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Skeleton Hand Serving Set

"Tossing a salad" takes on a whole new meaning when you use this Skeleton Hand Serving Set ($20). These creepy claws are some of our most useful Halloween decorations.... [More]

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Ice Bottle Chiller Mold

We may not be the best cooks, but we do chill a mean drink. The Williams-Sonoma Ice Bottle Chiller Mold ($30) ensures that no one we ask over will ever have to choke down a warm glass of wine. When we are really trying to... [More]

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Cast Iron Spice Grinder

The other day, we used our coffee grinder to grind up some dried peppers for enchilada sauce. Then, we forgot we'd done so and used the same coffee grinder for our morning brew. Can you say SPICY SPICY COFFEE OMG MOUTH ON FIRE? Yeah. That's... [More]

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Cheap Thrill: Tovolo Pancake Pen

The uses for this Tovolo Pancake Pen ($9) are limited only by your imagination. Use it to please a group of rowdy kids with cutesy pancake shapes or to spice up a bachelorette breakfast for your gal pals with some X-rated cakes. What's a Cheap... [More]

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Engraved Cocktail Muddler

Ooh, classy! AHeirloom's Engraved Cocktail Muddlers ($18) turn muddling into a personalized affair by engraving the handle with the initials of your choosing. Wanna wow the bride and groom? Package one of these with a signature cocktail recipe, drink ingredients, and a few highball glasses,... [More]

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Avril Loreti Hawaiian Triangles Tea Towel

Generally you'd expect to see a full-on explosion of hibiscus flowers on something that says it's inspired by Hawaii. We love that this tea towel ($25) does something different, using the state's colorful architecture as inspiration for this pleasing triangular pattern.... [More]

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Sports Ball Pan Set

Impress the hell out of your rival soccer moms with this Sports Ball Pan Set ($14). This set of hemispheric cake pans makes it a breeze to create perfectly spherical confectionary tributes to everything from volleyball to ping-pong. Just make sure your trade secret is... [More]

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Whale Pitcher

No need to keep searching until it destroys you: we've found your white whale. Plus, this one looks good in your kitchen and it holds liquids! Jonathan Adler Whale Pitcher ($95)... [More]

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Ransom Fridge Magnets

Add some drama to your "we need milk" message! A nice break from the normal prim-and-proper letter magnets, the Ransom Fridge Magnets ($13) make any message sound thrilling, especially if you add "or else."... [More]

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Furrybones Panda Cookie Jar

Is that sweet bear cookie jar putting a damper on your home's goth decor? The Furrybones Panda Cookie Jar ($37) is pretty grim, but still cute enough to appropriately store your sweet treats.... [More]

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Dinner for Toucan Kitchen Shears

Talk about a great use of colors - toucans hit it right on the nose! The Dinner for Toucan Kitchen Shears ($10) come with a toucan beak sheath that will make you genuinely excited to cut open some food packaging!... [More]

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GEFU Spirelli Spiral Slicer

Don't pencil shavings put you in the mood to cook? Essentially a pencil sharpener for food, the GEFU Spirelli Spiral Slicer ($30) is a quick and easy way to make those thin, even strips that impress people when you arrange them nicely on a plate.... [More]

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Argentinean Candy Jar

The Argentinean Candy Jar ($498) was clearly created by an eight-year-old on a very serious sugar high. Break out this Wonka-sized candy jar for your wedding or your child's birthday party. Just be sure to send the kids home to their parents before the sugar... [More]

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Navy Top Woven Stripe Apron

We might cook more if we had aprons to wear that were as stylish as this one ($20). If it wasn't for that pesky backlessness issue we'd probably just wear it as a dress. Though we suppose you can do whatever you want to in... [More]

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Clever Coffee Dripper

We get it. Coffee brewing is an art form. But sometimes, you just need a cup or two to get you through the day. Enter the Clever Coffee Dripper ($19). The single-serving, full-immersion cone dripper uses a filter and pours right into your mug after... [More]

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A Week of Dish Cloths

Have you tried out these Swedish-style dishcloths yet? They're magical - a cross between a sponge and dishrag that surpasses them both. ferm LIVING has released a set of seven very attractive ones ($49) for Mondays through Sundays, and with the long lifespan of these... [More]

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Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds

The Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds ($13, preorder) from Fred & Friends: giving you a pretty spot-on reminder of what your midsection will look like if you consume too many muffins. This morning, we think we'll stick to just one!... [More]

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Labeled Kitchen Storage Canisters

We appreciate that the cheeky Labeled Kitchen Storage Canisters ($19-39) from West Elm aren't as bossy as most. Instead, they tell us what they can do for us. They'll still contain, store, or keep all of our dry goods, but we get to decide what... [More]

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3D Space Cookie Cutters

When you've returned from your Jurassic adventures, dial the time machine ahead a couple thousand years. These 3D Space Cookie Cutters ($12, with $22 in shipping to the US, yikes!) will have you blasting off to uncharted galaxies and making contact with martians.... [More]

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Oblique Wine Holder

Ah, science...it saves lives, eases burdens - and even better, it makes our homes look cool! The most important component of the Oblique Wine Holder ($45) is the physics behind it!... [More]

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