Coffee Addict Porcelain Mug

They say the first step in conquering addiction is admitting you have a problem. Coffee Addict Porcelain Mug ($10) turns our morning cup of joe into a daily affirmation. As for acknowledging our defects of character and making amends - that might take something a... [More]

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Paris Mug

It's the city known for great art, amazing pastries, and ridiculously well-dressed hotties. Seriously, how much more delicious does a stud muffin look when he's wearing Yves Saint Laurent instead of an Old Navy t-shirt and board shorts? Turn that coffee into a toast to... [More]

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Little Helpers Bottle Opener

Can you guess where this Little Helpers Bottle Opener ($28) is hiding his top-popping powers? Here's a hint: it's not in his pointy little hat.... [More]

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Duncan Shotton Plate-Plate

Is Duncan Shotton's Plate-Plate ($8 - $16) making a brilliant postmodern statement on our attitudes towards food? Or is it just a cheeky way of getting us to eat less? After all, we might feel a bit funny loading that extra scoop of mac n'... [More]

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Band of Outsiders Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set

Forget gingerbread men: we're making ourselves gingerbread hipsters. It's all possible with the help of this Band of Outsiders Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set ($17). We'll augment our basic cookie creations with sugary glasses, loafers, and skinny ties, then add wild icing beards and maybe... [More]

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Universal Expert Silicone Utensils

We love the look of traditional wooden spoons and spatulas, but let's face it: when it comes to convenience, you can't beat good old synthetics. These Universal Expert Silicone Utensils ($8 - $10) are a perfect compromise, capturing the timeless look of wood with all... [More]

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Mini Espresso Maker

Why should losing power stop you from enjoying your morning caffeine shot? You may not be able to have a hot shower, but that doesn't mean you can't be civilized. This Mini Espresso Maker ($25) will produce a perfect shot of intensely flavored goodness on... [More]

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Butting Deer Bookends

These bucks aren't fighting for dominance - they're just being helpful! The strength of their headbutts must be massive, which is why these laser cut bookends ($59) will work so well at propping up all your weighty tomes.... [More]

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Triangle Dinner Bell

No, do not text your family to come down to dinner. That's just sad. Use the iron Triangle Dinner Bell ($50) to rouse them from their pixelated reveries. Ring it really loud just to make sure they're aware it's not the sound of somebody else's... [More]

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Grand Hotel de Paris Beverage Tub

When you're looking to throw the best NYE bash your town has ever seen, you'll spare no expense. Set your high-end bottles of bubbly in the Grand Hotel de Paris Beverage Tub ($315). It costs a lot of money and looks fancy-shmancy. Or, you know,... [More]

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Gazelle Trophy Head

For the urban cool hunter, we like this mounted gazelle head ($225) made of powder-coated iron. It's a stylish, friendly alternative to the big game hunter's animal trophy heads made of...animal.... [More]

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Nest Protect Smoke Alarm and CO Detector

Just give that steak a nice sear, Emeril says. Like searing won't send your smoke alarm into a fit, waking up the dog, ticking off the neighbors, and ruining dinner as you abandon the steak to frantically unscrew the damned thing from the ceiling and... [More]

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Vinyl Record Cutting Board

Put a little funk into your cooking. And no, we don't mean letting the cheese sit out on the counter overnight. This Vinyl Record Cutting Board ($25) makes slicing and dicing just a little bit more fun.... [More]

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Basho the Sumo Wrestler Table

Go ahead, just try to knock over the Basho the Sumo Wrestler Table ($279). You can't do it! With a sturdy design beneath a glass top, this table has a charming and unique look, but you'll have to throw salt everywhere whenever you rearrange your... [More]

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Tossed Snowflakes Pillow Cover

Unfortunately for most of the country, winter weather doesn't end after Christmas (even if we wish it did!). Cuddle up with one of your throws that you've stuffed into the Tossed Snowflakes Pillow Cover ($32) and settle in. Sometimes there's nothing you can do but... [More]

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Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Why stop by the Dunkin' Donuts when you can create your own filthy, fast-food style morning snack right in the comfort of your own kitchen? This Breakfast Sandwich Maker ($25) is a one-stop appliance for easily putting together your own calorie-laden start to the day.... [More]

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Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Replica

You just can't get 1.21 gigawatts of power from a standard generator. Back to the Future fans will love this Flux Capacitor Replica ($365), with the same lighting effects from the film. Don't leave the present without one!... [More]

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Linus Kutavicius Light Pillow

You have both a lamp and a pillow? That seems a little decadent, don't you think? The Linus Kutavicius Light Pillow ($189) is warm, soft, and luminescent - keep it on your couch for some light during dark TV sessions, or hang it from the... [More]

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Retro Stand Mixer Recipe Binder

Your New Year's resolution: Finally organize all of your favorite Pinterest recipes and print them out for longevity and safe keeping. Your motivation: The Retro Stand Mixer Recipe Binder ($26). Order one of these bad boys, customize it with your own name and favorite colors,... [More]

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4-Tier Sprouter Kit

Sprouts are fantastic for you. Too bad their flavor is about as exciting as a trip to the dentist. Perhaps chowing down on them will seem a bit more fun if you grow your own. This 4-Tier Sprouter Kit ($13) lets you germinate a few... [More]

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