Marimekko Weather Diary Teapot

It's much quicker to make our morning cup of tea by first zapping water in the microwave, but this black and yellow teapot ($115) is making us reconsider our lazy ways. Even if we don't wind up using it to boil water, at least our... [More]

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Bark Round Planters

One time after getting a tree removed from the front yard, we decided to make a planter out of one of the thick branches. It looked great, until we tried to pick it up off the side table and found a giant round sap stain... [More]

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Zelda Table

Your magazines and dirty coffee mugs will look so much chicer strewn atop this Zelda Table ($350) than that $10 Ikea LACK table that you've been moving from apartment to apartment since you were in college. The shiny brass legs add a bit of elegance... [More]

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Phillip Estlund Genus Chair

Join us in our admiration of this stunning Genus Chair ($3,600) by artist Phillip Estlund. If it wasn't a blatant rip-off of a professional's work, we'd be tempted to find a cheap plastic chair, some fabric, and a jar of Mod Podge to make something... [More]

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Blah Blah Hot Stuff Thermal Mug

This Blah Blah Hot Stuff Thermal Mug ($14) perfectly describes the conversations you have with any and all people you may come into contact with before your caffeine kicks in. In fact, we liken the pre-coffee blather of others to the teacher on the Peanuts... [More]

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Wild Olive Wood and Dyed Bone Salad Claws

Your salads are anything but ordinary, so quit serving them with boring utensils! Put the Wild Olive Wood and Dyed Bone Salad Claws ($36) out with your beautiful blood orange, beet, and arugula salad to jazz it up a little. The gorgeous set will serve... [More]

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Mr. Sponge Sponge Holder

Sponges don't just help you tackle a pile of dirty dishes... they can also help "clean up" this dapper gentleman. Between his top hat and monocle, Mr. Sponge just needs a bow tie to complete his formal look. Rather than leaving your sponge in the... [More]

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Plum & Bow Oh No Handmade Rug

We've never purchased a welcome mat before, mainly because it gives the impression that we're hospitable to visitors. Unless you're delivering a gift or perhaps a singing telegram, odds are we probably don't want to see you. The Plum & Bow Oh No Handmade Rug... [More]

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Dried Chili Pepper Wreath

Our tame palettes could never handle eatings dozens of chili peppers at once, but even though our mouths and stomachs aren't amenable to them, our eyes certainly are. This Dried Chili Pepper Wreath ($80) is an attractive addition to any room, particularly those with an... [More]

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Tabitha Quilt

Team down comforter? Team quilt? We know everyone has a preference for snuggle time, and while there seems to be about a bajillion duvet cover options, quilts have always been a little underrepresented. Finding a gem like this Tabitha Quilt ($225-250) takes plenty of searching,... [More]

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Stainless Steel Grill Grids

We know when you're tailgating the big game of the season, a perfect char on your meats and vegetables isn't at the forefront of your mind, so when you pack up your portable grill and all the accouterments, make sure you also throw this set... [More]

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Innovative Infrared Sensor Automatic Soap Dispenser

While the soap inside may be clean, the hand pump on a liquid soap dispenser is home to one of the largest germ populations in the house. It's the first thing people touch after they finish... you know... pooping. Skip touching the soap bottle altogether... [More]

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LifeFactory Glass Food Storage

It's good practice to store all of your food stuffs and leftovers in glass. Of course, most plastics come with BPA-free options, but glass is so much more sturdy and versatile. LifeFactory's Glass Food Storage containers ($15-20) come with their signature silicone sleeves and can... [More]

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Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.58.12 PM.png

Bla Station Dent Chair

Despite looking like either a crumpled piece of paper or a chewed piece of gum, there's something strangely beautiful about a Bla Station Dent Chair ($790). It's not just fun to look at - it's fun to sit in, as well. We swear it's way... [More]

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Watermelon Bowl

Five fun things you can do with this Watermelon Bowl ($65): 1. Serve slices of watermelon in it. 2. Spit watermelon seeds into it. 3. Eat the world's largest bowl of cereal from it. 4. Bathe your kitty in it. 5. Wear it as a... [More]

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Muggen Ceramic Mug

Sure, you can get all fancy with transporting your java to work or class, but you're a straightforward kinda gal. You're also too smart to pay a premium price for a high-tech thermos that barely works as advertised. This Muggen Ceramic Mug ($10) is right... [More]

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Red Poppy Rug

Rectangular rugs are so last year - add some fun (and color!) to your boring bathroom with this Red Poppy Rug ($14, on sale). The microfiber material dries 5 times faster than cotton, and the non-skid backing makes for safe bathtub exits if you have... [More]

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Coupled Heart Mug Set

There's nothing more romantic than a pair of lovers sharing one drink with two straws. Unfortunately, it's pretty dangerous to drink coffee with a straw, so if you feel the need to show excessive PDA while getting your morning caffeine fix, drink your joe from... [More]

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Smart Mouse Trap

No one wants to head into the dark laundry room, flip on the light, and find herself face-to-snout with a mouse, but... it happens, and while you don't want the little bugger living in your house, you don't really want to see it come to... [More]

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Factory Side Table

A small space plus a small budget equals a need to get creative with apartment furniture. This Factory Side Table ($69) is reasonably priced, totally cute, and can function in a ton of different ways. Use it in the living room as a side table,... [More]

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