BAGGU Medium Zipper Bags

We nabbed a set of Medium Zipper Bags ($12 for three) from BAGGU for our sunglasses , but have found them to be indispensable, helping us organize everything from road trip snacks to makeup to cords and chargers. The awesome animal prints are vibrant and... [More]

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Of all the school subjects, you just gotta love science made possible the AquaFarm ($60), a self-sufficient herb garden/aquarium. Fish waste feeds the plants, plants clean the water. Let's see something like that come from that career planning class they made you take between... [More]

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Impress Coffee Brewer

French press for one...on the go? Sign us up! The clever Impress Coffee Brewer ($40) from Gamila makes it oh-so-easy to indulge in the rich taste of pressed coffee on a daily basis. Add both your coffee and hot water, wait for three minutes, press... [More]

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Herb Measuring Cups

Basil makes everything better. We love it in all sorts of treats, from Caprese salads to cocktails. The shape of those aromatic leaves also adds a great summery touch to these Herb Measuring Cups ($19). And even if your idea of cooking is to order... [More]

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Aqua Stripey Egg Cosy

Chalk up the Aqua Stripey Egg Cosy ($9) as a completely frivolous item! All the same, it's making us want to indulge in breakfasts of soft-boiled eggs and toast with homemade jam. Boil your egg and let it sit under the cosy while you butter... [More]

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The Little Helpers Bottle Opener

Trusting a gnome to open your beers seems a little risky. Turn your back for half a second and you'll swear he took a swig! Nevertheless, The Little Helpers Bottle Opener ($23) is a piece that's too adorably kitsch to pass up, gold hat, devious... [More]

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Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper

You could buy the Talisman Designs Cherry Chomper ($8) because it allows you to enjoy your cherries with ease. But we really love that ridiculous-looking mascot whose mouth you'd shove the cherries into!... [More]

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You Wash, I'll Dry Tea Towel

While the You Wash, I'll Dry Tea Towel ($14) by The Lepolas seems like a fair way to compromise re:the after dinner chores, make sure you don't find yourself in an every-night-wash situation. We think the fairest trade-off is a you-wash-I'll-dry-then-we'll-switch-tomorrow-night, but we suppose that's... [More]

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The Geometry of Pasta

Try as we may, we can't get over our love affair with pasta. We are powerless in the face of its carb-loaded starchy goodness! We're not alone, though, as The Geometry of Pasta ($17) by chef Jacob Kenedy and graphic designer Caz Hildebrand can attest.... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Cooking is Not My Forté Towel

While your dinner guests crack open a few beers and dial the nearest place that delivers, you can remind them that you did warn them ahead of time, seeing as you served up that, um, over-seared salmon with the Cooking is Not My Forté Towel... [More]

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Heat Resistant Screw-In Corn Holders

We hadn't thought about it before we spied these Heat Resistant Screw-In Corn Holders ($15 for sixteen), but why do we put on corn holders after the corn has been boiled or roasted? It's a recipe for scorched fingers. We can screw these cute little... [More]

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Tetris Block Cookie Cutter Set

If we make sugar cookies with the Tetris Block Cookie Cutter Set ($25 for seven and we know there are eight in the picture) by WarpZone, there's a good chance we'll be too busy playing with our food to eat it, cutting down on the... [More]

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Give your new ice cream maker a workout this summer by exploring the scrumptious recipes in this eBook ($8) by Nicole Rae and Jeffery Saddoris. After a quick download, you can view the recipes on your Mac, PC, or tablet, and start working on your... [More]

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Market Kitchen Candles

Having a hard time removing the stale smell of takeout from your kitchen? Throw open a window and light a few Market Kitchen Candles ($19). The breeze will eliminate the stench of three-day-old Chipotle while the herb-scented candles trick you into believing your kitchen window... [More]

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Unimug by Kinto

We know, there're a million and one tea products out there and we've probably highlighted half of them. What can we say, we like our tea! The affordable Unimug ($17) by Kinto is currently topping our list of favorite tea accessories. And actually, it's an... [More]

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Boston Cocktail Shaker

This ain't your grandma's cocktail shaker. (We don't think your grandma made Appletinis or Pomegranate Margaritas, but prove us wrong.) And using this Boston Cocktail Shaker ($25) is easier than your favorite bartender makes it look; a rubber seal around the rim keeps you from... [More]

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Joseph Joseph Prep and Store Bowls

Eating healthy is a great way to prepare for bikini season, but cooking healthy meals can be a lot of work. If you've got these handy Joseph Joseph Prep and Store Bowls ($15), you can make your meals beforehand, then set them in the fridge... [More]

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Penguin and Polar Bear Ice Cube Molds

Watching your ice cubes melt just got a lot more depressing! The Penguin and Polar Bear Ice Cube Molds ($23) create polar critters to live in the rapidly shrinking environment that is your drink.... [More]

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Copihue Apron

The Copihue Apron ($28) by Karen Barbé almost looks too pretty to wear while mixing batters and grilling burgers. It's a good thing it's made from one-hundred-percent cotton. You can brush your floured hands all over its front with confidence - a quick wash and... [More]

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Metrokane Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shaker/Mixer

"Thrown in a weird contraption and spun around like a tornado - not stirred." Maybe it won't catch on as quickly as Bond's drink order, but cocktails mixed with the Metrokane Rabbit Electric Cocktail Shaker/Mixer ($25) will be more thoroughly blended than any that have... [More]

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