Gold Ikat Dessert Plates

We hate to break it to ya, but if you serve up your traditional holiday desserts on these Gold Ikat Dessert Plates ($48 for a set of four) from C Wonder, they just might upstage your pumpkin pie. The best solution, in our humble (and... [More]

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DIY Animal Paper Lampshades

So your choices of lampshade are a designer fox or...cylinder. Yeah, we had a feeling you'd opt for the DIY animal paper lampshades ($49). That "DIY" means "some assembly required."... [More]

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Cupa-Rock ICE Tumblers

Not in the mood to swirl your own brandy? Don't let people call you lazy - you're just so sophisticated that even small wrist gestures are beneath you. That's the beauty of these Cupa-Rock ICE Tumblers ($50) - set them down and their natural shape... [More]

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Magnetic Blade Guards

You know what happens when you've got dull knives? You're innocently cutting an onion one minute, and the next you're innocently cutting off part of your finger. At least with the Affordable Care Act, you'll actually be able to go to the emergency room instead... [More]

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Highwave MotorMemoMug

What matters to you? Some weeny scrap of paper? Or the vessel that holds your precious caffeinated morning beverage? We thought as much. Jot down those notes you can't afford to forget in the one place you know you'll keep coming back to with this... [More]

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Gold Athena Tray

Are you shopping for: - a bird enthusiast? - a Forrest Gump fan? - a hippie who likes a little glitz? - a sucker for all things gold? This Gold Athena Tray ($48) is a versatile gift, serving as an objet d'art, a jewelry tray,... [More]

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Skypanels Fluorescent Light Diffuser: Cumulus I

We don't know why we stare at the ceiling when we're bored - it's not like that weird stain offers an edge-of-your-seat suspense to keep our eyes fixed to it. (Although, how did it get all the way up there? We better spend twenty minutes... [More]

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Twig Spoon

Get in touch with your cavemen ancestors with Michiko Shimada's Twig Spoon ($17). Before metallurgy was invented, early man had to painstakingly carve utensils from wood using only primitive laser-cutters.... [More]

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Monster Fun Bowl & Spoon

We're not usually crazy about eating things we think could be watching us. Think lobsters or fish with their heads still on. This Monster Fun Bowl & Spoon set ($4), however, is a notable exception. Being stared at by this bowl's single beady eye while... [More]

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King & Queen Salt & Pepper Mills

We had to look twice at the King & Queen Salt & Pepper Mills ($45) before we realized that they were themed after chess pieces and not themed after regular salt and pepper mills. We're just a pinch away from checkmate!... [More]

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Tord Boontje Horse with Flowers Glass

Remember the last time you dreamed of frolicking through a magical landscape of flowering gardens and prancing horses? You either fell asleep while your kids were watching one of their trippy cartoons, or there was definitely something other than chocolate in those brownies. This Tord... [More]

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Nest Vertical Shoe Rack

Short on space, big on shoes: sounds familiar, right? Let this Nest Vertical Shoe Rack ($115) help take the edge off the glut. This sleekly designed solution holds six pairs of shoes without giving you something else to trip over when you walk through the... [More]

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Cast Iron Pizza Pan

We have a dirty chain restaurant secret. We'll give you a hint: it sports a jaunty red roof and offers an all-you-can-eat $5 lunch buffet. At least if we can imitate the 'Hut's signature menu item at home with the help of this Cast Iron... [More]

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Sealife Graphic Stacking Cups

What will be the most fun thing about purchasing these Sealife Graphic Stacking Cups ($37)? Mixing up the stacks to create our own delightfully freaky aquatic monsters. Ever wanted to know what a NarWhaleHorse would look like?... [More]

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Troika Inukshuk Desk Object

No, it's not a paperweight. The Inukshuk ($49) from Troika is a "desk object" - a piece of meditative, sculptural art that also serves to niftily hold notes, collect loose metal and (we suppose) weigh down paper.... [More]

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Foodie Quote Salad Plates

Look around the room. Chances are, two out of every five people you see have food blogs. There are so many darned food bloggers out there, it seems to us that the only thing more fun than writing about eating must be...well, eating. These Foodie... [More]

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Happiness Wall Hanging

Right on. We couldn't think of a better mantra to remember as we start each day. Both the quote on this Happiness Wall Hanging ($65) and the stellar calligraphy are beautiful, so hang this one on the wall where everyone who visits can be touched... [More]

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Narwhal Screwdriver Kit

Some of you may think we post too many narwhal products...we don't think we post enough! If you think you can fix the problem without the Narwhal Screwdriver Kit ($14), you must have a screw loose.... [More]

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Black Friday Bender: Cuisinart 6 qt. 3-in-1 Multicooker

The slow cooker is an amazing tool, and it just got even more amazing. This Cuisinart 6 qt. 3-in-1 Multicooker ($159) not only slow cooks your food to meltingly delicious perfection, it also keeps it warm, sears, steams, and does your hair before your annual... [More]

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Donkey Needlepoint Pillow

You could make people contribute money to the swearing/douchebag/smart-ass jar, or you could just toss the offending smart-ass the Donkey Needlepoint Pillow ($175). This would prohibit the guilty party from talking for a set period of time, depending on the magnitude of smart-assery committed or... [More]

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