Cuisipro Snap Fit Sailboat Pop Mold

You know that homemade popsicles are way better for you than the sugary, artificially-colored store-bought variety, but just can't bring yourself to go to the effort of making them. Well, maybe this Cuisipro Snap Fit Sailboat Pop Mold ($12) will help win you over. You... [More]

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Ergonomic Beach Lounge Chair

We've all been there - that uncomfortable, nose-squishing face-plant into the beach chair that we endure in order to tan our backs. Finally, some NASA-level engineers figured out the solution - put a freaking hole in it! The Ergonomic Beach Lounge Chair ($120) has a... [More]

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Cicada Attack Poster

They came. They saw. They ate everything in sight and left piles of corpses in their wake. If you made it through this summer's insect invasion with your sanity if not your garden intact, commemorate your success with this B-movie-style Cicada Attack Poster ($19).... [More]

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Coiled Hose Garden Storage

You probably decided long ago that there is no nice way to store a garden hose. However neatly coiled it might be at the beginning of the summer, by the time autumn rolls around, it's kinked into an unsightly pile with dead grass and an... [More]

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Brooklyn Gin Lamp with Copper Shade

Are you a gin-loving girl? Then why not incorporate the basis for your favorite cocktails into your home decor? This Brooklyn Gin Lamp with Copper Shade ($130) transforms a vintage-style bottle of small batch booze into a stylish accessory.... [More]

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Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

Your best intentions aside, you know it's going to live out on your counter. So why not choose a French press that will look spiffier than those boring old glass models? This Le Creuset Stoneware French Press ($60) has a country vibe that would be... [More]

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Moravian Star Ceiling Mount Light

Want a ceiling lamp with some serious decorative oomph, but lack the space for a fancy chandelier? This fixture ($189) adds distinction to even lower-ceilinged spaces without giving you something you'll knock your head into.... [More]

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simplehuman Odorsorb Charcoal Filter Kit

You know the smell: that stinky trash aroma you get when you walk into the kitchen that tells you it's time to pull your boots on over your sweatpants and hike the bag down to the Dumpster. Put off the effort for an extra day... [More]

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Cassette Tape Hook Pillow

Latch-hook crafting and cassette tapes: two things taking up residency in the chambers of our hearts reserved for nostalgia. But since we have no desire for a latch-hook wall hanging and no way to play tapes, this pillow ($48) seems like a better choice, combining... [More]

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4-Bowl Square Serving Platter

We've found the perfect excuse to start using some of that condiment collection cluttering up your fridge. This 4-Bowl Square Serving Platter ($30) is perfect for setting out an array of flavor enhancers, from good old ketchup and mustard to a selection of your favorite... [More]

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You're driving a hybrid, shopping organic, and wearing shirts made out of recycled bamboo - but yes, there's a way you can make your lifestyle even greener. Start serving your kids and babies their pureed snacks in Squeez'Ems ($8). Not only are they reusable, they're... [More]

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Put an Egg on It

Forget birds! The new trend is to top your meals with an egg. Err, we guess the trend is hardly new, but Lara Ferroni makes it especially egg-cellent with her new cookbook, Put an Egg on It: 70 Delicious Dishes that Deserve a Sunny Topping... [More]

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Greet Your Guests Doormat

We can't decide if the vibe we're getting from the Greet Your Guests Doormat ($35) is psychedelic, artsy-fartsy, or even a little spooky, but we do know that it's a doormat we'd want gracing our stoop. The bright yellow contrasts nicely with the dark background,... [More]

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Tauba Copper Mail Box

In the Digital Age, getting an actual, physical piece of mail that didn't come from a car dealership, credit card company, or grocery store is a real treat. Why not make it even more special by giving it a chic receptacle? This Tauba Copper Mail... [More]

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Custom Movie Poster Prints

Who says you've got to have a box office hit to be a star? With $200 at your disposal, you can make yourself the hero of your very own cinematic adventure. ConsiderGraphics will create a Custom Movie Poster Print ($200) featuring you and up to... [More]

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Large Tripot

Why sip your soup from some ordinary bowl when you can eat from one with adorable little legs? This Large Tripot ($60) looks like it could get up and sneak away from the table when you're not looking.... [More]

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Dotted Suitcases

The accumulation of stuff is inevitable (after all, you are reading a shopping blog). When you find yourself staring at a massive collection of nail polish, or an endless pile of magazines, stash it all in a few Dotted Suitcases ($22) from The Land of... [More]

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We know; how often is there actually leftover wine? But on the off chance you have a night when you don't feel like guzzling the whole bottle, the Capabunga ($8 for two) will help keep your grape juice fresh for the next evening's drinking. Best... [More]

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Bodum Pavina Glasses

Whether you're sipping an icy gin and tonic or a cozy mug of hot cider, these Bodum Pavina Glasses ($30) will keep your beverage at just the right temperature. And as a bonus, they look a heck of a lot sharper than most thermal drinking... [More]

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Privacy Pop Bed Tent

So, the Privacy Pop Bed Tent ($130-160) gives us the opportunity to relive the childhood fun of building pillow forts in a way that's still appropriate for adults and combines it with the privacy of camping, just without all the inconveniences? No thanks, we hate... [More]

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