The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

"I don't care if it takes me all night...everything...must...be...the right...size..." The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board ($25).... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Butter Savers

After you've sliced off a slab of butter to melt onto your meal, cap that open stick with one of these genius little silicone Butter Savers ($5 each). It'll keep the exposed end from absorbing fridge odors or falling into a general state of eww.... [More]

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Flavored Simple Syrups

It doesn't matter if you're honing your shaved ice craft or just looking for a little boost to your summer booze - the collection of flavored simple syrups ($19 each) from The Bang Candy Company will add a gourmet twist to your refreshments. Each syrup... [More]

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Rockin' Veggie Peeler

Your boring old peeler not fitting into your rock-and-roll lifestyle? You need a little metal to get that groovy shave! The Rockin' Veggie Peeler ($8) is perfect for the chef who's also a rocker (or a Texas Longhorns fan).... [More]

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Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet

No, it's not half of a yo mama joke - that's just the name of the product! Hover the Handy Gourmet Fat Magnet ($14) over your hot food and it collects loose fat and grease! It's like culinary liposuction!... [More]

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Craft Cocktails

We're usually pretty content to just pour a bit of booze into a cup with a carbonated mixer, but maybe it's time we class it up a little. Craft Cocktails ($50), by mixologist Brian Van Flandern, is a gorgeous recipe book full of fresh drink... [More]

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Sunglasses Bag Clips

Wow, potato chip bag, did you lose weight or something? You look different... Put the "fresh" back in "keeping food fresh" with these Sunglasses Bag Clips ($8).... [More]

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Sweet Soiree Ice Cream Bowls

We know it's easy to eat your ice cream straight from the carton, but resist the urge (at the very least when company is over) and dish out a few scoops into some Sweet Soiree Ice Cream Bowls ($39 for four). They may prevent you... [More]

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Feather Bottle Opener

No matter how many bottle openers you have, they're all mysteriously absent when you need to crack open a cold one. But this Feather Bottle Opener ($8) is pretty enough to keep out in the open - perhaps attach a magnet and affix it to... [More]

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Customizable Rolling Pin

Everybody knows newlyweds love getting stuff with their names on it. Why should kitchen implements be any exception? Add this Customizable Rolling Pin ($45) to that wedding gift and watch how the lovebirds light up at the idea of rolling out personalized pie crusts. How... [More]

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Milk Blue Delphite Glass Drawer Pull

Finally got the cash together to transform that kitchen into a glowing, white, Martha-worthy piece of farmhouse-inspired splendor? Finish off those drawers and cabinets with these Milk Blue Delphite Glass Drawer Pulls ($7). They'll make that renovation look like something you inherited from your incredibly... [More]

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Tartar Mould and Pusher Set

It's too hot to even look at the stove, so why not go raw? This Tartar Mould and Pusher Set ($23) makes it easy for you to imitate those posh-looking appetizers and cold entrées from your favorite restaurants, from classic beef or tuna to clever... [More]

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Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

What's the problem with most oven mitts? They don't last long or prosper... This Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt ($15) is a great way to serve dishes that aren't best served cold.... [More]

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BAGGU Medium Zipper Bags

We nabbed a set of Medium Zipper Bags ($12 for three) from BAGGU for our sunglasses , but have found them to be indispensable, helping us organize everything from road trip snacks to makeup to cords and chargers. The awesome animal prints are vibrant and... [More]

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Of all the school subjects, you just gotta love science best...it made possible the AquaFarm ($60), a self-sufficient herb garden/aquarium. Fish waste feeds the plants, plants clean the water. Let's see something like that come from that career planning class they made you take between... [More]

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Impress Coffee Brewer

French press for one...on the go? Sign us up! The clever Impress Coffee Brewer ($40) from Gamila makes it oh-so-easy to indulge in the rich taste of pressed coffee on a daily basis. Add both your coffee and hot water, wait for three minutes, press... [More]

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Herb Measuring Cups

Basil makes everything better. We love it in all sorts of treats, from Caprese salads to cocktails. The shape of those aromatic leaves also adds a great summery touch to these Herb Measuring Cups ($19). And even if your idea of cooking is to order... [More]

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Aqua Stripey Egg Cosy

Chalk up the Aqua Stripey Egg Cosy ($9) as a completely frivolous item! All the same, it's making us want to indulge in breakfasts of soft-boiled eggs and toast with homemade jam. Boil your egg and let it sit under the cosy while you butter... [More]

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The Little Helpers Bottle Opener

Trusting a gnome to open your beers seems a little risky. Turn your back for half a second and you'll swear he took a swig! Nevertheless, The Little Helpers Bottle Opener ($23) is a piece that's too adorably kitsch to pass up, gold hat, devious... [More]

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Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper

You could buy the Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper ($8) because it allows you to enjoy your cherries with ease. But we really love that ridiculous-looking mascot whose mouth you'd shove the cherries into!... [More]

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