Block Magnet Set ($14) is comprised of actual magnets that serve a useful purpose on your refrigerator...just look how adorable those mini bricks are! (Heavy things are funny when they're not heavy.)... [More]

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Key Lime Apron

We don't think it matters whether or not you've mastered the art of the key lime pie. Wearing a Key Lime Apron ($32) should bring plenty of brightness and whimsy to your kitchen shenanigans. The style is classic, and will give you good coverage over... [More]

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Star Spangled Spatula

We dub thee Grillmaster! (Grillmistress?) Take your scepter/Star Spangled Spatula ($65) from Areaware and toss a bunch of yummy stuff onto the grill. The American flag design makes this an ideal Memorial- and Independence-Day burger flipper. No word on whether there's a Canadian equivalent for... [More]

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A Year of Cookie Cutters

We wanted to bake up a batch of springtime sugar cookies the other day, but found that we were woefully unprepared. Our cookie cutter collection consists of a snowman, a warped heart (thanks to a garbage disposal mishap), and a set of unmentionable body parts... [More]

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Seahorse Bottle Opener

OOOH, so that's why seahorses have those curly tails! We like them even more now that we know they'll help us pop open a cold one! Seahorse Bottle Opener ($14) at Anthropologie.... [More]

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Ultimate Nachos

If nachos give you energy, do ultimate nachos give you ultimate energy? That's a question we're willing to put to the test after we arm ourselves with Ultimate Nachos ($16, on sale) by Lee Frank and Rachel Anderson. This cookbook is full of awesome nacho... [More]

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Polka Dot Salt & Pepper Shakers

As long as you're going to brighten your meal with a little salt and pepper, you may as well brighten your table with the Polka Dot Salt & Pepper Shakers ($18). They make a stellar addition to your outdoor dining set, helping you create a... [More]

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