Emma Pencil Pouch Set

If you haven't already fainted over Benedict Cumberbatch posing as Mr. Darcy for a charity photo shoot, then you will when you see this kate spade Emma Pencil Pouch Set ($28). Okay, so maybe it's not as swoon-worthy, but there's nothing a geek girl loves... [More]

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Microgreens Spice Window Box Kit

From mac 'n cheese to ramen noodles, nothing fancies up an otherwise dull dinner like a sprinkle of tiny, flavorful microgreens. This Spice Window Box Kit ($48) includes everything except the water and sunlight that you need to sprout your own crisp, delicious cuisine elevators.... [More]

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Honeycomb Hex Wrench Pendant

Meet an accessory that knows how to make itself useful. The Honeycomb Hex Wrench Pendant ($74) isn't just a chic industrial way to augment your ensemble. It could also save your life. Much more than a cool geometric necklace, the Honeycomb functions as a wrench... [More]

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NYC Round Tin Candle

These NYC Round Tin Candles ($14) feature fragrances inspired by some of the Big Apple's most famous neighborhoods. Freshen things up with the cut grass and flowers of Central Park, or set the mood with Greenwich Village's smoky tobacco and spicy clove. All these selections... [More]

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Pink Espresso Print

You'd love to have a bright pink espresso machine on your kitchen counter. Sadly, things like electricity and food have to take priority over fabulous appliances. In the meantime, at least you can hang this Pink Espresso Print ($30) on your wall and gaze at... [More]

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Zelda Basset Stool

Admit it. How many times have you seen someone's stumpy-legged basset hound and thought, "That would make an awfully nice footrest." Sadly, people generally frown upon having their pets used as furniture. Instead, just get yourself a piece of furniture that vaguely resembles someone's pet.... [More]

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Gilded Rim Stemware

You may be putting away the rosé now that summer's coming to an end, but you can use the Gilded Rim Stemware ($18-20) to keep that pretty pink color around during the cold months. Or, you know, you could just defy snobby wine traditions and... [More]

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Boom Box Butter Dish

Like big butts? Then you'll also be a fan of this Boom Box Butter Dish ($20). It turns everybody's favorite fatty spread into a nostalgic tribute to the era of harem pants, BluBlockers, and oversized gold jewelry.... [More]

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Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker

Why does dessert have to be so tasty? If it weren't, our kids might actually eat dinner, and we might not have to fight so hard to maintain the same pant size. When resistance is futile, submit in the healthiest way possible. This Yonanas Frozen... [More]

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Little Pizza Garden

Pizza, sadly, is not a vegetable. If it was, trust us - we'd have no problem getting our five-a-day down. This Little Pizza Garden Kit ($10), however, does include all the green and growing things that go into making a perfect pie, from tomatoes and... [More]

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SWASH Express Clothing Care System

No more excuses for wrinkles and no more lazy iron creases: it costs a lot, but we think the SWASH Express Clothing Care System ($499) could really change our lives. Imagine way less trips to the dry cleaners - wouldn't that make you happy? This... [More]

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Desk Objects Mini Abstract Painting

Sure, why not add some more clutter to your desk? It already takes you five minutes of hastily moving papers around in order to find your keys at the end of the day, what's one more thing, especially if it's a shiny thing? You probably... [More]

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Oliver Wood Side Table

First off, we love the colors. There's something about the combination of smooth, natural wood, simple lines, and bright neon colors that renders us weak in the knees. So already we were at a disadvantage upon spotting this Oliver Wood Side Table ($393). Add in... [More]

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Orange Peak/Violet Peak Silkscreen Prints

Snowy peaks or macro mineral shots? (They're actually inspired by photographs of a "fake mountain" masquerading as a "real mountain.") Hang up these moody prints by Elizabeth Corkery ($350) to add some gorgeous color to your home. We recommend framing your new works of art... [More]

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Drink Up Witches Mason Jar Candle

Grab your girls and have a casual night in while you sip and b*tch about everything under the moon. Have fun doing it while you burn the Drink Up Witches Mason Jar Candle ($16). We can't help but love the sassy and festive slogan.... [More]

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Ceramic Sugar Skull Planter

We've always had a weird obsession with skulls, and this colorful Sugar Skull Planter ($35) is the perfect way for us to incorporate them into our decor without giving houseguests the creeps. It's recommended to be used as a planter or candle holder, but we... [More]

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Nate Berkus Black and Gold Accent Table

The latest in fabulous Target collaborations is this collection of Nate Berkus home goods. It's chalk full of elegant offerings, most featuring a stunning black, white, and metal palette. One of our favorites is this Black and Gold Accent Table ($70). It's dramatic and daring,... [More]

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Pour-Over Coffee Set

Not everyone is blessed with a kitchen the size of a Food Network set, and in fact, most of us cook in places that are standing room only. No big - it just means that we get to be creative when it comes to storage... [More]

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Stella Concrete Knobs

Always on the lookout for the latest and greatest? These Stella Concrete Knobs ($16) oughta knock your socks off (okay, so no one really gets that excited over drawer pulls and knobs, but you get our point). Ultra-modern, the knobs will put the finishing touch... [More]

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Monte Mirrors

You just scored the ultimate Craigslist find: an authentic mid-century modern dresser. We're jelly! Round out your new bedroom aesthetic with a cluster of West Elm's Monte Mirrors ($99 each). The plated brass mirrors feature lovely, vintage-inspired shapes that will totally transform the space above... [More]

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