Nouveau Cake & Bread Knife

Of course, it's best to not have your utensils outshine your baked goods when it comes to good looks, but if you've slaved away over a black forest cake or a loaf of cinnamon swirl banana bread, then make sure you use a Nouveau Cake... [More]

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Cinema Sign

You may not have your own home cinema with stadium seating, recliners, and top of the line surround sound, but you can now have your own Cinema Sign ($190) with changeable letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. At just under 40 inches, you'll be able to... [More]

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LAFCO Ski House Candle

Income a little shy of where it needs to be for you to invest in that chic little chateau in Aspen? Join the club. Until that 400% raise comes through, we'll have to settle for watching Better Off Dead while enjoying the subtle fragrance of... [More]

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Whiskey Wedge

We've found something that looks even more impressive than than those giant spherical ice cubes - plus, it takes even less work, which we're always big fans of. The Whiskey Wedge ($18) will keep your spirit of choice chilled and prevent it from getting watered... [More]

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T-Rex Wall Trophy

Forget lions, tigers, and bears. If you really want to impress houseguests, make it look like you took down a giant predatory terrible lizard on your last trip to the bush. This T-Rex Wall Trophy ($77) will make a dramatic statement, whether you mount it... [More]

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Climate Change Mug

Need a reminder not to invest in coastal real estate? This Climate Change Mug ($12) transforms when filled with a steamy beverage, showing you what the world will look like once those polar ice caps finish melting. Use it to help motivate you to take... [More]

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Solar System Planet Plate Set

It's official: Pluto is not a planet. How do we know? It failed to make the cut for inclusion in this Solar System Planet Plate Set ($40). (That and, you know, science.) We can now chow down on Saturn, Neptune, or Uranus, but there's no... [More]

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Perfect Bake App-Controlled Smart Baking

Baking is not an approximate art. Start scooping instead of pouring, and those brownies turn into bricks before you can say "measure by weight." The Perfect Bake App-Controlled Smart Baking System ($70) takes the guesswork out of things, guiding you through the painstaking accuracy needed... [More]

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Warm Ombre Stacking Mugs

These Warm Ombre Stacking Mugs ($19) make such a lovely and colorful addition to your countertop, you'll be hesitant to mess things up by actually using them. But that would mean not drinking your morning coffee, and we all know how fun life is when... [More]

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bando-pen-set-sm.jpg Assorted Pen Set

Add some color and flair to your desktop by indulging in this Assorted Pen Set ($14) from Even if you only reach for a pen on every third day, the little compliments written on their sides will give you an instant mood boost. Certainly,... [More]

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Speckled Vase Set

We love going on walks and picking tiny bouquets of flowers, branches, or other interesting plant life along the way. We deposit them on surfaces throughout the house, but they always look a little bit like clutter. But not anymore, now that we have this... [More]

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Don't Make Trouble Stamp

When you're always causing trouble, you're a force to be reckoned with. Just... be the right kind of trouble. You know, the good kind that brings about change and inspires others! The Don't Make Trouble Stamp ($5) by Pen & Palates Designs... [More]

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Orla Kiely Scribble Stem Tool Box

Useful in just about every room of the house (or garage or garden shed!), this Orla Kiely Scribble Stem Tool Box ($55) by Wild & Wolf will hold all of your extras, whether they be paintbrushes and charcoals, a tape measure and hammer, seed starter... [More]

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Himalayan Heat Circular Electric Fireplace

Missing the cozy heat and crackling ambiance of a real fire? You could pick up a faux fireplace that attempts - but ultimately fails - to look like the real thing. Or you could toss pretense to the wind and invest in this Himalayan Heat... [More]

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Jane Austen Air Freshener

We know that there's no real reason why an air freshener should feature one of the most celebrated authors of all time on it, but we're really glad that this one ($4) does. It smells like lavender, and we can close our eyes and pretend... [More]

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Oon Power Outlet

Electrical cords have always been an unfortunate necessity of home decor. You can't keep things running without them, but they're a darned eyesore. This Oon Power Outlet ($79) is a refreshing change. It turns something you try to bury under your desk into a feature... [More]

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Easy Tiger Pilsner Glasses

When you first get home from work after a super sh*tty day, your brain is all "GRR" and you need a drink, like, stat. Then, after about 30 minutes and a change into yoga pants, your brain switches to, "Easy tiger." But, you know, pour... [More]

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Cooking Secrets Notebook

Need to put down your favorite kitchen tips, tricks, and recipe alterations on paper? Scribble in this Cooking Secrets Notebook ($10) so they're all in one place. The pages are bigger and better organized than a simple deck of index cards so you won't have... [More]

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Auzzie Lounge Chair

Keep the pets off this one. The gorgeous Auzzie Lounge Chair ($600) is strictly for humans only... but not messy, greasy humans of the toddler variety either, oh no. We imagine that over time you'll become a little more lax about chair rules and your... [More]

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Faux Fur Superstudy Lap Desk

Getting homework done has never looked so posh. Oh, who are we kidding? You won't be using this Faux Fur Superstudy Lap Desk ($59) for studying trig. It's far more likely to warm your thighs while you snoop Facebook and watch previews for movies you... [More]

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